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Dear Submitters To The Covenant Of ALLAH With "Bani Esra Eil"


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Dear "Descendent Who Would Be Transported By ALLAH", we used to be light years ahead of other people, but now with these ultimate "Hikmah" all of sudden we are millions of light years ahead of the whole world.

I would like to suggest to you that from now on open the Arabic Quran knowing that you are one of the "Submitter To The Bani Esra Eil". Try very hard to delete whatever you have learned or heard about religion in the past, and then start reading the Arabic Quran like you have never read it before.

Then, you would realize that you are one of those whom ALLAH blessed, and preferred amongst universes. And when you obey ALLAH's prophet, the Arabic Quran, you would be with those whom ALLAH blessed them amongst prophets, saints, martyrs, and righteous ones, and these are your best friends. That is why ALLAH created all of these universes, only to redeem few of His righteous servants.

Then, you would find yourself in a place that no man has touched before, and that will make you cry very hard with lots of joy and happiness.

And remember ALLAH is the One Who is guiding you to His Only One Religion.


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Thank the Almighty Allah for His "Ultimate Hikmah".

I used to be someone quite unaware of our existence yet, I was always looking for the truth behind the creation of our universe. Then, After 30 years studying the Quran, days and nights, hours on end, Allah inspired me about His system, and creation of His seven universes. The Arabic Quran is the Best history.

And He taught me His Only One True Religion,

"Submission To The Religion Of Bani Esra Eel"


"Submission To The Religion Of Children Who Would Be Transported By Allah"

This was The Religion of Awedam, Nooh, Ebrahim, Esmaeil, Yaghoub, Es-hagh, Yousuf, Dawwood, Soleymon, E-Saw son of Maryam, Mohammad. And this is the only Religion of Allah from the time of Awedam to the end of this world.

That was when Allah inspired us with the story of Awedam's two sons. One of them was righteous and the other one was not righteous. That is why, the righteous one told his brother that, Allah only accept offerings and charities from the righteous people. That is why 10% Zacut charity will not be accepted from the ones, who are disbelievers to Allah. And we are witnessing those disbelievers donating so much money, that never goes to those categories which Allah has commanding us to pay.

"Recite for them the true history of Awedam's two sons. They made an offering, and it was accepted from one of them, but not from the other. He said, "I will surely kill you." He said, "ALLAH accepts only from the righteous." (5:27)

So, finally one of the brothers killed the other one. Now, here is the awesome part.

Right after this first crime of human being on earth, Allah says:

"Because of this, we decreed for "Bani Isra Eel, "Children who would be transported by Allah", that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. Our messengers went to them with clear proofs, and revelations, but most of them, after all this, are still transgressing." (5:32)

What an awesome place Allah placed this verse. We have been reading this verse all along, but the "Hikmah" of this verse never revealed to us until few days ago. Allah be Glorified.

"Who would turn away his face, from the Nation of Ebrahim, except one who FOOLS his own soul? We have chosen him in this world, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the righteous." (2:130)

"And who is better in religion than one who submits himself to Allah while being a doer of good and follows the religion of Ebrahim, inclining toward truth? And Allah took Ebrahim as an intimate friend." (4:125).

Let us review it again. Right after that first murder, Allah used the word "Bani Esra Eel". That means the descendents of Awedam are called, "Bani Esra Eel". Then, Allah made the Covenant with "Bani Esra Eel" through the history. That is why, Allah repeated this word "Bani Esra Eel" in the Arabic Quran (43) times.

Then through so many verses, Allah wrote for us the Covenants with "Bani Esra Eel". Here you may check them yourself.

Here are some of those Covenants: Worship Allah Alone, believe in His messengers, and do not make any distinction amongst them, believe in His Books, and Holy Spirit, Angels, and praying 5 times a day, pay 10% for obligatory charity. Fasting during the month of Ramadan, not going after provisions on Saturdays and so on.

Now Allah assured us that this so called fake 'Islam' is a manmade and false religion and their scriptures are those 'hadith, sunna, and sharia law' written by human devil. And they are idolizing Prophet Mohammad against his will.

And so called the religion of 'Christianity' is a manmade and fake religion, and their scriptures called "what so called 'Jesus' did, and what 'Jesus' said". They are idolizing a fake and made up name 'Jesus' which is not even in the original Bible in Aramaic language. Their so called Bible is the most distorted of all.

And so called fake religion of 'Judaism' have their own scripturse called, "Mishnah and Gemara", Which means, 'What Moosaw said and what Moosaw did'. And on top of that they took out the word "ALLAH" from Torut. And they are only following traditions.

So as other 4200 fake, false and manmade religions.

Thank Allah for guiding us to His Right Path and showing us His only one True Religion.

"Submission To The Covenant of ALLAH With Bani Esra Eel"

Thank Allah for His "Ultimate Hikmah"

"Covenant of Prophets with ALLAH"(12/08/2018)

Thank the Almighty ALLAH who has opened up a new gate of information for us so we could have a better understanding of His Arabic Quran

Do you remember when ALLAH asked Prophet Ebrahim to Submit?

We did not know what ALLAH meant by using that phrase. What did Ebrahim had to submit to?

But, now we know that first of all Awedam's descendents were called "Bani Esra Eil", meaning "The descendents who would be transported by ALLAH" up to the end of human beings on earth.

Then at the time of Ebrahim, ALLAH blessed him to built the "Kaaba" as

"The place where Ebrahim and his son set up", or built.

Then from then on we had to face "The kaaba" when performing our Prayers, which they are the same words that ALLAH gave to Awedam.

And Ebrahim knew about the "Bani Esra Eil" and Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil", through other messengers of ALLAH.

Therefore, ALLAH was asking Ebrahim,

"Would you Submit to My Covenant with "Bani Esra Eil?"

Ebrahim said,

"I do Submit"

From then on because Ebrahim said,

"I Submit" to the Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil"

Then, ALLAH made him the founder of the word, "Submission".

That is why, from that time all the Prophets and Messengers of ALLAH should have,

"Submit To The Bani Esra Eil"

"The Sons Who Would Be Transported By ALLAH"

Please make sure you read these verses in the Arabic Quran and translate them for yourseves.

"We have rendered the House (Kabba) a place of reward for the people, and a safe. And take the place where Ebrahim set up for prayer. And We made a covenant with Ebrahim, Esmaiel, that,"You shall purify My house for the visitors, and those who live there, and those who bow and prostrate." (2:125 )

Our Lord, and make us Submitters to You and from our descendants a Muslim nation [in submission] to You. And show us our rites and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful." (2:128)

"Who would forsake the Religion of Ebrahim, except one who FOOLs his own soul? We have chosen him in this world, and in the Hereafter he will be with the righteous." (2:130).

"When his Lord said to him, "Submit", he said "I have submitted to the Lord of the universes." (2:131).

"And We led the Bani Esra Eil across the sea, and Pherown and his soldiers pursued them in tyranny and enmity until, when drowning overtook him, he said, "I believe that there is no Elah except that in whom the Bani Esra Eil believe, and I am of the submitters." (10:90).

"And strive for Allah with the striving due to Him. He has chosen you and has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty. [It is] the religion of your father, Abraham. Allah named you "Muslims" before [in former scriptures] and in this [revelation] that the Messenger may be a witness over you and you may be witnesses over the people. So establish prayer and give zakah and hold fast to Allah. He is your protector; and excellent is the protector, and excellent is the helper." (22:78).

"You shall strive for the cause of ALLAH as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship on you in Religion - the Nation of your father Ebrahim. He is the one who named you "Submitters" before, and also in this (Book). Thus, the messenger shall serve as a witness among you, and you shall serve as witnesses among the people. Therefore, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (10% Zakat), and hold fast to ALLAH; He is your Protector, what an excellent Protector, and excellent Helper." (22:78).

"Here is the Most Important Covenant of ALLAH With 'Prophets of Bani Esra Eil'"

"Recall that we took from the Prophets their Covenant, and from you (O Mohammad), and Nooh, Ebrahim, Moosaw, and E-saw the son of Maryam. We took from them a Solemn Covenant." (33:7)

Here ALLAH took from these Prophets of "Bani Esra Eil" their Covenant that they Must "Submit to the Covenant with Bani Esra Eil". Subhan ALLAH.

Here is another important verse from the Arabic Quran:

"This Quran settles many issues for "The Bani Esra Eil" ; issues that they are still disputing."

That means the Arabic Quran came down for "The Bani Esra Eil", "The Sons Who Would Be Transported By ALLAH".

Then, after Prophet Mohammad's departure his contemporaries came up with a fake and manamde name, and they called their religion as 'Muslims' and called the only one Religion of ALLAH as 'Islam', and they even claimed that Ebrahim was a 'Muslim' as well! . . .

Then, so called 'Muslims' started to conquer the neighboring countries by the Force of Swords in order to make them convert to their own made up religion called 'Islam'.

They burned libraries and books in many countries and they changed their native languages to the Arabic language. Like even right now Iranians speak Farsi with Arabic words, that is why 90% of the words that they use is Arabic.

Then, 200 some years after Prophet Mohammad they put aside ALLAH's Arabic Quran and they came up with their own 3 scriptures called, hadith, sunna and sharia law.

That is why right now so called 'Muslims' all over the word they follow from those books written by human devil as the Arabic Quran says.

That is why you would not find a single verse in the Arabic Quran, which confirms with only one of these pictures.


That was how so called 'Muslims' have broughtALLAH's curse upon themselves and they are amongst the most unhappiest nations on earth

Thank ALLAH for His unending awesome "Hikmah". May ALLAH keeps us in His Right Path.

Dear "Descendents Who Woudl Be Transported By ALLAH". The "Bani Esra Eil"

While we are thinking that the last "Hikmah" came down from ALLAH was the greatest one, then all of a sudden the Almighty ALLAH send us another one much bigger than the last one. Subhan ALLAH.

We do not hear of this huge new "Hikmah" very often. Tell me, what is the reason ALLAH has been sending His scriptures? Do you know the answer?

As you notice this is the only reason ALLAH sent us His scriptures

Yet, we have been neglecting this Most Important Revelation of ALLAH

That means No one born on this earth who already has the "Light" in his or her soul

Why? Here is why:

This is why "ALLAH is the Rahmon, and the Raheem"

Please listen carefully. Anyone comes on this earth from the other side is in total "Zolowmaat" or "Darkness". That means when all of those prophets and messengers born here, they are all in total "Darkness" then ALLAH chooses them and at first He guides them to His right path, and then he reveals to them scriptures, then by READing those Books they would come out of the "Darkness" into the "Light".

