* Mark My Words:


Here you see the last issue of the "Submitters Perspective" printed and mailed by Dr. Khalifa, on Jan 25, 1990, [No 63] dated (March 1990)

As prophesied in 44:9-15 :

* A massive asteroid will hit somewhere in the Middle East.

* The resulting heat will burn living organisms within a 100 mile radius.

* Total devastation will envelope the Arab world, main opponents of God, His miracle, and His Messenger of the Covenant (3:81, 9:97, 33:7)

* The Quranic prophecy in 44:10-15 will come to pass: A giant dust cloud will envelope the whole world and obscure the sun for a few months.

* In fulfillment of 17:92, the Arabs will mock and ridicule this prophecy.


Comet or asteroid Slams into Earth
Celestial firestorm
Vaperized rock and debris caused by the impact Shoot into space.
* When will this happen? I do not know when; but I have a strong feeling that this will take place before the end of 1990. Only God knows the exact time.

HERE IS WHAT ALMIGHTY GOD SAYS; __________________________________

Indeed, they are full of doubt, heedless. Therefore, look for the day when The sky brings a tremendous smoke. It will envelope the people: “This is a painful retribution. Our Lord, remove this retribution for us, We now have believed.” How come they now take heed, When a messenger had come to them, But they disregarded him and said, “Well educated, but crazy.” We will remove the retribution A little bit. But then, you will soon revert. {44:9-15}

Thus, our Almighty Creator is informing us about the consequences of disbelieving in His consolidating messenger, God's Messenger of the Covenant. We are told clearly, by God Himself,

That the day will come when a tremendous smoke will envelope all the people on earth. Scientists – astronomers – know that such a disaster can happen when an asteroid hits the earth. During 1989, the earth experienced a near – miss with a huge asteroid. That was God's warning to the disbeliever's. Also, we learn from several verses in the Quran that a divinely authorized retribution of this magnitude comes to pass ONLY and soon after the sending of God's messenger (17:15). The proofs are abundant that the messenger referred to in 44:13 is God's Messenger of the Covenant: 1. By adding the sura number (44) plus the verse number (13), we get 57, 19x3. The Quran's 19-based mathematical miracle was revealed through God's Messenger of the Covenant. 2. The sum of sura numbers plus the number of verses from the beginning of the Quran to 44:13, is 5415, or 19x19x15. 3. In the same verse (44:13) the word “Zikrã“ used is exactly the same word used to describe the Quran's 19-based miracle (74:31). This powerful correlation links the Smoke with God's miracle and God's Messenger of the Covenant. 4. The description of the messenger by his adversaries as “Well educated, but crazy” (44:14) has already been uttered by today's disbeliever's in reference to Rashad Khalifa.
_______________________________________ As the debris re-enters the atmosphere, each of the trillions of Grains of sand would generate 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.