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Dear Submitters To The Covenant Of ALLAH With "Bani Esra Eil"

"Submit to the Covenant of ALLAH with descendents who would be transported by ALLAH from the time of Awedam to the end of this world"


You are in the 3rd page of "Hikmah" from ALLAH (10/26/2019)

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You are going to read some new information from ALLAH called "Hikmah" that you never ever heard before

Remember, you must have a "Pure Heart", or "Ghalb Motahhar" and you must have reached the stage of "Certainty", "Yagheen" in order to receive and understand these "Hikmah" and those are the ones who are able to touch the fabric of the Arabic Quran by the will of ALLAH

Remember please,

"We Do Not Believe In God Or Any Of Those Made Up Names Yet, We Only Believe In ALLAH"

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Submitters To Bani Esra Eil

"Bani Esra Eil" or "Millat Ibrahim"



Dear Submitters To The Covenant Of ALLAH With "Bani Esra Eil"

Thank the Almighty ALLAH for His "Ultimate Hikmah"

Please Watch These Two Tapes First In Order To Find Out About The History Of These Past 30 Years In Order To Find Out That Why And How ALLAH Is Sending Me These Awesome "Hikmah" Which No One Has Heard Before



These messages are from Light Years ahead of you. We don't blame you for your lack of comprehension just wait until the Almighty reveal them to you

I have been receiving some "Hikmah" by the will of Allah every once in a while, and I was placing them on some of those videos on YouTube. Then a man of Allah asked me to put them in one link so he wouldn't have to look for them through those videos. He had an excellent idea, so I made this link by the will of Allah, just because he asked for it.

Ever since I started to place these videos on YouTube around 4 years ago by the will of Allah I was placing "Posts" on the current events on YouTube as well, and anyone who were responding to my posts I was replying to them with these posts:

If they had any negative response I was placing this "Post" first:

"I Do Not blame you, psychologist are saying that our people have been paralyzed by drugs, alcohol, TV, and all kinds of sex and music to the point that they are not able to think anymore, and they do not know who created them from ejected semen, and you just approved their message. . ."

Then this one:

"Illiterate preachers, rabies, and mullahs have been raping our hearts and souls and they made us hate these fake and manmade religions, which is good. . . Now, if you study those scriptures in their original languages, you would find out that 4000 years ago the Almighty Creator made a covenant with Ibrahim and then He has been sending His prophets with the same covenant and He commanded them all to follow from "The Nation of Ibrahim" the only religion of our Creator written in all of those scriptures. But, right after the death of those prophets we forgot about the Almighty's covenant and we started to worship those Prophets instead of our Creator. That is how we came up with 4200 fake, false, and manmade religions, and we are killing each other in the name of so called religions".

And then finally the mathematical miracle of the Arabic Quran:

"Welcome to the 21st century. Here is what media have been trying so hard to hide the truth from people ever since 40 years ago. The Almighty Creator has been sending us mathematical signs in the Arabic Quran through 2 American scientists based on number 19, the hidden secret of the Quran, with the help of computer as He swears by the Even and the Odd (Q 89:3), the binary numbers. "Computer Has Spoken" (Q 27:82). Now 40 years respite has been past already and all the leaders of the world have been rejecting and hiding those 1500 pages of scientific reports, and the Ultimate mathematics of the Quran based on prime numbers, composites, twin primes, Gaussian primes, and so on. The Almighty says, "This Miracle given to you is 10 times greater than the older miracles", which it has purified the Arabic Quran from all of those distortions into its original revelations in a time that there are 50 different Arabic Qurans being printed all over the world. So far there are 2.6 million websites on mathematical miracles of the Quran based on number 19. The Arabic Quran comes with specific sets of dietary instructions, which guarantees you with perfect security, provisions, protection, and happiness in this life, and the perfect Garden of Eden on the other side. So called Muslims have been rejecting those miracles, that is why disasters are coming down on them almost every day and they do not read the Quran but those satanic books written by human devil. Plus some links".

As Allah says, "If you help Allah, He will help you." I have been trying to strive in the cause of Allah all these past 29 years by the will of Allah and introduce the Mathematical Miracles of the Arabic Quran to the world. .

Now if they are very nasty using profanities, and using bad languages which I could do the same as Allah says, but I was not built to use those kinds of languages thank Allah so this is what I reply to them:

"Majority of the people come to this world as a dumb, and leave as a dumber just like you, and there is nothing you can do about it until they wake you up on the other side blind as you were here. Now we let you go back to your favorite homeschooling show 'Jerry Springer', jerry, jerry jerry, meanwhile enjoy disasters. . ."

Now you are going to see some of those recent "Posts", and "Hikmah"

Therefore, from now on you may check this link for a new "Hikmah" from Allah or a new "Posts" on the top of this link.