Therefore, no one has the Arabic Quran in his or her heart, when they arrive here on earth except prophet Mohammad. But, he was not aware of it until the "Holy Rooh" took all of those verses one by one from Mohammad's heart and read them into his brain within the period of 23 years. While he was writing them down with his own right hand, then he started to read the Arabic Quran. And that was how prophet Mohammad came out of the "Darkness" into the "Light". This is an awesome news from ALLAH.

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah". We should all fall Prostrate to this awesome News from ALLAH.

I must tell you that after I received this awesome "Hikmah" from AL LAH, at night shaytan let me have it. . . he gave me a very shaytanic dream at night, and when I got out of my dream and woke up I was cursing shaytan loudly. . . shaytan hates my guts.

We all come here in order to Read ALLAH's Books, that is why He gives us a respite up to the age of 41 in order to do whatever we desire so we become mature enough and educated with many experiences in life, and then we could make our own decision about our Creator.

There are two very important words in the Arabic Quran, one is, "Zolowmaat", meaning "Darkness" and the other one is "Noor" meaning the "Light".

One of the names of the Arabic Quran is "Al Noor" meaning the "Light" and Sura 24 is called "Al Noor", "The Light"

People use and understand these words as for a "Dark place" which you are not able to see around you, and a place which is "Lighted" and you are able to see things around you.

Also they use these two words as a person who is "Dark minded"or "Close minded" versus a person who is "Open minded".

But, the question is that, what is the yardstick, and how do we measure it, and what is the base for judging and recognizing a "Dark minded" from an "Open minded" person?

As you see these two words are both very simple words, and we use these words almost every day in our life. Yet, when it comes to judgment every single person use their own conjectures of their own mind without any proofs. These are the average people who are living in the whole world, and they just do not care, they only want to worship their own ideas until they die. These are the ones, who are judging everything according to their own brain and understanding.

Aren't you tired of hearing conjectures all the time? Don't you want to hear just one single truth about things?

That is why ALLAH the Hakim has been sending us scriptures with sets of rules and regulations in order for us to be happy, and protected so, we do not make any mistakes by following from our own conjectures.

The reason ALLAH has been sending us scriptures is only and only because, He wants to take us out of "Zolowmaat" or "Darkness" into the "Noor" or the "Light". All the scriptures of ALLAH cotains "Noor" meaning the "Light".

But, shaytan has been given promise from ALLAH to mislead us and he has done a good job. Because he has seen us on the other side and he knows how wicked people we were. He made us to come up with 4200 false, fake, and manmade religions. As we are all have been witnessing one so called religion is worse than the other one.

But, our Creator is the Rahmon and the Rahim, and He is the Loving ALLAH. He has brought us over here in order to save few of us, the members of the Bani Esra Eil because, He has been aware of us ever since millions of years ago when we were on the other side.

Here is, just a side note. After six days of creating the earth, and measuring its provisions, and after those minerals came down on to the earth, and after all of those creatures and plants were created in order to create the oil, then, on the 7th day the earth became ready for humans to come down. And we will be here until the 8th day. Then, on the 8th day ALLAH will come with His Angels, and everything will be perished. Please translate these verses for yourself:

Now, Having a "Brain" as one of our body parts is a very dangerous part in human's body. They think that by given a "Brain" they are better than other creatures. And because they are able to make a decision therefore, it is good. Yet, it is the same "Brain" which has been making all of these mistakes on earth. Look around you nothing is in its correct place. We have not been able to solve this puzzle yet, we call ourselves Intelligent!

Hey intelligent people, did you know that you have between 400 to 600 million neurons in your stomach? They call your gut as the 'Second Brain'. And they are the ones who tell you what to eat, and what not to eat. They are the ones, who digest our foods, and spread them all of those nutrition, all around our body. They tell us we are hungry or full. They tell us we are getting sick. Remember, this is your stomach talking to you, not your brain. Then, how come, you are not able to think with your gut? Yet, many people talk from the seat of their pants. Just look at those posts on You Tube.

Look at the sun, every single day at the specific time she rises and sets so, as the moon. Look at all of those animals, in the right season, they will have new born, and they take care of their offspring's. They do not take any babysitters either. Those birds never say that "This season we are not going to have any chicks". Look at the orange tree, she knows at the specific time she must provide with orange blossoms, with those awesome fragrances in order to give us delicious oranges, and she never revolt or think, different. Every single cell in your body and all of those body parts belongs to ALLAH. And they know exactly what to do.

Why is it like that? The reason is that these creatures have already been in the "Light". That is why they do not make any mistake, and they do not revolt because, they are in total submission to the laws of ALLAH. And it is not by force, as those misled people say, "This is the force of nature". No, It Is NOT. All of these creatures came down here willingly, and Not by Force. So, just get out of your "Zolowmaat" or "Darknesses".

Now, let me give you an example of my own life experience. When I was in "Zolowmaat" and total "Darkness" I met a young soldier within the first few days when I entered the military service in Iran. He was a quiet man just like me. But, at that time I was blocked by ALLAH so, I was not able to talk much, and I was not able to analyze things either. Plus my learning disabilities, and short term memory. I was like any other people that you meet every day completely in "Darkness". And then after six months training we both were assigned to the same area for about 18 months, and that was the coldest place in Iran. We had the most ridiculous military service. That is why within those 18 months at lease 15 months of it we were gone, AWOL. . . Meaning, we have been leaving our duties and place of our assignment without any permission from any authorities. . .

I am laughing so hard right now. I cannot stop laughing. . . What a time we had. We were both from Tehran so, we would meet each other over there with other friends whom they left their duties as well, and we were just having fun by being together and laughing at the most ridiculous system of government that we had. Remember, every second of your life has been designed and measured precisely by ALLAH even before you came here.

When sometimes we were in our assigned village, after dinner at night under those Petromax lantern or Coleman lantern my friend would turn on his turntable, and we would listen to "Tom Jones" who just came out, and we loved his voice so much, while he was smoking his cigarette and day dreaming at night about America. He was talking to me about America many times.

He was always saying that "He wishes to go to America, and drive a race car, and then go to Japan." That was unbelievable. Yet, I never had any ambition in my life at that time. All because I was not able to think, especially that far ahead in to the future. I never had any dream about my life, and future. But, he did. All I remember is that I had a track record in my life that I was always looking for the truth of our existence. That was how ALLAH placed that destiny into my soul.

So, after we finished our phony, and the most ridiculous military service sure enough he went to America.

Anyhow, he talked to me about America so much and made me to go with him to America as well. So, I went there after few months later, through him by the will of ALLAH. After few months we were separated and we met each other again In San Antonio, Texas. Guess what? I met him in the US military base and he was going to Japan. Subhan ALLAH.

He was given talent by ALLAH that was why he was very good with mechanics. When he was in Japan he overhauled a jet engine in 2 days and he put it back togtehr again, and he did not have any extra screws and nuts left over if that was me. Therefore, they placed him to work in the office. Remember again that ALLAH was with him.

During those times I was studying computer science, which I had no clue what was going on. That was because of my learning disabilities and my short term memory. Yet, I had no idea what was happening to me because, I was blocked by ALLAH in order for Him to run my life. As He does for all of us.

Then few years later I met my friend in Fresno, California. Guess what? He was driving a Poniac GTO a muscle car.

One story I would never forget, and that was when we stopped by a red light and all the other cars with green light were driving right and left. Then, while we were the first one at the red light all of a sudden he placed the stick shift into number one and took his foot off of the clutch and started to push the gas pedal so, the car started to burn tires with lots of smoke like we were going to crash to all of those cars in front of us, and then he released the stick shift to neutral again. It only took maybe 2 seconds but, all the cars who had the green light started to panic. At first I was shocked then when I realized what happened we started to laugh a lot. Sometimes you do these things when you are in your young ages. . . He was given talent by ALLAH.

We did not talk much but, now that I can think I remember that he came out of a unhealthy parents and divorce, and it was very difficult for him to cope with this life. He was very sensitive. He was not a religious person but, he always mumble this one song only and he was singing:

"Oh God, you are the only one, who knows everything about what is going on in this earth".

Now that I am allowed to think, when I put two and two together I realize that he was thinking about what he went through his past life, which it was much different than my life or other ones, when he was comparing. But we never talked about it.

I had a healthy parents, whom they loved each other while being so simple minded.

I think through the years he realized my situation, and my disabilities because, he was a talented man.

Now, because he was always thinking about the future, and what is going to happen in his life in the future he realized that there is not much left for him to do.

Few years later, when he came back from Japan he started going back to college. Then, later he called me from San Francisco, and said that he purchased a gun and he was going to die by suicide. . .

I was so shocked. Next day I flew from Houston to San Francisco. I was with him for few days but because I was not able to act as a normal person because, of my situation therefore, I did not asked him that why he wanted to die, and so many other reasoning as to why he decided like that. Or, maybe when he showed me his gun I should have took it away from him, and throw it in the San Francisco bay. I was totally speechless I was not able to say anything. Therefore, that was a useless trip. Remember, at that time I was in total "Darkness".

Then, when he realized that I am not able to talk to him about purchasing a gun then, He told me that he wanted to see what is on the other side. You see, he was always thinking about what is going to be in his future. His grades was like mine and he never did graduate from college. I did not know what was his problems with school and learning. Maybe he had the same problem as I have lack of concentration!

Meanwhile, he met a beautiful girl and they got married and they moved to Utah. I thought maybe his marriage will make him busy with his life and he will be happy. But, she was the last thing that made him to pull the trigger.

After that, I kind of broke up with him because, he died by suicide. He was only 38 years old.

Now, these were all happened more than about 30 years ago, when I was in total "Darkness" and I had no idea about those rules of ALLAH on earth. I was just following from my own conjectures and what I have learned from those misguided people.

Let me tell you something, the root word for "Zolowmaat" is "Za. La. Ma.". And it means "Wrong Doing". Subhan ALLAH. ALLAH always used this word as a plural because, there are many many "Darknesses" around us but, when you come to the "Light" there is only one "Light" and that would be the "Light" of ALLAh.

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah". That means if you are in "Darkness" you would always "Do Wrong" in many different directions of "Darknesses" and make lots of mistakes. Thank ALLAH for His Arabic language. If you do not read the Quran in an Arabic language you would never ever get any "Hikmah" from ALLAh.

Then, 30 years ago ALLAH guided me to His right path. When I visited Rashad in Tucson Arizona for the first time. The first question that I asked him was about my friend and what happened to him. He said, 'He is in the Heaven now'. I said, 'I have heard all through my life that people should not die by suicide.'

Then, Rashad told me about the age of responsibility, which he just found out himself. And he said, 'It was like your friend had a cancer and he could not be cured'.

Then, when I slept in the Masjid Tucson that night for the first time at night I had a dream bout my friend. I saw my friend in a very nice garden he was dressing up nicely with his nice brown leather jacket, and right away we grabbed each other and hugged and kissed with lots of smiles without any talking. Subhan ALLAH.

And I told Rashad about my dream. Ever since I made up with my friend I got so happy for him that he is in the Heaven now and he was released from all of those sufferings on earth. Then I left a message for his relatives about the good news that I have heard.

Now, that I am guided and ALLAH showed me His system through these past years, and He took me out of "Darkness" into His "Light" I think totally different than majority of the people on earth. Thank ALLAH. So let me tell you my take of this story at this moment.

My friend was suffering mentally from inside all of those years, and he was very unhappy with what has been happening in his life and around him. But, unfortunately I could not exactly put my finger on it because, of our lack of communications. Yet, at the same time ALLAH was directing him and giving him whatever he wished for. ALLAH is running everything. The Almighty directed him how to go to America. Then showed him how to go to Japan and blessed him with talent so, he could work in the office instead of working outside in cold or hot weather, when he was in Japan. Then ALLAH showed him the car that he liked. Then ALLAH made him to be prepared to go to His Heaven by purchasing a gun.

Then, the Almighty showed him his wife, and he was very interested in her. But then, after a few months that marriage couldn't satisfy him either, and ALLAH took him to His Heaven so, he would not suffer anymore.

ALLAH will give you everything that you asked for verse (14:34). Just look around yourself. You wanted money, He gave you money. You wanted power, He dropped it on you. You wanted fame, He blessed you with it. You wanted love, He shone it into your heart and soul in order to last forever. You wanted the truth about the universe, He drop it on you.

You wanted a few good friends, He gave you a few very good friends. You wanted a talent and art, or science, and discoveries, He drop them on you. Look at all of those scientists, musicians, painters, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Life and death belongs to ALLAH. And when you say, 'He or she committed suicide' that means the life and death is in our hands instead of our Creator, who measured and decided our destiny. And from the time of birth every single second of our destiny starts to be unfold.

Then, around 30 years ago ALLAH started to take me out of the "Darkness" into His "Light". At first He guided me. I remember that moment exactly. It took about maybe 15 seconds. That was when I had a dream that I was kicked out of shaytan's kingdom. Then, He sent me to His messenger and by reading the Quran little by little ALLAH took me to His "Light". Then at that time He placed "Ambition" into my soul. From then on my true life started to be flourished. My hobby and my daily life became ALLAH and His Quran and nothing could have stopped me.

I started to get a feeling of achievement and desires to do everything I could in the Almighty's system and I was determent to do that. It was like my life just started. Because my life was empty before that and it was wasyting day by day.

If it was right now, when I am blessed by the "Light" from ALLAH and when my friend would have told me that he was going to die by suicide. First I would try to tell him about ALLAH and His system of creation. But, if he was not interested then, I would hug him and kiss him and tell him I will meet you up there insha ALLAH in the future. And I would tell him that ALLAH do not want you to suffer anymore in this life and He is going to send you to a place of peace and happiness.

I would tell him about the good news of my dream about him in that Garden, and I would tell him when you get up there you would remember my words. I would tell him I am so sorry my friend that I was blocked all of those years and I could not communicate with you because, ALLAH had a different destiny for me as He had a different one for you.

You know waht? It just came to me that ALLAH was the one who did not want me to take away that gun from my friend. Subhan ALLAH.

And I would tell my friend do not be afraid. You are going to see the Angels before you hear the gunshot. And they will tell you, "Salaam let us go to the Heaven". But, do not do it in front of me. Let me leave the room and go to a distance because, I do not have the heart to witness it. Peace my friend and farewell.

Because, I know now that ALLAH is running our life and I know now about the age of responsibility since he was only 38 years old. Therefore, ALLAH wanted to bless him and take away his soul because, his interim was over.

But, no average person is able to understand what I just wrote because, they do not have the "Light" from ALLAH and they are living in total "Darkness". That is why those people in the "Light" are the most happiest people on earth because, they know about the system of ALLAH. They are the ones who have no Fears and no Grieves. So, when this and that happens in the world they know the reason behind it. Remember, walking in "Darkness" only causes us to bring disasters and unhappiness upon ourselves.

Now, you can see how ALLAH took me out of the "Darkness" and brought me into His "Light". One day I thought my friend was in Hell then, the next day I found out that he was in the Heaven. Subhan ALLAH. Make sure always "Judge" amongst the people according to the Arabic Quran and do not let shaytan fools you and makes you follow from your own conjectures.

What I have found out now is that I am going to meet my frirnd up there Insha AL LAH because, we have a lot to catch-up over there. I just hope they do have some ketchups over there . . !

See, all along I was friended with a man who was already in the Heaven. ALLAH be Glorified. ALLAH chooses your friends. ALLAH chooses your friends. And he was my only friend all through my life.

Also, those 10 years of our friendship caused an awesome blessing from ALLAH, which I call it unending "Rahmat" from ALLAH and only few people in this world would experience it. And I am so thankful for that Gift from ALLAH all through my life. I have had that divine "Light" always in my heart and soul and under my skin and I always enjoyed its farigarance. Thank ALLAH. Therefore, that was the reason that ALLAH placed that guy into my life. Everything is for a reason in ALLAH's system.

Now, before I finish I would like to tell you that ALLAH is not blessing me with all of these "Hikmah" just because of my looks! Yet, I have been striving in the cause of ALLAH and helping ALLAH so, He could help me ever since 30 years ago.

The first 6 years I was working on the Quran for 19 hours a day. At work and at home. Plus I have been making websites in the cause of ALLAH. I stopped reading those fake Qurans meaning translations, and I left those who were reading those manmade Qurans. And I started to read only the Arabic Quran since those mathematical miracles came out of the Arabic Quran and not from the English Quran. Those hidden mathematics in the Arabic Quran are all ALLAH's fingerprints in His Book.

By the Grace of ALLAH I have printed and placed the Only Corrected Arabic Quran on internet with correct sura numbers, verse numbers, and correct spellings. Also, I made a personal Arabic to Farsi dictionary for myself, which It took me 19 years to complete.

I have found out that the name of our Creator is ALLAH and not god or any other manmade names which they came up with all over the world. Those who came up with those fake Qurans, meaning those translations, are idolizing those fake names besides the name of ALLAH our Creator.

Our Creator repeated His name 2698 times in His book and said, that His name is ALLAH. Yet, the ones who are not able to use their brain keep insisting that His name is not ALLAH. Therefore, they came up with many different names for ALLAH. That is why they stamped the word "Idol Worship" upon themselves.

I started to perform my Friday prayers in an Arabic language, like other prayers just by commemorating ALLAH. I pray 7 times a day. I pay 10% Zakat charity.

Then, ALLAH blessed me with "Ghalb Motahhar"a "Pure Heart" so, he could drop on me those awesome "Hikmah" so, I could make those videos and place them on You Tube and Face Book. Plus placing many posts on You Tube regarding ALLAH's system and His mathematical miracles. Then, I recounted all of those Quranic initials to make sure.

I try my best to Protect myself meaning "Mottaghy". Because, ALLAH made me to count its root word "Ta Ghy Yah" in the Arabic Quran 30 years ago, when I was attending my first conference. So, I found out that it was repeated 209 times in the Quran, which is divisible by the number 19. That is why I have not been dating anyone ever since I was separated 17 years ago.

And I have unfriended people who were happy with this lowly life. Then, ALLAH friended me with some new awesome friends, NO, I should say, "He gave me few 'Perfect Friends'" and we are all going towards the eternal Heaven hand in hand with the speed of light.

I am trying to say that my business and my ambition in life has been only ALLAH and His system and His Quran,which I have been reading it constantly. Just like in any other businesses if you work hard you will be successful. Therefore, try your best to make your soul as heavy as you could. But, you must know that ALLAH is the only one who has been controlling my life all along, and He did not want me to be amongst the sedentary people.

Thank the Almighty Creator for His unending "Hikmah" and Knowledge

Dear Bani Ersa Eil, May the "Light" of ALLAH shines upon you. Peace and Love

Here is a "Post" which I left for the people in "Suicide Prevention" and "Suicide Hotline"

Dear people in suicide Hotline, thank you for all your help.

As you know Life and death belongs to the Almighty Creator. From the time of descendents of Adam the Almighty Creator made the covenant with humans not to kill each other, nor to die by suicide because, that would block His creation of humans coming to earth.

And He says,

"If you kill a soul that means you have killed all the people, and if you save a life, that means you have saved all the humans."

It is because that one person could get married and have children and their children could have more children and on and on.

Therefore, you have been blessed by our Creator, when you save a life.

But, now we have a good news from our Creator.

Those who die before the age of 41, the age of responsibility, will go to His Heaven

He says,

" . . . When you get to the age of 40, you should say, 'My Lord make me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and my parents so, I could do good deeds that makes You satisfy and make my descendents do good deeds as well. I have repented to You and I am one of the submitters."

Then He says,

"These are the ones whom We have accepted best of what they did, and We will overlook their Sins and they will be amongst the companions in Paradise, that is the True Promise." (Quran 46:15-16)

That means all of those children who die of hunger or those at school shootings, together with the shooters, or the ones who die by suicide, or any other reasons, if they are under the age of 41, they will all go to His Heaven.

That is why our Creator is the Loving Creator and He wants to save those people.

Therefore, if you could not be any help to those under the age of 41, you may at least tell their love ones about this good news, so they should only be worried about their own neck, while their love ones are having fun up there. Peace

Now the ones who are in "Darkness" and want to die by suicide might be encouraged by this good news of ALLAH.

Also when other people and parents of those young kids hear about this news they might stand up against these verses of ALLAH and say that,

"These verses encourage our love ones to kill themselves."

And because of this they might even take us to the court of law. But, ALLAH is our Attorney and He is the Best Attorney.

Those Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil" know that "Life and Death belongs to ALLAH", and the reason they have died is because, their appointed time on earth was over. But, unfortunately those who are in the "Darkness" are not able to understand this awesome blessing from ALLAH.

Thank ALLAH For His Unending "Hikmah"

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from the Almighty ALLAH


And we have been reading about it hundreds of times yet, it was NOT the time to be revealed to us.