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Please make sure to study all of the verses mentioned in this file in Arabic language and translate them for yourself

Very Important "Hikmah" about LOVE (11/21/2018)

You may go down to (5/12/2018)

* You may read the "Conclusion" of this section at the bottom*


After 30 years of studying the Quran day and nights hours on end finally ALLAH has inspired us with the "Ultimate Hikmah" and the "Truth" about the whole story of His "System" and His "True Religion"

You are going to read about a very shocking news, if you have a weak heart do not read it, or make sure that you are sitting down! . . .

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*Here Is A New Huge Awesome "Hikmah" From ALLAH, The Hakim (11/19/2018) *

Dear Bany Eisra Eil, after ALLAH informed us about what this fake and manmade religion called Islam and Muslims are doing, which is against ALLAH's Book, the Arabic Quran, then He blessed us with a humongous "Hikmah", which is the continuation of His last week "Hikmah". Are you ready? Here we go.

Now let us go back to 1450 years ago. That was the time of Sura 9, when aggressive people were fighting against Prophet Mohammad, and his followers. They were fighting ALLAH and His Only One Religion, Submission to "The Nation of Ebrahim", "Bany Eisra Eil", "The children who would be transported by ALLAH". As you know ALLAH says in (2:256) that

"There is no compulsion in religion. "

"There shall be no compulsion in religion: the right way is now distinct from the wrong way. Anyone who denounces the devil and believes in ALLAH has grasped the strongest bond; one that never breaks. ALLAH is Hearer, Omniscient."

That means no one can force you to follow from the "Millat Ebrahim". Remember, "The Nation of Ebrahim" wants only the sincere believers, not hypocrites.

Also we read in (88:21 and 22) that,

"Therefore do remind, for you are only a reminder. You have no authority over them."

Here is a quick, but very important note. In (88:22 and 52:37) there are words like "Mosayterin" and "Mosayteruna" meaning "Authority", "Validity", "Power", which they come from the root word "Sa Ta Ra", and it should be written with "Sin" and NOT "Sad". Now if you look at all the copies of the Arabic Quran, you would notice that they have written these words with "Sad" instead of "Sin" except our except our own copy of the Arabic Quan, on internet.

Our Arabic Quran is the only untouched message of ALLAH, with correct Sura numbers, Verse numbers, and correct spellings. Thank ALLAH for His guidance. You may go here:

And here:

So, Prophet Mohammad was suppose to deliver the Arabic Quran and nothing else. But, other "Parties", or "Ahzab", meaning "Yahood and Nasara", or "Jews and Christians" at that time did not like what Mohammad brought down with. They started to be aggressive toward Prophet Mohammad and his contemporaries.

The reason ALLAH sent the Arabic Quran was because of those "Ahzab" who came up with their own false and fake religions, and ALLAH wanted to establish the truth and make them to follow from the "Religion of Ebrahim". ALLAH wanted to dominant His Only One Religion of the Truth, "The Nation of Ebrahim", above all of those fake and manmade religions.

"It is He who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth to Dominant over all religion. And sufficient is ALLAH as Witness." (48:28).

"It is He, who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth to Dominant over all religion, although those who associate others with ALLAH do not like it. (9:33 and 61:9).

ALLAH is saying that those other so called religions were "Moshrik", or "Idol worshipper".

Now, you would not find any verse in the Arabic Quran, which dictates Forcing people by Sword to become a believer and converting people to "The Nation of Ebrahim". That is that "Sword" on Saudis flag yet, you would not find that word in the Arabic Quran.

In Sura 9, the one Sura before last, we see the last part of those wars. That was the time when ALLAH gave victory to the believers against those aggressive "Ahzab" meaning "Yahood and Nasara".

Then after Prophet Mohammad's departure his contemporaries started to gather the Arabic Quran, which Mohammad wrote it with his own right hand (69:43-48) in order to make copies so they could send them to other countries. Then the scribers added those 2 shaytanic verses at the end of Sura 9 in order to honor Prophet Mohammad.

Then, Ali and his family and some other true believers stand up against that crime of century and they were saying that,

"Nothing should be added to those sacred words of ALLAH".

It got to the point that Ali revolted against those who called themselves "Muslims" and he was not going out of his house except for "Friday Prayer".

Finally so called "Muslims" massacred Ali and his family and whomever were against those 2 shaytanic verses, and Burned the Arabic Quran which Prophet Mohammad was written it with his own hand, thinking that it would not be any dispute amongst them anymore.

Therefore, so called "Muslims" where the first ones who Burned the Arabic Quran, written by Prophet Mohammad's hand. Yet, now a days, if someone Burn the Quran, so called "Muslims" would kill him.

As you see right there ALLAH deprived "Muslims" from the corrected Arabic Quran. Can you believe that? That was ALLAH's cursed upon that fake religion of "Islam". As you see the ones who were truly followers of Prophet Mohammad, and the Arabic Quran, whom they were following from the Religion of Ebrahim (4:125) got killed. And what was left where these people whom they called themselves "Muslims" these days.

But, right there shaytan interfered and nullified ALLAH's plan by the will of ALLAH, because those people did not deserve ALLAH's guidance and His Arabic Book.