As we read in sura 55:

Then, ask yourself, that why in the world we go to these "Masjids"?

As you know the word "Masjid" means "The Place of Falling in Prostration". And we fall prostrate when we are performing our daily "Salat Prayers", because we are reading the Arabic Quran, meaning reading sura one "Al Fatehah" (84:21). And when we want to appreciate ALLAH's blessings upon us we Fall Prostrate as well in order to thank ALLAH.

And we read in (17:1) about the "Farthest Place of Prostration", or "Masjidel Aghsaw".

We are here to "Submit to ALLAH and His Covenant with 'Bani Esra Eil'". Yet, we go to these "Masjids", Synagogues and Churches and sit down and listen to some conjectures of those rabbis, preachers and mullahs and at the end we even pay them some money for misleading us! This is so crazy. And we have been doing that for many many years so far.

Just today ALLAH made me realized that, when I left those religious leaders and those fake Qurans and other fake scriptures, meaning those translations of the Arabic Quran and other scriptures's translations, then I started to receive these "Hikmah" from ALLAH.

You must know that all of these has done by the Almighty ALLAH. He inspired me to do that, otherwise I could never leave those nonsense traditions by myself.

Yet, ALLAH says that, "He is the Teacher of His Quran".

And I know that you must have a hard time to leave those nonsense traditions as well. Because, we have been brought up like that, and we have been only following from our own made up custom and traditions blindly.

Also we know that there is NOT a single "Masjid" or Synagogue or a Church that they Do NOT commemorate other names besides the name of ALLAH.

Here are the most important facts, which you may find them in these verses, so please translate them for yourself:

As you see It says, "Masajid ALLAH" or "Masajid where ALLAH's Name Commemorate".

And it does Not say, 'Masajid of god' that these idol worshippers made up those fake names beside the Name of ALLAH (12:40) which it was never authorized by ALLAH.

Please pay attention, it does not say, "God, or Jesus, or Mohammad, or YAHOWA, or Ali, or other idols." Yet the verse says, "Masajid ALLAH", or "Masajid where ALLAH's Name Commemorate".

As you notice these are very simple facts, yet we have been so blinded in our own Traditions that we never thought about these awesome facts at all, although we have been reading those verses every day.

I have never been to any "Masjid" thank ALLAH, therefore, I was saved from listening to those garbage from those illiterate preachers. Then ALLAH directed me to enter into His messenger's "Masjid" which was built on the bases of "Worshipping ALLAH Alone". ALLAH be Glorified.

Now, I know why I was inspired by ALLAH to talk to one of my friends about "Traditions & Customs" which has been like tight spider web around us, yet it is very hard to even recognize them, until we have enough knowledge from the Arabic Quran, and then ALLAH drops its inspiration upon us at the right time.

Then, when you show ALLAH that you are a hard worker towards His path, then He will take you out of the "Darkness" into His "light" and that would be the place that no man has touched before. Therefore, our Customs and Traditions have made us to be in total "Darkness".

As you noticed I did not say, hard work and "Sacrifice!" because, I did not feel any Sacrification or Losing something while I have been working so hard in ALLAH's system, yet to other people it seems like I have been giving up many important things. But, I never felt that way. ALLAH gives you so much Strength so those thoughts does not come into your mind.

Let me give you a simple example: I never urged to go back and smoke a cigarette or have a glass of wild turkey bourbon with coke, or having a girl friend after I was divorced. I am not suffering because of not having these things around me. Yet, ALLAH keeps me so busy with His blessings that I do not have time for what I used to enjoy in the past.

Remember, the ones who are in ALLAH's system they all have a peaceful life toward the end of their life.

The reason is that ALLAH has already guided you to be a "Submitter to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil." You are working at the best possible job, and joyfully you are performing your Salat Prayers, paying your 10% Zakat Charity, Fasting, Reading the Arabic Quran and all.

Then you have your best friends who are in the same path for your communications, and you have left those who were not in ALLAH's system, whom they were bothering you.

Then, you are reading your Arabic Quran every single day. As you know there is "Healing" and "Rahmat" in the Arabic Quran for the believers (17:82).

Now, your awesome body system created by ALLAH does its job. And that is when your brain recognizes your behavior, then it starts discharging substances, which makes you feel happy. "Praise ALLAH the Best Creator."

And the ones who have been denying ALLAH or worshipping idols they are suffering from a rough time toward the end of their life. I have seen these people personally or you might have seen them in news media. As ALLAH says, "Believers have no Fear and no Grieves".

Remember we pray to ALLAH and ask Him:

"MAKE us, or FORCE us to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon us" (27:19 ; 46:15)

Then, when He answers your prayer you feel like that you are in the prison of "Submission" to ALLAH and you cannot escape.

Thank the Almighty Creator Who has been providing me with a nice place to live, pure and organic provisions, all paid by Him, plus health, comfortable life, perfect security, Just like we are prisoners in ALLAH's System as that song "Hotel California" says, such a lovely place. . .

Therefore, get out of those Idol Worshiping "Masjids" and "leave those Idol Worshipping Preachers alone", otherwise you would be blundering in your total "Darkness" by entering those Idol Worshipping Places.

Let ALLAH Teaches you His Religion and His Arabic Quran instead of following from Conjectures of your Idols and those fake Scripture's Traslations

It is like Detoxifying your brain and souls but, the only doctor and medicine is available for that is ALLAH and His Arabic Quran

Thank ALLAH for His Unending "Hikmah"

I left this "Post" on YouTube for the wife of Mike Pence the Vice president of USA regarding teaching at the Christian school which they believe marriage should be between a man and a woman (1/20/2019)

Karen, did you know that the name "Jesus" you worship in your church beside the name of the Almighty Creator, Who created you from ejected semen is a fake and a manmade name?

Did you know that this name IS NOT in the original Bible in Aramaic scripture?

Did you know that "Idol Worship" is the only unforgivable sin?

Haven't you read those 10s of verses in the Bible regarding Idolizing people beside the name of your Creator? Or better yet, Idolizing a name who was never existed?

Therefore, before teaching at your church first read your Bible and then enter into your church. Otherwise the best is to close up that church before directing other people to the Hell fire.

That is why so called Bible Belt area has been getting hit by more than 1000 tornados every single year, plus hurricanes, floods, fires, and many more disasters yet no one take heed.

On the account of those homosexuals, the reason the Almighty Creator Hates that act is because they are blocking His creation, and they are stopping those billions of humans to be born into this world. That was why His Angels uprooted that ancient city of Lot.

That is way they brought aids upon themselves but, the worst is yet to come.

Thank ALLAH for His unending knowledge.

Here is a new "Post" I left on YouTube for 60 minutes program in USA.

60 minutes "Venture capitalist AI will displace 40 percent of world's jobs in as soon as 15 years." (1/21/2019)

I know it is so hard for you to understand, but information drop on us like music, science, discoveries and everything else.

Just as the man is saying. "Humans GIVE INFORMATION to COMPUTERS", the same way the Almighty Creator drops on us information.

Computer is NOT Able to THINK, so as humans who were created by our owner, the Almighty Creator.

When the Almighty dropped on us the knowledge of building computers was because He wanted to show us the awesome mathematical Miracles in His Arabic Quran so far with 1500 pages of scientific reports base on mathematics the exact science, plus 2.5 million websites and thousands of YouTube channels.

Yet, governments and media have been trying so hard to hide these awesome news of millennium.

If it does go the same way as it has been going on ever since 45 years ago, the same computer and binary code is going to destroy everything that we "Think we have accomplished" and our respite will be ended and we wouldn't be able to enjoy the binary numbers anymore.

Thank ALLAH for His awesome constant Knowledge

Here is a new "Post" I placed on Youtube for Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Annual Tribute (1/21/2019)

Thank the Almighty Creator Who took Dr. King and saved him before the age of responsibility, the age of 41.

Otherwise he would have died as a Christian Sinner who was idolizing this fake name "Jesus" which you would not find this made up name in the original Aramaic scripture.

That is why so called Bible Belt area has been getting hit by more than 1000 tornados every single year, plus hurricanes, floods, fires, and many more disasters yet no one take heed.

Thank ALLAH for His awesome constant Knowledge

Here is a new "Post" I left on YouTube for Texas Catholic leaders release names of 286 priests accused of sexual abuse (2/1/2019)

The reason for all of these embarrassments is because these preachers were going against the Almighty Creator's Rule on earth.

They came up with a fake and manmade name "Jesus" which you would never ever find it in the original Bible in Aramaic language.

And on top of that they are misleading people that they should worship that fake name and use this name as the name of our Creator.

And many other misleading phrases like, "in the name of Jesus", "Jesus is God", "Trinity", "Jesus shed his blood in order to save us", and on and on.

That is how they made satan inspired them to do evil.

That is why so called Bible belt area getting hit by more than 1000 tornados every single year, plus hurricanes, fires, floods, church burnings, and shootings, yet no one take heed.

Thank ALLAH for His awesome constant Knowledge

Here are some new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (2/08/2019)

Do you remember verse (3:49)? Here E-Saw son of Maryam is talking to the people:

E-Saw son of Maryam is saying that he was sent to us, "The decedents who would be transported by ALLAH" and he is talking about a sign from ALLAH. He says that he will make a shape of a bird with clay and blow into it and it will become a live bird.

Now, we know that the "Rooh Moghaddas" was with him all the time. That means E-Saw was not the one who was doing that, but "The Rooh" by the will of ALLAH. And one of the jobs that "Holy Spirit" has is to blow into an empty body of newborns then, they become alive.

"Holy Spirit" is only ONE individual creature of ALLAH, otherwise ALLAH would have said, "Holy SpiritS". Yet, he is blowing the "Nafss" or, "Soul" to all the newborns on earth at the same time.

There are an average 353,000 newborns come to this word every single day. . .

This is mind boggling! No one can even imagine that how this process takes place. Yet, we have been reading this verse for many years now, but no one had the slightest idea that why ALLAH placed this verse over there, until He informs us whenever He wishes to whomever He wishes, at any time He wills! . . . That ALLAH.

That is why ALLAH said that,

"The information given to us about 'The Rooh' is minute".

This means that he is all over the world at the same second, plus he was always with E-Saw son of Maryam as well. . .

Here is another awesome "Hikmah". If you ever asked yourself that how all of those animals, insects, fishes in sea, birds and other creatures with soul were created, here is your answer.

"The Holy Spirit" was blown "Souls" into their bodies. ALLAH be Glorified.

Therefore, here is another job of "The Holy Spirit".

Remember these are all done only by the will of ALLAH and no one else

The other job of "The Holy Spirit" is to revive the death and cure the incurable diseases

Yet, so called Muslims they ask dead messengers and made up saints to cure them. No wonder so called Islam and Muslim is a fake and a manmade religion which was never authorised by ALLAH the Creator.

Thank ALLAH for His awesome constant "Hikmah"

Thank ALLAH for showering us with His blessings constantly and blessing us with more awesome "Hikmah" (2/16/2019)

New "Hikmah" revealed by ALLAH in the bottom (3/3/2019)

Dear "Submitters to The Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil", this time ALLAH dropped on us some awesome "Hikmah" from sura 12, Yousuf.

Now do you remember that Yousuf's 1o brother's schemed against him and threw him in to the deep well? Yet, they even wanted to kill him. That was a gross crime and sin.

Then, ALLAH inspired Yousuf when he was inside that well and assured his heart, and saved him and made him the minster of treasury department for the whole Egypt.

Then, after so many years his brothers came by with their goods, and finally they found out that he is their young brother Yousuf.

Now, here is the question. Why did Yousuf, and His father Yaaghoub asked for those brother's forgiveness?

They said, "By ALLAH, for sure ALLAH has preferred you over us, and we were definitely wrongdoers."

He said, "There is no blame upon you today. ALLAH will forgive you, and He is the Most Merciful of all the merciful ones.

They said, "Our father, pray for our forgiveness; we were wrong indeed."

He said, "I will implore my Lord to forgive you; He is the Forgiver, Most Merciful."

Well, we learned from the Arabic Quran that prophets can pray for forgiveness of other people. Remember, only and only Prophets of ALLAH have the permission to do that.

Also we know from another verse that prophets could ask forgiveness for other people but, it is limited. As ALLAH says to the prophet, that, if you even ask 70 times for wicked people's forgiveness, ALLAH will not forgive them. Therefore, ALLAH only answers their prayers when it is confrimed with His own laws.

Then, why both father and his son said to those brothers, that

"They will ask ALLAH to forgive their sins?

These father and son knew something that we did not know until just a few hours ago . . .

Let us say, when Yousuf was thrown in that well, he was around 5 or 6 years old. Then when he became around 18 or 19 years old and handsome the wife of Aziz in Egypt wanted to seduce him.

Then ALLAH blessed him with "Hikmah" at his young age, with interpretation of dreams. Then, ALLAH saw to it that it would be better for Yousuf to spent some time in jail. Then, he made a mistake and he had to spend few more years in jail.

Then, ALLAH gave that dream to the king of Egypt, in order to save Yousuf from the jail and He inspred him what to say to the king in order to be the treasurer of Egypt, in order he could meet his brothers when they bring their goods. ALLAH is the doer of everything.

Now, let us say, at this time he was around 40 years old. And he became a prophet as well. Otherwise he would dare to say to his brothers,

"There is no blame on you today, ALLAH will forgive you all, and He is the Most Merciful of all the merciful ones."

The other sing is in verse (12:101).

"My Lord, You have given me kingship and taught me the interpretation of dreams. Initiator of the heavens and the earth; You are my Lord and Master in this life and in the Hereafter. Let me die as a submitter, and count me with the righteous."

Again this shows that Yousuf must have been 40 years old, when he said,

"Let me die as a submitter."

Now here is the good part. When his brothers threw him in that well, they might have been teenagers or older. And now they must have been over 41 years old, the age of responsibility. But, the reason this father and son knew for sure that 'ALLAH Will Forgive Them', was because, when they committed that cruel act, they were all under the age of 41. And this father and son knew that these brothers are amongst "The Submitters of The Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil".

And as you know ALLAH will forgive all of your sins that you have committed before the age of 41. That was why that father and son prayed for those brothers, because they knew for sure that they would be forgiven by the rules of ALLAH. Subhan ALLAH.

As you know Moosaw was around 30 years old when he killed a man and then he repented and asked for ALLAH's forgiveness and ALLAH foragve him right away. Then after 10 years, at the age of 40 he talked to ALLAH and he became a prophet of ALLAH.

Also, we know that when Yaaghoub was dying, he asked his sons,

"What will you worship after me?" "They said, we will worship the religion of your father Ebrahim, Esmaeil, and Es hawgh." (The Bani Esra Eil)

That means they were all "Submitters to The Nation of Ebrahim".

Now here is the awesome new "Hikmah" from ALLAH. This "Hikmah" from ALLAH proves that those verses of 15 and 16 of sura 46 were written in those old scriptures, and that is why "Yaaghoub" and "Yousuf" new about this rule of ALLAH but, the arrogant preachers wiped them out and that is why they say the age of responsibility is 15, or 16, or 18.

Thank ALLAH for blessing us with His awesome "Hikmah"

Thank ALLAH for His awesome "Hikmah" which He has been constantly dropping on us. (2/24/2019)

As I was making this latest video the Almighty Creator dropped on me this new "Hikmah" although I have been reading the Quran every day for the past 30 years.

The Arabic Quran is telling us that after Awedam and his wife and shaytan were kicked out of the Garden, later on finally Awedam realized his mistake and repented to ALLAH and asked for His forgiveness.

Then, ALLAH gave him the words of the sura one "Al Fatehah" in order for him to be redeemed. That was the first Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil".

Then ALLAH told us about Awedam's two sons. They had to offer a Sacrifice or Zakat Charity in the cause of ALLAH. It was accepted from one and not from the other one.

One of the brothers said to the other one, that ALLAH only accept Charity or Offering from the Righteous people. Then the unrighteous brother killed the Righteous one. And Righteous person is the one who follows from the Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil".

So he was the first unrighteous man on earth.

Therefore, the second Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil" was the 10% Charity that we have to Sacrifice in the cause of ALLAH meaning Zakat.

Then, ALLAH says, if one kills a person is like he has killed all the humans on earth. That means if that brother would not have been killed, maybe right now the population on earth would have been twice as much.

And these are the most important Covenants of ALLAH throughout the history of humans on earth, which we are still practicing.

That means all the descendents who would be transported by ALLAH from the beginning to the end of this world should Submit to these Covenant of ALLAH.

Salat Prayers, Zakat Charity, do not kill a soul and be a Righteous person.

Therefore, this was the 3rd Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil".

Thank ALLAH for sending us His unending "Hikmah". Subhan ALLAH.

Here is another new "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (3/10/2019)

Here is a new "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim. Do you know why there is no name of "Enjeel" in those translations, which they call them Bible?

The reason is that "E-saw" son of "Maryam" never wrote the "Enjeel" with his hand.

Therefore, there was no "Written Book" at the time of "E-saw" son of "Maryam". Yet, people were memorizing those verses given to "E-saw" son of "Maryam" by the "Holy Spirit", "Jebra Eil".

Then about 200 years after "E-saw" people wrote what they remembered about those verses and said that "It was revealed to us".

That is why there is no history about the "Enjeel" for 200 years after "E-saw".

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah"

Sobahn ALLAH, here is another awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim which I have been waiting for it patiently, that is why ALLAH always has the right time to reveal to us His Awesom "Hikmah" (3/25/2019)

Do you remember this verse?

And ALLAH cites as an example of those who believed the wife of Pherown. She said, "My Lord, build a home for me at You in Paradise, and save me from Pherown and his works; save me from the transgressing people." (66:11)

We have known about the age of 41, the age of responsibility on verses (46:15 - 16). Remember the wife of Pherown was the one who caught baby "Moosaw" from the water and she adopted him.

Then later on "Moosaw" became a "prophet" around the age of 40.

Also we know that the reason ALLAH sent "Moosaw" to Pherown and his people was because they have been worshipping idols, and they have been arrogant on land, except that man in Pherown's kingdom who was hiding his belief.

Therefore, the wife of Pherown must have been much older than 41 years old, when she said:

"My Lord, build a home for me at You in Paradise, and save me from Pherown and his works; save me from the transgressing people."

Notice she said, "My Lord" and she did not pray to those idols.

That means her supplication was after she found out that "Moosaw" became a "Prophet" and he was given the "Torah".

Therefore, ALLAH is telling us that He will forgive whomever He wishes at any age He wishes as long as one does not become a believer at the time of death, like Pherown who said "I believe now" when he was drowning.

There are people whom ALLAH prefers them over the others and makes them to repent and ask for His forgiveness before the age of 41, all because ALLAH is "Al Rahman" and "Al Rahim" and He knows their inner most souls, because He is the One Who created them.

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah"

Thank ALLAH Here is another awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (4/01/2019)

Dear "Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil", let us read these couple of verses from sura 62 "Al Jumu ah".

As you see it says,

"O you who believe, when the "Salat Al-Jumu`ah" is announced on Friday, you shall hasten to the Commemoration of ALLAH, and drop all business. This is better for you, if you only knew". (62:9)

"Once the "Salat" is completed, you may spread through the land to seek ALLAH's bounties, and continue to commemorate ALLAH frequently, that you may succeed". (62:10)

Now, pay attention please. ALLAH say,

"Perform your 'Friday Salat' in order to Commemorate ALLAH".

But, so called Muslims sit down and instead of Commemorating ALLAH they only listen to some conjectures of those so called Muslims leaders. And they are completely silenced.

Then the next verse says,

"When you finished your 'Friday Salat' Continue to Commemorate ALLAH if you want to be Successful".

Now, after they finished their prayer, are they continuing to Commemorate what their mullah said?

Because, they did not Commemorate ALLAH at their "Friday Salat" but, just listening to that so called Imam. . .

Do you see how easily people could be misled? This is how ALLAH leads them on to their own wrong doings, only because they DO NOT follow from the Arabic Quran. These are the people who DO NOT want to be 'Successful'.

Thank ALLAH Who keep giving us awesome "Hikmah", which confirms that we are in the right path and so called Islam is a fake and a manmade religion.

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah"

Dear Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil here is another awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim regarding the same "Friday Prayer" which we had last time. (4/06/2019)

Let me place the same couple verses that we had before.

"O you who believe, when the "Salat Al-Jumu`ah" is announced on Friday, you shall hasten to the Commemoration of ALLAH, and drop all business. This is better for you, if you only knew". (62:9)

"Once the "Salat" is completed, you may spread through the land to seek ALLAH's bounties, and continue to commemorate ALLAH frequently, that you may succeed". (62:10)

And remember we said,

"So called Muslims sit down and instead of Commemorating ALLAH they only listen to some conjectures of those so called Muslims leaders. And they are completely silenced".