Prophet Mohammad departed 632 AD, so called "Muslims" started to conquer the neighboring countries by the Force of Swords in order to make them convert to their own made up religion called "Islam". Then, right after that they conquered Iraq in 633 AD. Then conquered Syria in 635 AD, then Palestine in 637 AD, Egypt in 642 AD, and also two-thirds of Persia or Iran was conquered. Then they attacked Sassanid territory in Persia in the same year and finally they conquest the Sasanians around 651 AD. The rest of Iran was conquered later on.

These Arabs were ruling those countries for a long time, for example "Muslims" ruled India for 800 years. They have brought so much disasters and corruptions to those countries. They burned libraries and books in many countries and forcing them to convert to "Islam" with Force and Swords. That is why all of those countries have ugly memories about Arabs conquering their nations. Yet they call themselves the religion of ALLAH, or religion of peace!

As we talked about it before, according to the Arabic Quran none of the followers of any Prophets became a true believers after departure of their Prophets. That is why they were cursed by the tongue of "Dawwood" and "E-saw son of Maryam" (5:78). Or "Moosaw and his brother" left their followers at the end.

Yet, ALLAH the Al Rahman and Al Rahim gave another respite to all of us criminals when we were up there in order to come down here to redeem ourselves. As ALLAH says, we should have been all sent to Hell, but ALLAH gave us another respite, because He is the Loving ALLAH.

As we have been given knowledge by ALLAH we now realize that for 100s of years this fake and manmade religion called "Islam" have been corruptors in the land and they have been Terrorizing people from the beginning. That is why they have been Cursed by ALLAH all over the world and they are amongst the most unhappiest people in the world, because they left ALLAH's Book, the Arabic Quran, and they followed from those shaytanic books of hadith, sunna, and sharia laws in order to idolize Prophet Mohammad beside ALLAH.

As ALLAH says, each nation has a respite (10:49).

I just found out that in some "Muslim" countries they will call you "Mortad", or "Apostate" if you abandon those shaytanic books of hadith, sunna and sharia laws. Can you believe that? See how shaytan completely destroyed the One Religion of ALLAH, "The sons who would be transported by ALLAH".

Here is another awesome "Hikmah". When you talk to people some of them say that the Quran is the messenger amongst us, but they could never show us the verses. Thank ALLAH for informing us about these verses. (41:3-4)(42:7)

"A Book whose verses are explained in details, in an Arabic Quran, for people who know." "A bearer of good news, as well as a "Nazeer", (The one who makes a covenant). Yet, most of them turn away; they do not hear."

"And thus We have revealed to you an Arabic Quran that you may make a Covenant with the Mother city (Mecca) and those around it and make a Covenant about the Day of Gathering, about which there is no doubt. A group will be in Paradise and a group in the Blaze. (42:7)

As you see here, ALLAH says, "For the people who understand". That means these 7 billion people Do Not understand, but only few people in this world know that the Arabic Quran is the Prophet among us.

The word "Nazeer", meaning "Covenanter", or "Covenantor" is always used for Prophets, and Messengers, but here ALLAH used it for the Arabic Quran. And there are about 90 more verses in the Arabic Quran which the word "Nazeer" refers to the Quran as a "Covenanter" or as they translated as a "Warner", or as a Messenger. Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah".

Just imagine the Arabic Quran has been a Prophet amongst us for 1450 years also that would be the only one Prophet amongst us to the rest of the history of human beings on earth, which would be the year 2280, and it has been talking to "Bany Eisra Eil", or "Millat Ebrahim", yet only few people followed that. ALLAH be Glorified. May ALLAH forgive us.

The word "Bani Esra Eil" repeated 43 times in the Arabic Quran, and the word "Islam" repeated only 6 times and it means Submission. But ask any of those so called "Muslims" that, "What is the meaning of Submission?" Or "What is the meaning of "Islam"? They have no idea.

Here is awesome part of this huge "Hikmah":

As you notice this fake name "Islam" definitely was not authorized by ALLAH. They have been "Terrorizing" people all over the world with their Swords right after killing the true believers after Prophet Mohammad, ever since 1450 years ago.

That is why those 1rst world countries took away their natural resources ever since 100 years ago and left them in poverty and illiteracy by the will of ALLAH. That was how ALLAH has been punishing them.

It all because so called "Muslims" claimed the Quran, yet it never did come down for this Fake religion called "ISLAM", but for all the people in the world, and for the the ones who were Submitters to"The Nation of Ebrahim", "Bany Eisra Eil", "The sons will be transported by ALLLAH".

And Prophet Mohammad was following from the "Bany Eisra Eil". ALLAH told prophet Mohammad and all of us that one must be Stupid if he turns away from the "Religion of Ebrahim" (2:130).

"Who would turn away his face, from the Nation of Ebrahim, except one who FOOLS his own soul? We have chosen him in this world, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the righteous."

"This Quran settles many issues for the "Bany Eisra Eil" most of what they are still disputing with." (27:76).

"And who is better in religion than one who submits himself to ALLAH while being a doer of good and follows the religion of Ebrahim, inclining toward truth? And ALLAH took Ebrahim as an intimate friend." (4:125).