Here is the new inspiration. Now pay attention carefully please.

ALLAH says,

"When you perform your 'Salat Prayer Face the Qiblah'"

You know what? The illiterate Imam turns his back to the "Qiblah" and instead he faces the people who are sitting down and silently listening to his conjectures. Deaf, Dumb and Blind. Can you believe that?

These are the people who DO NOT Read the Arabic Quran. But, wehn they perform all the other prayers that imam faces towards the "Qiblah" except on "Friday Prayer". And they call "Friday Prayer" as "Khutbah" which you would not find it in the Arabic Quran!

And in all of those other "Salat Prayers" he talks in Arabic language except on "Friday Prayer".

These are the people who DO NOT have a "Pure Heart", "Ghalb Motahhar". That is why they are not able to understand the Arabic Quran and they are only reading from those translarions revealed to those translators.

Remember translators are the ones who are Blocking ALLAH's "Hikmah" in the Arabic Quran therefore, they are misleading people and misdirecting people from ALLAH's Arabic Quran.

And people who are worst than the translators are the ones who study only translations of the Quran.

These are the people who want to see ALLAH physically in order to believe. That is why they have been frozen in time and they are not able to receive any "Hikmah" from ALLAH.

These people have been cursed by following from their own conjectures. As ALLAH says, these are the "Polluted Believers", "Khabiss" (3:179).

Here is a new awesome "knowledge" from ALLAH the Hakim

At the time of prophet Mohammad the Arabic word "Tarjomeh" meaning "Translation" did not exists.

As the Arabic Quran says, at that time we had the word "Bad dalah", or "Tabdeal", meaning "Change to", "Convert to".

500 years after "E-saw" son of "Maryam" a scholar translated the "Enjeal" into English language.

Then he was convicted of heresy and executed by strangulation, after which his body was burnt.

That means people knew that "They Should Not Translate ALLAH's Scriptures".

Also around 1000 years after the revelation of the Arabic Quran very few people started to translate the Arabic Quran. Although they all knew that they should not translate the Arabic Quran. And it was around the same time ALLAH inspired us the Arabic word "Tarjomeh". And as ALLAH is the Creator of all of those languages, that was why He stamped it as "Tarjomeh".

As you know "Ra Ja Ma" means "Stone" or "Stoning", or "Throwing Stones".

Therefore, the word "Tarjomah" means "It has been stoned". Just like when ALLAH uses it for "shaytan".

That means when one translates a book, that means he has throwing stones in front of you, so you would not be able to receive the correct meaning. Subhan ALLAH! . . . ALLAH is the "Most Hakim". But, these people are "Polluted Believers", "Khabiss" (3:179). And they cannot to be helped.

These are the people who came up with a religion never authorized by the Almighty ALLAH therefore, they will have a "Dark Destiny"

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah".

This is how ALLAH assures our hearts and He is informing us that we are in the "Right Path"

Dear "Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil", the Almighty ALLAH constantly has been sending down to us awesome "Hikmah", yet those fake religions are not able to see them. (4/10/2019)

That is how ALLAH cursed them and blocked their hearts and souls so they are not able to understand the Arabic Quran anymore, simply because they do not believe in ALLAH's Arabic Quran, but those fake Qurans, meaning those manmade translations.

Now as we have been reading in the Arabic Quran we see that in few verses ALLAH wants us to "Race and Compete Towards Righteousness".

Please translate these verses for yourselves.

As you see ALLAH is telling us to "Race and Compete Towards Righteousness", or "Towards Forgiveness from ALLAH".

Just imagine how many times we have been reading these verses and just passed by them. Why? Because that was not the right time for ALLAH to reveal them to us, until just right now.

In USA we have so many programs on TV, which they are all based on "Racing and Competitions".

Here are some of them, "American Idols" by (Simon Fuller)- "America's Got Talent" by (Simon Cowell) - "World of Dance" by (Jenna Dewan) - "The Best in the World" by (Mark Burnett) - "The Voice" and so on. Or even those Competitions in Olympic games.

(This part added later one) That is why there are so much corruptions in Olympic games, using different drugs to pump up their physical bodies, molesting those girls in gymnastic, cheating on those bicycles so they go faster and so on, or just any other kinds of Competitions.

There is a horse racing track near Los Angeles and 24 horses died withing just a few months. Yet they do not get the message.

Have you seen those programs that they make children to compete with each other in dancing, or singing, or any other kinds of Competitions. Or playing golf, football, baseball, boxing, wrestling, or any kinds of games that involve Competition and Racing.

No one in the world likes to hear that he or she lost in so and so game. Show me only one person who likes to be called a "loser", or loves to be "Humilated" and being "Embarrsed" in front their family friends or others.

These words only brings Humiliation, Embarrassment, Pain and Suffering to people right in front of friends and family, and other people. And it is going to affect them for the rest of their life.

Yet, people think that girl who just lost in dance Competition and she left crying, she is going to forget about it after couple of days . . . I must tell you that those people are totally wrong.

How can you come up with a game in order to "Brake young people's Heart, and leave a Scar in their Heart and Soul for the rest of their life"?

You should know that these game makers already know who is going to lose, that is why they have the best psychologist in the back stage who are preparing the losers to act normal when they come to the stage, and face the audience, and those cruel judges who tell them 'go home we do not need you anymore'!

You must know that these game makers and those judges are making millions of dollars only and only by Humiliating, Embarrassing, and Heart Braking of those participants.

These people are making money off of people by Humiliating them, Embarrassing them, Heartbreaking, and making them to be called Losers, especially to the young ones in order, to praise only ONE person at the end.

For example Simon Cowell who owns "America's Got Talent" makes $550 million dollars a year including some of his other businesses.

Those judges make anywhere from $3 million to $130 million each season. They are enforcing their own ideas as a judgment for those poor people.

They say that the winner will get $1 million dollars, but that is not true. They pay the winner $1 million within 40 years . . . because many of them would die within the next 40 years. See how these wicked people fool others?

That is how they are transferring their cruelty to the whole word

The solution is that they can easily let all of those participants come and perform their acts and then they show their profiles so if anyone wants to hires them can get in touch with them later on. And they still make the same amount of money.

Therefore, no one gets Hurt nor Humiliated or feel like a Loser. So why they are making people Compete with each other which is against what ALLAH advoctaes?

The reason is that they have turned away from the Almighty Creator.

Allah wants us to "Compete and Race Towards Righteousness". That is why they are all going through sufferings.

Just remember those faces who are playing with people's Heart and Soul. Watch what will happen to them towards the end of their life.

If you tell me that you are praying 8 times a day I would do 9 times a day in order to "Compete and Race you Towards Righteousness". This is the correct "Competition" as far as ALLAH is concerned. So I left this "Post" on youtube for some of these people:

"These people who are creating these games of Competitions together with those judges making millions of dollars only and only by Humiliating, Embarrassing, and Heart Braking of those participants in front of their family, friends and other people in the whole world.

That crying young girl who was told that 'we do not need you anymore and you lost', she would leave the stage with a big scar in her heart and soul and she is going to carry it for the rest of her life. All because some Godless people caused her pain and suffering and they left a big scar on her soul for the rest of her life.

Yet, our Creator wants us to Race and Compete only in Righteousness.

Make sure to remember those faces who are playing with people's emotions, you will find them in pain and sufferings towards the end of their life.

The simple solution is that let all of those participants perform their acts and show their profiles to the audience so other people could hire them if they wish, and you would make the same amount of money. This is how they will bring disasters upon themselves at the end of their life."

Someone wrote me that before competitors start they inform them 100% the consequences of lossing. Then I answered him:

Media rape the heart and soul of the people. When you take a medicine it takes a few hours to kick in, but TV injects it into your heart and soul right there . . . People have been paralyzed by media to the point that they are not able to think anymore. Yet your brain is not able to analyze it until you leave as a loser.

Soldiers know that they might get killed and never come back home. But, why do they still go to war? Because their brain is not able to realize it before experience it. Then when they come back after sometimes they commit suicide. . . I hope that answers you. Competition is NOT the correct path. That leaves scar in the heart of the people.

This is how ALLAH assures our Hearts and Souls and He is informing us that we are in the "Right Path" Thank ALLAH

There was this fire in Paris in that idol worshipping church Notre Dame and I left these "Posts" on YouTube. (4/15-16/2019)

"It has been quite sometimes that different kinds of disasters coming down on churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and any kinds of places of worship. Disasters like hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, or disasters like droning, bombings, shootings, and so on. The Almighty Creator is giving those 4200 fake and false religions warnings that whatever they are doing is wrong! Yet He has been giving them many years of respite. You must know that the Almighty Creator is running everything. He says, "You will NOT do anything, unless I Will it for you." Yet, our Godless people who have been turning to idol worship and making 4200 false religions think that guns, machineguns, fires and tornados kill people. Yet, life and death belongs to our Creator. And now this idol worshipping church in Paris. By the Grace of the Almighty Creator we have now the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact science, which will prove this fact. The worst is on the way".


"By the Grace of the Almighty Creator we have now the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact science, which will prove to you that Jesus is a fake name made up by priests in order to take away your money and mislead you. And you would not find this name in the original Bible in Aramaic scripture, and his name was E-saw son of Maryam and he was never crucified nor resurrected. There is no Eastern . . .That is why this place of idol worship caught on fire by the will of the Almighty Creator, Who created you from ejected semen. People wake up this is 21st century the era of science and mathematics. The worst is on the way."


"The only men of God know that this fire was God's victory against these so called religions who are following only from their made up customs and traditions instead of worshipping God Alone. Whatever so called Christians are doing were not authorized by God."


"Look at ignorant human beings, they care and cry for pieces of woods, and stones yet, they might die the next day! And they do not care about their own well beings. They follow from those illiterate preachers who have been raping their hearts and souls with bunch of baseless lies and traditions which has nothing to do with the rules of God our Creator. Those preachers only invite them to the Hell fire. This is very sad."