Now here is another awesome "Hikmah".

As I was writing and reading my Quran at dawn, I was inspired that, "Bani Eisra Eil" started from the time of Prophet "Awedam". Did you know that? Did you?

After One of "Awedam's" son killed the other one, because, he did not want to pay, his 10% zacut charity, (5:31), ALLAH told us all:

"Because of this, we decreed for "Bany Eisra Eil" that, anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. Our messengers went to them with clear proofs and revelations, but most of them, after all this, are still transgressing." (5:32).

That means, after this first murder on earth, which means from the time of "Awedam" to the end of this world on earth, this would be the law of the land.

Therefore, "Bany Eisra Eil" started from the time of "Awedam", the beginning history of humans on earth, and we were called, "Bany Eisra Eil", meaning, "The sons who would be transported by ALLAH." And we were all supposed to Submit to the Rules of ALLAH dictated to, "Bany Eisra Eil". And here is the covenant of ALLAH with "Bany Eisra Eil".

*"ALLAH had taken a Covenant from the "Bany Eisra Eil", and We raised among them twelve tribes. And ALLAH said, "I am with you, so long as you observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), give the obligatory charity (10% Zakat), and believe in My messengers and respect them, and continue to lend ALLAH a loan of righteousness. I will then remit your sins, and admit you into gardens with flowing streams. Anyone who disbelieves after this, has indeed strayed off the right path."* (5:12).

* And I fell prostrate and cried. Subhan ALLAH. This was the MOST AWESOME "HIKMAH" which I have ever received from ALLAH. Thank ALLAH for His awesome Guidance. And I am so glad that I can share them with "The Nation of Ebrahim". *

** Therefore, we Must Submit to the Covenant of ALLAH with "Bany Eisra Eil". **

**This has been the Only Religion of ALLAH from the beginning of creation of human beings on earth. **

Yet, we came up with 4200 fake, false, and manmade religions.

Also Look at so called Christians, in Bible belt area in USA. They are suffering from 1000 tornados every single year plus floods, fires, and hurricanes. They only read a book which never existed as the Arabic Quran confirms. Some shaytanic people wrote so called Bible, which its actual name was "Enjeal" and they said that "it was inspired to us".

Look at so called Jews, the whole middle Easterners hate them, and they are only following from traditions and they committed the most horrendous crime by taking the name of ALLAH from "Towraat"! Can you believe that?

Look at so called Buddhism and Hinduisms, they are worshipping statues and living in poverty. And so as 4200 other fake and manmade religions.

None of these so called religions have been authorized by the Almighty Creator.

As you notice, we did not have to research in history books or any other sources, but the Arabic Quran. And ALLAH showed us, the whole history, written in His Arabic Quran. ALLAH be glorified, because ALLAH says, "Quran is the best Hadith", or History book (39:23).

This is how, ALLAH put you in a place, that no man has touched before. with this awesome "Hikmah". Subhan, ALLAH.

Thank ALLAH for his unending awesome "Hikmah" and "Knowledge".


Thank the Almighty Allah for His "Ultimate Hikmah".

I used to be someone quite unaware of our existence yet, I was always looking for the truth behind the creation of our universe. Then, After 30 years studying the Quran, days and nights, hours on end, Allah inspired me about His system, and creation of His seven universes. The Arabic Quran is the Best history.

And He taught me His Only One True Religion,

"Submission To The Religion Of Bani Esra Eel"


"Submission To The Religion Of Children Who Would Be Transported By Allah"

This was The Religion of Awedam, Nooh, Ebrahim, Esmaeil, Yaghoub, Es-hagh, Yousuf, Dawwood, Soleymon, E-Saw son of Maryam, Mohammad. And this is the only Religion of Allah from the time of Awedam to the end of this world.

That was when Allah inspired us with the story of Awedam's two sons. One of them was righteous and the other one was not righteous. That is why, the righteous one told his brother that, Allah only accept offerings and charities from the righteous people. That is why 10% Zacut charity will not be accepted from the ones, who are disbelievers to Allah. And we are witnessing those disbelievers donating so much money, that never goes to those categories which Allah has commanding us to pay.

"Recite for them the true history of Awedam's two sons. They made an offering, and it was accepted from one of them, but not from the other. He said, "I will surely kill you." He said, "ALLAH accepts only from the righteous." (5:27)

So, finally one of the brothers killed the other one. Now, here is the awesome part.

Right after this first crime of human being on earth, Allah says:

"Because of this, we decreed for "Bani Isra Eel, "Children who would be transported by Allah", that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. Our messengers went to them with clear proofs, and revelations, but most of them, after all this, are still transgressing." (5:32)

What an awesome place Allah placed this verse. We have been reading this verse all along, but the "Hikmah" of this verse never revealed to us until few days ago. Allah be Glorified.

"Who would turn away his face, from the Nation of Ebrahim, except one who FOOLS his own soul? We have chosen him in this world, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the righteous." (2:130)

"And who is better in religion than one who submits himself to Allah while being a doer of good and follows the religion of Ebrahim, inclining toward truth? And Allah took Ebrahim as an intimate friend." (4:125).

Let us review it again. Right after that first murder, Allah used the word "Bani Esra Eel". That means the descendents of Awedam are called, "Bani Esra Eel". Then, Allah made the Covenant with "Bani Esra Eel" through the history. That is why, Allah repeated this word "Bani Esra Eel" in the Arabic Quran (43) times.

Then through so many verses, Allah wrote for us the Covenants with "Bani Esra Eel". Here you may check them yourself.

Here are some of those Covenants: Worship Allah Alone, believe in His messengers, and do not make any distinction amongst them, believe in His Books, and Holy Spirit, Angels, and praying 5 times a day, pay 10% for obligatory charity. Fasting during the month of Ramadan, not going after provisions on Saturdays and so on.

Now Allah assured us that this so called fake 'Islam' is a manmade and false religion and their scriptures are those 'hadith, sunna, and sharia law' written by human devil. And they are idolizing Prophet Mohammad against his will.

And so called the religion of 'Christianity' is a manmade and fake religion, and their scriptures called "what so called 'Jesus' did, and what 'Jesus' said". They are idolizing a fake and made up name 'Jesus' which is not even in the original Bible in Aramaic language. Their so called Bible is the most distorted of all.

And so called fake religion of 'Judaism' have their own scripturse called, "Mishnah and Gemara", Which means, 'What Moosaw said and what Moosaw did'. And on top of that they took out the word "ALLAH" from Torut. And they are only following traditions.

So as other 4200 fake, false and manmade religions.

Thank Allah for guiding us to His Right Path and showing us His only one True Religion.

"Submission To The Religion Of Bani Esra Eel"

Thank Allah for His "Ultimate Hikmah". (11/27/2018)


--- --- ----- --- ---

The white parts added later

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH, the Hakim (10/31/2018)

This information is for those who call themselves "Muslim"

First, I want you to look at these pictures carefully.

Now, go all over the world, and show these pictures to people. And ask them, what does these pictures mean to them.

I am sure they will all tell you that these pictures must be the religion of Islam.

Now, try to use your brain. Although, I know it is very difficult for some people, but try very hard. Sometimes it is very simple but, if ALLAH wills it for you. .

That means if you call yourself a "Muslim" you must be all of these pictures.

No matter how high you jump up and down, you must be one of them. No excuses.

Now, please listen to me carefully.

Show me a single verse in the Arabic Quran, which confirms with only one of these pictures. Come on, use your brain. You can do it.

Remember, ALLAH blessed you with brain so use it. Find a corresponding verse in the Arabic Quran.

Ok, you could not find any verse in the Arabic Quran, which matches with any of these pictures. Correct?

* Everything Muslims Do Is Against ALLAH's Arabic Quran*

* Muslims Have Been Destroying ALLAH's Book *

Ok, if you are not able to find it then you are not a "Muslim" yet, you must be something else. Then, find a name for your religion. Come on, use that brain of yours.

We already have 4200 fake and false religion's name, one extra fake religion would not make any different. So tell me your religion's name.

The ones who were with Dr. Khalifa, they just translated the name "Muslim" into an English language, and called themselves as "Submitters".

So, If you could not find any of those pictures in your religion. Then, what would you call your religion?

Yet, as you see in ALLAH's Book, He calls His Only One Religion, as to "Follow from The Nation of Ebrahim".

ALLAH told prophet Mohammad and all of us that one must be Stupid if he turns away from the "Religion of Ebrahim" (2:130).

"Who would turn away his face, from the Nation of Ebrahim, except one who FOOLS his own soul? We have chosen him in this world, and in the Hereafter, he will be with the righteous."

Also, we read in (4:125) That,

"Who is better guided in his Religion, than, one who submits his face, totally to ALLAH, and he is righteous, and follows from the Religion of Ebrahim, the Unitarian? And, ALLAH has chosen Ebrahim, as a, beloved friend."

Read the rest of those verses up to 146. Here, ALLAH told you about His Best Religion. You must know that, Islam is Not a name yet, it is a description.

Ask any so called Muslims that, what does Islam means? They have no idea.

ALLAH mentioned His Only One Religion, "The sons will be transported by ALLAH", 43 times, and 7 times "The Nation of Ebrahim", or "Religion of Ebrahim" in the Arabic Quran. You may check here:

and here:

Yet, when those illiterate mullahs saw those only 3 words of "Islam" mentioned in the Arabic Quran, they told their blinded followers that, the name of your religion is Islam! . . .

Now, let me ask you a very simple and logical question.

If you do not find any corresponding verses in the Arabic Quran then, these so called Muslims must follow from another book. Am I right? Now, use your brain.

Could it be that they are following from those Shaytanic books of Hadith, Sunna, and Sharia law? Because, these acts that you see in these pictures are only written in those shaytanic books.

Therefore, simply so called "Muslims" are the ones who follow from Hadith, Sunna, and Sharia Laws. That means, they Do Not Read the Arabic Quran.