This part was added on (4/17/2019)

satan has gotten permission from our Creator to mislead those who do not believe in the Almighty Creator. All because he has a grudge against humans. he is the one who made up 4200 fake and false religions from ONLY ONE CREATOR. he invited Monsanto to poison our foods and those other companies to make process foods in order to give us slow suffering deaths with so many different diseases as the consequence of our disbeliefs. he is like those terrorists who has been contaminating our water, air and food supplies in order to make us suffer as the consequences of our own disbelief in our Creator. he is in full control of media and those so called religious leaders who are raping the hearts and souls of the disbelievers with bunch of nonsense lies that you cannot find them in those original scriptures. Yet, he has no power on those who truly worship our Creator Alone and those are just a few. And he has permission to share with your money and children in order to pursue his corruptions. That is why in just a couple days he ordered his allies to come up with a billion dollar in order to rebuilt his place of idol worship. According to the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics there was never a person in history called "Jesus", but "E-Saw" son of Maryam and he never did crucified nor resurrected. Yet those illiterate preachers who were given power by satan added those fake verses in so called Bible through the years in order to mislead people. Remember so called Bible was written by the hands of those mislead preachers. Thank the Almighty Who closed this church of idol worship for few years now. The worst is yet to come.

That is why these people are suffering from disasters every single day in the life. Their hearts and souls have been raped by media and those illiterate preachers. So let them enjoy.

Thank ALLAH for blessing us with the absolute truth and made us above many of His creatures.

Not many people know the system of the Almighty Creator.

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (4/19/2019)

Let me tell you that if you do not understand the meaning and the "Hikmah" behind these information sent by the Almighty ALLAH is because you do not have the "Pure Heart", or "Qalib Motahhar", therefore, first you must ask ALLAH to bless you with "Pure Heart" because if you do not have it you will never ever understand these awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH.

Or maybe it is not your time yet. The reason I am saying this is because I was with some people 10 years ago and now after 10 years later, after they have been listening to my videos I notice that they are just understanding them recently little by little even after 10 years and they are repeating my words from those videos.

Remember, when you are striving in the cause of ALLAH do not ever wait for other people, because we are not all the same, some of us has been blessed by ALLAH with "Purity at Heart" and some are not. Just leave them as ALLAH says in sura "Hajj". Also remember, if you wait for other ones then, you commit idol worship and ALLAH will never forgive you.

That was just like brother of "Moosaw", "Haroon" did after "Moosaw" went to talk with ALLAH. "Haroon" was afraid if he separates the "Bani Esra Eil", so he let those people idolize that calf which was making some kind of noise. That was how he went alnog with them. But, his job was to follow only from the rules of ALLAH even if they wanted to kill him.

Again we have been reading this verse many many times. Please read this verse:

As you notice very simply ALLAH is saying that "He send down His Quran in an Arabic language", He says, "These Laws in Arabic".

Anyone with a pair of eyes could see that ALLAH says, "ARABIC LAWS". Not English laws, nor Farsi laws, nor Spanish laws, or French laws. Only "ARABIC LAWS".

Yet, these people see this verse but they only want to follow from their own "EGO" and "SELFISHNESS" although they have seen those 1500 pages of scientific reports based on mathematics, as the awesome signs from ALLAH, yet they still call ALLAH as god and they want to follow from their own made up English laws or French laws or Spanish laws instead of ALLAH's "ARABIC LAWS". That is why these epople are always in trouble and disasters coming down on them only because of their Ego.

This is the highest degree of the human arrogance

And do not think that they are the ones who are doing it, no, ALLAH does not want them to see this simple verse. That is how He keeps them in darkness.

This is how ALLAH assures our Hearts and Souls and He is informing us that we are in the "Right Path" Thank ALLAH

Here is a very simple yet awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim. (4/26/2019)

We have been reading the Arabic Quran for many years and some of us every single day hours on end.

Please listen to this very simple fact, which ALLAH revealed to us.

All of those ignorant translators all over the world they call the name of the scripture revealed to prophet "Mohammad" as "QURAN" yet, they call their Creator Who has been repeating His name 2698 times in His "Arabic Law" as "ALLAH", with so many different false and fake names.

You see how stupid and wicked humans are?

Why did they not translate the word "QURAN" to another name?

Although the word "QURAN" means "The book which is to be recited", yet no one calls it with this phrase.

Yet, they did translate the name of "ALLAH" the Creator of the "QURAN" into so many nonsense names, which they do not have anything to do with the name of our Creator "ALLAH".

If you want to translate the word "ALLAH" you must repeat all of those 114 names attributed to "ALLAH" as the "ARABIC QURAN" says

This is the outmost wickedness of translators

You see how simple fact this is?

They are just fabricating lies to our Creator.

How can they stand in front of their Creator "ALLAH", and call Him with so many fake and manmade names?

These are the ones who are bringing evidence against themselves on the "Judgment Day"

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah"

Happy Fasting - In USA the first day of Fasting starts from 5/4/2019 to the end of 6/2/2019

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim. (5/4/2019)

In sura (33:4) we read:

"Allah has not placed two hearts inside the man (Male). . . . ." (33:4)

This means that men are able to fall in Love with Only One woman in a given time.

Now as you remember "Yaaghoub" had ten children from his first wife, which he was not in love with her. But, he was in love with another woman which I think she was his first wife's sister.

Then, later on he finally got married with the one he loved, and that was how he got "Yousuf" and "Benyameen" from his new wife. That was why he loved those two new sons more than his other children.

Now you notice ALLAH is only talking about men with only one heart in their chest, but not women.

That means women are capable to fall in love with more than one man at the same time in certain circumstances. I have seen few cases like that throughout my life.

Therefore, if you meet a woman who loves more than one man, do not blame her, because that is how her soul was built on, and that is in the fabric of her soul

Remember we are not talking about marriage, or sexual lust yet, we are only talking about her loving a man in her heart, inside of her chest.

That is why we have this verse from ALLAH in (33:53):

"If you (men) have to ask prophet's wives for something, ask them from behind a barrier. This is purer for your hearts and their hearts." (33:53)

Certainly this was for prophet's wives but, it also remind us that she could have liked that man if she would see him, and she might have fallen in love with him.

Allah is talking about our innermost souls. And He is telling us about how different a soul of a men and a soul of a woman were built.

Also in another verse (2:282) in the case of witnessing we read:

"Two men shall serve as witnesses; if not two men, then a man and two women whose testimony is acceptable to all. Thus, if one woman errs, (or Misled, Lost, Deceived) one of the two will remind the other one. It is the obligation of the witnesses to testify when called upon to do so." (2:282)

In this verse ALLAH is simply saying that the chance of women become misled or being deceived as a witness is twice as much of one man becoming deceived and misled. Why? Because ALLAH is the One Who Created our souls therefore, He knows what we are made of.

A righteous woman simply says "I Submit to ALLAH's Covenant" and an unrighteous woman revolts

Yet, people's minds and souls have been raped by media and "Me Too Movements", and that is how they have been fooled. So let them jump up and down as much as they want because, they only bring disasters upon themselves yet, they have no idea why disasters are coming down on them.

You must know that the System of ALLAH is completely different from the system that we have in our societies. That is why we have a "Nation without ALLAH's Covenant". That is why we are witnessing these disasters every single day.

You should know that when we read in the Arabic Quran that "Saba" was a queen, it was because in the system of the "Sun Worshippers" a woman could be a Queen, but not in the "Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Awedam". And as you know later on she became a "Submitter to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil with Soleymon" and her "Sun Worshipping kingdom" got hit by so many disasters.

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah"

Here is some new information. Thank ALLAH for His inspirations. (5/12/2019)

When ALLAH revealed those mathematical miracles of the Arabic Quran based on number 19 to Dr. Khalifa the Arab world and so called Islamic nations got so excited and happy like they carried him on their shoulders.

Then later on when he denounced hadith, sunna and sharia laws, which they are all work of stoned shaytan, all of sudden they sort of threw him down from their shoulders, and started to backbiting him and said that "Dr. khalifa claimed that he was a Prophet of ALLAH."

And their answer to those awesome Miracles of ALLAH was to assassinate the messenger of ALLAH.

Dr. Khalifa has been informing all the leaders in the world about the awesome mathematical miracles in the Arabic Quran, and he has been sending his newsletters to many many churches, mosques, and synagogues all over the world.

Then, a very few people from all over the world be it from a small village or citie received ALLAH's message through inspirations by the will of ALLAH.

Right after Rashad's departure by the will of ALLAH me and some of those who have believed in those miracles of ALLAH wrote more than a 1000 letters and informed every single news media all over the world about ALLAH's awesome revelations.

Then later when I left Tucson Arizona, ALLAH made me to be one of the strivers in His cause.

Ever since 30 years ago I have been mailing information about the discovery of the mathematical miracles in the Quran to all of those Senators and presidents and to some of them I have even sent Dr. Kahlifa's Quran.

Then ALLAH made me to built a website in His cause in order to spread His message to the whole world, and I have been e-mailing about the message of ALLAH to those most known medias almost every week ever since 25 years ago.

Today there are about 4,250,000 websites on internet and 198,000 videos on YouTube about the mathematical miracles of the Quran. This shows that those who were denying those mathematical miracles before now finally after 40 years they are recognizing those awesome information from ALLAH. Remember they have had the Quran for 1450 years and none of them new about these awesome news and those awesome Hikmah.

I know that people are not that stupid and they are able to divide and multiply, but how come none of those intelligent people had any response?

Also ALLAH showed us that how those 4200 so called fake and false religions have stopped following from ALLAH's scriptures and instead they are following from dead human messengers and those shaytanic books made by human devil.

It is amazing that no news media has talked about it so far. No talk show or educational program has touched these awesome mathematical miracles of ALLAH. Yet, we have been witnessing how much garbage they have been brainwashing people every day.

1500 pages of mathematics, yet no one wants to talk about them. It is like all of these medias have banded together against ALLAH's miracles. This is impossible. Therefore, only ALLAH is the One Who is doing that.

The point that I am trying to make is that all of these past 45 years none of those medias or reporters have had any respond to those thousands of mails, I mean nothing, zilch, zero. . .

The answer to that is that the awesome power of the Almighty Creator controlling people's mind, and He is the One Who does not want them talk about His mathematical Miracles at this time

Therefore, This shows that those who live in our time Do Not deserve ALLAH's salvation, and they are all destined for Hell fire

And all of these revelations belong to the future generations after all of these people wiped out and perished from the earth or when they witness the "Smoke" prophesized by ALLAH in sura 44.

That is why we have been witnessing so many disasters all over the world, which means people on earth have no more protections from ALLAH due to their own rejections and turning away from those awesome mathematical Miracles and turning away from "The Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil".

The good news is that ALLAH "Will save His true Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with descendents who would be transported by ALLAH".

Thank ALLAH for informing us with His unending information

Dear "Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil"

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (5/16/2019)

New information and "Hikmah" were added on (5/25/2019)

You might have heard that just a few days ago the state of Alabama in USA passed a bill that would Ban Abortion. They are considering that "Abortion is a Crime", and if a doctor perform abortion he or she will get up to 99 years in prison.