Now, go to any Mosque all over the world, and ask those mullahs that, Do you read only the Quran in your Masjid?

They will tell you, No. we mostly read from Mohammad's, hadith, sunna, and sharia laws.

I was informed about this surprising fact, about 12 years ago. Thank ALLAH.

Have you seen any Imams, who carries the Arabic Quran under his arm? Yet, people who are not able to use their brain think that, Muslims read the Arabic Quran.

In away, so called Muslims have brought shame to ALLAh's Arabic Book.

And they are telling the whole world that, all of these acts that you see in these pictures have been written in the Arabic Quran.

This has been a gross blasphemy, against ALLAH, and His Arabic Book.

These people are ridiculing ALLAH's Quran.

That is why, so called Muslims are the most unfortunate people in the world.

That is why, so called Muslims, have been forbidden from reading the Arabic Quran, and those illiterate mullahs do not encourage their people to read the Arabic Quran either.

Those, who are not able to use their brain say that, all the Arabic speaking people in the world, are reading the Arabic Quran in an Arabic language. Then, ask these people that, why they are all amongst the misled people?

And ask them, why they came up with a fake name for ALLAH's only One Religion?

The Book of ALLAH is like one long sentence. Yet, the ones who do not want to use their brain do not want to read this verse 130, in sura 2, and verse 125, from sura 4. And other 48 verses regarding ALLAH's only One Religion in the Arabic Quran. And they only take, 3 verses out of context amongst all of those 6346 verses in the Arabic Quran.

Let me repeat it again, all of those Arabic speaking people Do Not Read the Arabic Quran in those masjids but, those shaytanic books of hadith, sunna, and sharia laws.

Just listen to their so called Khutbahs, which is not even mentioned, in the Arabic Quran. Yet, ALLAH calls it Friday Prayer. And they just made it up.

ALLAH says,

"Perform your Friday prayer to Commemorate ALLAH."

Sura 62, verse 9. which adds up to 17, the number of Rakkas in our 5 daily contact prayers. Yet, so called Muslims, they just made up something, and they only talk about some nonsense garbage, which is not even in the Quran. Read, sura Jommah.

One more time, so called "Muslims" in the world Do Not Read the Arabic Quran but, those shaytanic books written by human devil. See how simple, it is?

The Arabic Quran is the Book of ALLAH. The other so called translations of the Quran are the Book of translators. For example, book of You sof Ali, book of Picktal, or book of Rashad Khalifa, and book of john doe. These books have been written by the brain of those who are not able to use their brain, but only the conjectures of their mind. These are the people, who follow from their own desires, and their own wishes. Because, ALLAH said, that,

"I sent this Quran, in an Arabic language so you could use your brain."

But, they keep insisting that, they just simply Do Not Want to Use their brain, and instead they want to use the conjectures of those translators brain. That is why, none of the followers of Dr. Khalifa's Quran made it. And all of those who follow from translations are not going to make it either. That is why they are not able to receive any "Hikmah" from their own books.

Yet, ALLAH says that, His Book came down in an Arabic language and He repeated 11 times in His Book.

Yet, people think that, may be ALLAH just forgot that, He has already wrote it once, that is why, He repeated 11 times to just make sure. It is like that, these people are blaming ALLAH for suffering from Alzheimer disease. Do you think ALLAH will forgive them?

Please use your brain, ask yourself this question. Why, did ALLAH wrote 11 times that, His Book came down in an Arabic language? Do you know why, He wrote it 11 times?

ALLAH wrote it for those, who Do Not want to Use their Brain.

Our Creator calls Himself as "ALLAH" in all of His Books.

Yet, these translators came up with names, never authorized by ALLAH, in their own Quran and they call Him, 'god', a nonsense name. And fifty other fake names that, they came up with for our Creator all around the world.

As we read in 38:5 People said,

"Did he make the gods into One Elah? This is really strange."

Here is another test for you. Where did you find that name "god" in ALLAH's Books? These are all horrendous crimes against ALLAH. Just go back 300 years in history, and look through those English dictionaries. You will never ever find the word 'god' in them.

Could it be that these "Hikmah" which coming down on me by the grace of ALLAH is because, that I am the only one, who is reading the Arabic Quran?

That is why, when they read about these "Hikmah" they get so shocked because, it is new to them. This is another proof for you, and it shows that, they have not been reading the Arabic Quran but, those fake books written besides ALLAH's Book. These are the ones, whom they do not have a "Pure Heart", "Ghalb Mothhar".

Remember, ALLAH only wants the minority of the minorities. There were no followers of "The Nation of Ebrahim" left after prophet Mohammad because, they were all killed in the hands of those so called Muslims right after Mohammad's departure.

There were no followers of "The Nation of Ebrahim" left after prophet E-saw, son of Maryam. There were some "Hawariyoon", or they call them "Disciples" left after his departure, and "Hawariyoon" means the ones who turned away. That is why, E-saw cursed his followers with his own tongue.

At the time of "Moo-saw" there were no followers of "The Nation of Ebrahim" left at the end, except "Moo-saw" and his brother "Hawroon", and they finally left all of those so called "Bani Eisra eil", "The Nation of Ebrahim".

In order to understand the Arabic Quran one must have these characteristics. Actually here is what summarizes the Arabic Quran:

*You must have a "Ghalb Motahhar" and "Ghalb Saleam". And Read the Book of ALLAH constantly in an Arabic language day and night hours on end. And follow from "The Nation of Ebrahim", and perform those dietary instructions dictated by ALLAH in His Arabic Quran. like all the prophets of "Bani Eisra eil", "The sons who will be transported by ALLAH" did. Like, prophet, Mohammad, E-saw, son of Maryam, Moo-saw, Daw-wood, Soleymon, and the rest*

That is why, so called Muslims have been killing each other every single day. Their towns have been uprooted. Their Mosques have been bombed. And they are running around the world as refugees, and no one wants them.

They have had 1450 years respite in order to follow from the Arabic Quran but, they have been turning away from ALLAH's Book, and they have been rejecting ALLAH's awesome Mathematical Miracles in 1500 pages of pure mathematics, the exact science.

Thank ALLAH for blessing us with His unending "Hikmah" and "Knowledge" and His simple explanations.

I am sure you have heard of this Migrant Caravan coming from Honduras to the USA.

I left this "Post" on YouTube (10/26/2018)

"Here is why these people are coming to USA.

Few years back we started to mix our agriculture with poison chemicals. Therefore we started to have more seeds with lower prices. So we beat the market in other countries like South America and basically we destroyed the life of those farmers who were the fathers of this Caravan in those countries.

And at the same time we have brought many kinds of sicknesses and cancers upon our own people with those poisoned chemicals.

Now is the payback time. What goes around comes around.

And this is one of the reasons that we have been getting hit by tornados, twisters, fires, floods, hurricanes and hospitals full of sick people.

The Almighty is the one who is keeping the balance.

That is why we do not need walls nor military, but to help them to resolve their problems in their own land so they would not migrate to other countries, and produce organic foods for our own sake."

--- ---

We have talked about how to judge amongst the people on (9/27/2018)

Now we are going to find out about those rules of ALLAH when people get involve with Sexual Misconduct. (10/21/2018)

The white part towards the end was added later and it is on the tape (10/22/2018)

Here is another new part added in light blue color (10/23/2018)

These days in USA there are lots of talk about sexual misconducts, sexual harassments, rapes, and "Me Too Movement" and so on.

We are in an era that ALLAH is showing the whole world the destiny of those who commit these acts. That is why ALLAH allowed us to have so many surveillance cameras in order to give us a hint, that our Creator is watching us all the time as these cameras are watching us.

But, in ALLAH's system there are other witnesses as well, and those are our ears, eyes and our skins and they will be testifying against us on the Judgment Day, plus our protecting angels are writing their reports every second as well. Also if you remember that hoopoe and that ant were watching our acts as well.

So there is no way what so ever one could lie or cheat on the Day of Judgment as judge Kavanaugh did in our society, as his other friends said about him.

Now here is what ALLAH dictates to us about these matters. We are going to read from sura 24. Here are the Arabic verses,

And here are the translations. But, make sure you translated them for your own as well. You are going to see a word "Yarmoona". The root word for it is "Ramee", which means "Casting", "Throwing", or in these verses means "Accusing", and "Relating to".

In verse (8:17). we have "Ramee" and that was when those invisible soldiers of ALLAH were "Throwing" arrows toward the enemies of believers, yet the believers thought that they were "Throwing" themselves. Yet, the angels of ALLAH were the ones who were directing them toward enemies so they could hit them. Yet, ALLAH was giving credit to the believers.

Here are the verses from 4 to 14, of sura 24.

"And those who accuse chased women, then fail to produce four witnesses, you shall whip them eighty lashes, and do not accept any testimony from them; they are wicked." 24:4.

"And for those who accuse their own spouses, without any other witnesses, then the testimony may be accepted if he swears by ALLAH four times, that he is telling the truth." 24:6.

"And the fifth oath shall be the curse of ALLAH upon him, if he was lying." 24:7.

"And the punishment will take away from her if she swears by ALLAH four times that he is a liar." 24:8.

"And the fifth oath shall be the wrath of ALLAH upon her, if he is telling the truth." 24:9.

"And this is ALLAH's grace and mercy towards you. ALLAH is Redeemer, the Hakim." 24:10.

"Indeed a group among you who produced a lie. Do not think that it was bad for you; instead, it was good for you. Meanwhile, each one of them has earned his share of the sin. And the one who took upon himself a greater share of it has incurred a terrible retribution." 24:11.

"When you heard it, the believing men and the believing women should have had better thoughts about themselves, and should have said, "This is obviously a big lie." 24:12.

"Unless they produce four witnesses. If they fail to produce the witnesses, then they are liars as far as ALLAH is concerned." 24:13.