That is how they are enforcing this new law to the people, and right after Alabama the state of Missouri passed the same bill.

The ignorant humans only follow from their own nonsense conjectures without any bases only because they have no idea about the laws of our Creator and creation for that matter. They only follow from their own EGO as a god. That is why Submitters to ALLAH's Covenant do not want to get involve with politicians

Here is the awesome "Hikmah" about new born from ALLAH the Azeem. As we read in His scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact science. (22:5)

"O people, if you have any doubt about resurrection, We created you from dust, then from semen, then into an embryo, then from a fetus, although it was created (as a fetus) yet, it has not been created (as a baby) in order to clarify things for you. We settle in the wombs whatever We will for a predetermined period, then We bring you out as a baby, then We develop you to full maturity, then among you are some who die, and some who reach the oldest age in order to realize that no more knowledge can be attained."

Then at the time of birth "The Holy Spirit" blows into the infant's lungs "The Breath of Life" when it brings out as a baby, and the baby becames a "Breathing Soul", or a "Living Soul."

That is why babies never used their lungs before birth.

And death means "Breathless Body"

The Almighty Creator has given total freedom to humans. One can be a submitter to His Covenant with humans, and one can be in total denial. Decision is yours

Also there are some mathematical confirmations on this verse based on the number 19. As you know number 19 represents the Creator's signature on His creations. That is why we have 209 bones in our bodies (209=19x11). The length of pregnancy for a full term fetus is 266 days (19x14).

Now the awesome "Hikmah" is here:

"Although it was created (as a fetus) yet, it has not been created (as a baby)""

ALLAH is saying that when "Fetus" created, it is not the baby, yet it is like a hand of a baby was created, or a 'kidney' or a 'liver', or 'fingers' of the baby were created. These are parts of 'babies body', Like its 'lungs' were created so as 'Fetus' was created.

Remember "Fetus" means "Fetus" and it does not mean a "Baby".

And some people remove their tonsils, or take their appendix out, or they perform kidney or Heart transplant.

Then the verse says,

"Yet it has not been created (as a baby)."

Meaning when creation of a baby actually happens is when "The Holy Spirit" blows into the infant's lungs "The Breath of Life" and the baby becomes a "Breathing Soul", or "Living Soul".

In Arabic language the word "Nafss" means "Breath" also it means "Soul". And in the "Enjeal" we have the same "Breathing Soul".

Now plants, rockes, rivers, stars, sun and the moon do not have a "Soul"and they do not "Breath". But, creatures like animals, fishes, insects, birds have a "Soul" and they are "Breathing."

As we read in the "Enjeal" from chapter "Genesis" verse (1:30):

"And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground--everything that has "The Breath of Life" in it--I give every green plant for food." And it was so."

Yet, ALLAH lets us kill cows, chickens, and sheep in order to feed ourselves, and they all have "The Breath of Life" in them. Or when you are walking outside, you never know how many ants you have killed. . .

As you notice ALLAH says,

"We settle in the wombs whatever We will for a predetermined period, then We bring you out 'as a baby' "

As you notice ALLAH does not call 'what is in the womb as a Baby', yet 'when it comes out is a "Baby" '.

Now the reason these law makers are forcing these rules on the people is because people have deserved these disasters as the consequence of being a nation turning away from "The Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil".

One of the reason women are fighting with this new law is because they do not have any respect for the rules of ALLAH and they do not want to keep their chastity therefore, sometimes they get pregnant by committing adulteries so they could easily abort their Fetus. Maybe this new law force them think twice.

You must know that ALLAH knows that sometimes women get "Raped" or have "Physical Complications" during their pregnancies, just like my grandmother died right after she delivered her baby, when she was only 36 years old, or in the case of "Incest", which makes it very difficult to make a decision when they are facing the "Fetus" and its mother, that is why ALLAH sent us this verse (22:5) in the Arabic Quran

Here is another disaster that today's societies have brought upon themselves. As you know there are some women and men whom they are not able to have a baby. And then there are these places called "Sperm Bank". They pay men who donate their "Sperm" and then women who cannot get pregnant go in and get "Donor Insemination". That means they deposit a sperm from a man other than the woman's mate into the uterus. That means the woman gets pergnant with another man's sperm. . .

Here is another shocking news, recently they have found a man who made 114 women pregnant by his donated sperm! . . .

That means he has 114 children in his area, just by donating his sperm and he is only 27 years old. Now when these children grown up eventually they want to get married, but they do not know if they are getting married with their own brothers or their own sisters or not! . . .

Yet, ALLAH says in (42:50):

"Or He pairs males and females, and He renders whom He wills "Infertile" . Indeed, He is Knowing and Competent." (42:50)

ALLAH wants some people to be "Infertile" yet, some people interfere with the commandment of ALLAH and they think they know better than ALLAH. Maybe ALLAH wants you to adopt one of those many fatherless children instead of following from your own EGO as a god. Please read (4:119).

shaytan says,

"I will mislead them, I will entice them, I will command them to marking the ears of livestock, and I will command them to change the creation of ALLAH." Anyone who takes shaytan as a frined besides ALLAH, has incurred a loss, a profound loss."

That means these people are friends of shaytan, that is why they are changing ALLAH's Creation. That is why people have been getting hit by so many disasters every day.

One of the known company who has been changing ALLAH's creation is "Monsanto". This company has been bringing so many disasters upon people and they are responsible for hundred of new diseases and millions of death all over the world.

Here is another awesome new "Hikmah" from ALLAH. Please read (17:33) and (6:151)

"You shall not kill any person, "Al Nafss", for ALLAH has made it sacred, except in the course of justice."

As you see ALLAH used the word "Al Nafss" meaning "The Soul", "The Breathing Soul", "The live person who is Breathing". The one which "The Holy Spirit" blows into the infant's lungs "The Breath of Life" and the baby becomes a "Breathing Soul", or a "Living Soul".

ALLAH did not say Do Not Kill a "Semen", an "Eembryo", or a "Fetus", but just a "Soul", "Nafss".

As you notice all the people right now are confused about Abortion. You must know that if you Do Not understand the meanings of the Arabic words in the Arabic Quran you would never find out what ALLAH is talking about.

Only the students of the Arabic Quran who have been "Submitted to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil" would understand the Arabic Quran. Please read (40:67) and pay attention to ALLAH's wording when He says "Baby" or "Infant" was born.

This has been an awesome news from ALLAH. Thank ALLAH for His unending Revelations and "Hikamh".

We are not telling you that they should "Ban Abortion" or "Should NOT Ban Abortion" yet, the decision is totally up to you. When ever your family faces these difficulties just ask ALLAH to inspire you the "Hikmah" behind these verses (22:5-42:50-4:119)

Thank ALLAH for informing us with His unending information and "Hikmah"

Dear "Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil"

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (5/25/2019)

Few years back the Almighty ALLAH, the Hakim inspired me with the title,

"Religion Whistleblower"

for those YouTube videos.

Because ALLAH is the Only One Who Knows our "Future" and He is the Only One Who Contols our "Destiny".

At that time I had no idea that He was going to inspire me with His true Religion from the Arabic Quran, although around 14 years ago He has already inspired me that all of these 4200 so called religions were fake and manmade religions.

Then starting 6 years ago little by little ALLAH has been informing us the truth behind these false religions and how corrupted they are and how those wicked preachers, rabies, and mullahs have been raping the hearts and souls of the people in order to take away their money by misleading them.

ALLAH showed us how shaytan has been misleading people, yet people think that they have been guided. We are all witnessing them in those churches, synagogues and mosques, yet they are so happy and smiling and they even pay to those wicked people with joy in order to mislead them. This is unbelievable, it is like a magic. Those people have been hyponotized by shaytan.

At first those so called Muslims became so happy with those new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH in those videos, also some of those newcomers and those who have been atheist enjoyed those tapes as well.

Then when they found out that even so called "Islam" is a fake and a manmade religion so they got shocked and some of them left. This is how the process of "Purification", "Taharrat" takes place. You must know that each one of us has a certain respite in oreder to be "Purified". Some might take years.

As ALLAH says in (3:179):

"ALLAH is not to leave the believers as you are, without distinguishing the "(Khabiss) Polluted" from the "(Tayyeb) Pure". Nor does ALLAH inform you of the future, but ALLAH bestows such knowledge upon whomever He chooses from among His messengers. Therefore, you shall believe in ALLAH and His messengers. If you believe and lead a righteous life, you receive a great recompense."

First let me make it very clear to you that when you see this phrase on this verse,

"ALLAH bestows such knowledge upon whomever He chooses from among His messengers."

This part of the verse has nothing to do with me, and may ALLAH forbids if I ever think that I am a messenger from ALLAH.

Let me say it again,


Although some years ago He has been telling me about the future knowledge through the "Hikmah" of these tapes from the Arabic Quran about His Only One Religion:

"Submission to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil".

I am always so thankful to ALLAH for all of His "Hikmah" as blessings upon me.

Remember, ALLAH preferred "Bani Esra Eil" over all the people in the world. Thank ALLAH.

Also please read (8:37).

As you notice ALLAH only wants the "Pure", "Tayyeb" ones.

Remember being "Pure", or "Motahhar", or "Tayyeb" is The ONLY KEY TO THE SALVATION and GUIDANCE in here and in the here after

ALLAH wants only the minority of the minorities of His servants, because ALLAH created His servants and He is fully aware of His servant's innermost hearts and souls.

That is how people swift out and only few "Pure", "Tayyeb" ones stayed strong.

Only ALLAH can do that, because He is the Only One Who Knows our "Destiny" even before we came over here on earth.

That is why and that is how we should not wait for our friends and relatives, otherwise we are going to be a loser. Therefore, do not be sadden for people around you who stayed behind.

Thank ALLAH for His awesome scientifically proven Arabic Quran based on mathematics the exact science. Yet, although they see those mathematical confirmations but, they do not want to follow from the Arabic Quran revealed to Prophet Mohammad, and they only study those human made translations of the Quran, and they call "ALLAH" as a 'god' or any other 50 fake names that they have came up for our "Creator".

These are the "Polluted", "Khabiss" ones whom they are only bringing evidence against themselves, and they keep insisting to do that. Our Angel recorders have been writing it down for them so on the "Day of Judgment" they would not have any excuses.

Thank ALLAH for informing us with His unending information and "Hikmah"

For any questions please place them on these videos

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