"And If it were not for ALLAH's grace towards you, and His mercy in this world and in the Hereafter, surely a great punishment would have touched you in what you indulged therein." 24:14.

I know a soul who happened to experience the same thing as in 24:11 to 14.

He was a handsome and nice young teenager. Girls and ladies in his family, friends and neighborhood were trying to get close to him, but because he was a bashful person he was saved.

Once when his parents were out of town his aunt invited him and tried to seduce him, while she send out her two sons and a daughter out of the house with some excuses. Yet he went there to spent time with her boys who were couple of years younger than him.

So he waited in the court yard for them. But she kept asking him come inside and get comfortable and take off your clothes. . . Then he felt uncomfortable and feared, so he said goodbye and left.

Later she bought a perfume for him and kissed him on his lips in order for him to forget about what happened. Then her teenage son told him that he has sex with his male teacher, and wanted to have sex with him too, but he pushed him away.

Then her daughter fell in love with him as other females around him. And she wrote to her brother about her falling in love with him, when he was overseas.

Then his aunt got cancer and her younger son was always complaining to ALLAH that why my mother got cancer? Because of her shaytanic acts she always appeared to be so innocent amongst the people.

Meanwhile she seduced her son's best friend and he was her lover. Believe it or not his name was "Pure"! . . .

Then around 18 years later this guy that I knew was the one who were taking her to doctors and hospital for surgery on her cancer. ALLAH was showing him how wicked people bring disaster upon themselves.

The point that I am trying to make is that those who commit sexual misconduct with innocent people will pay it back one way or another, because ALLAH is watching us. Then this gay became a believer and he tried many times to direct his aunt to ALLAH, but she finally said that, no matter how hard you try, I will not believe.

As you know the ones who do not believe, ALLAH assigns shaytan to be their friend (7:27).

Then her younger son rejected the Quran and as the consequence his leg was broken for a year and his face deformed during that time.

Then, this guy's mother died, who was his aunt's sister, obviously. His mother knew about her sister's seduction. Now that she died, his aunt started to make rumors and she completely changed the story by saying that, he was the one who was going to seduce me (24:11). All because of jealousy and getting revenge because he rejected her. His aunt was known to be a shaytanic person amongst the family.

Now his aunt husband was the most honest, and the most righteous person, amongst all the entire relatives. He never missed out any of his Salat Prayers, nor 30 days fasting in the month of Ramadan. Yet, his aunt and her children never cared for him and never respected him at all, and he died alone. All the true believers will die alone.

And now her daughter is suffering from depression, the older son is high all the time and the younger son still amongst the disbeliever like his sister and brother, and their mother was invited to the Hell fire. Some people are happy with ALLAH's system, but this family were not happy with ALLAH at all.

Now this story and this guy's aunt's seduction, is like what happened between Yousuf and the wife of that Noble one in Egypt.

ALLAH is always protect His innocent people. And when that aunt spread lies among their families about that believing young man, those people who listened to this man's aunt should have said,

"We should have had better thoughts about ourselves, and should have said, "This is obviously a big lie.". 24:12.

As you see the scheme of shaytan is weak. (4:76).

Now let us go back to sexual misconduct. As you notice ALLAH made these matters so difficult for us. ALLAH wants us to have 4 witnesses in the case of sexual misconduct or accusing each other with unlawful sexual acts.

And if one cannot, have 4 witnesses, then he or she must swear by ALLAH four times that he or she is telling the truth, and the fifth oath should be that if any party is lying should incur ALLAH'S wrath.

Then just leave it at that. And just wait to see what will happen to those guilty ones later on in life, because ALLAH is the Best Judge and the Avenger.

This is in the case of a believing men and women if they commit unlawful sexual acts.

In the case of witnesses I take it that four witnesses would be the ones who could walk into the court room, in order to testify, not a video tape seen by four people, so they could be considered as witnesses.

There is another word we have in the Arabic Quran regarding Rape, and that was at the time of Pherown who ordered his soldiers to kill the sons of the Nation of Ibrahim, and bring shame on their women or rape their women in order to replace the Nation of Ibrahim with the nation of Pherown.

That was why ALLAH sent Moosaw to them. The root of that word is "Hay Ya" and the word used for raping the women is "Yass taa he youn" and then "Nesaa Kom", meaning "Their women". Remember this verse is not talking about any girls or female children, but only "Adult human females", "Nesaa kom". There are 6 verses repeated in the Arabic Quran regarding Rape. (2:49; 7:127; 14:6; 28:4).

The other word we find in the Arabic Quran is "Zenaa" from the root word "Zaniya". Means "voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not his or her spouse, basically adulteries or any unlawful sex be it married or not".

"Do not even go near unlawful sex (adultery); it is obscene, and, an evil path." 17:32.

"The adulteress and the adulterer you shall whip each of them a hundred lashes. Do not be swayed by pity from carrying out ALLAH's law, if you truly believe in ALLAH and the Last Day. And let a group of believers witness their penalty". 24:2.

You must remember this is the law amongst the believers and it is not for other people in society. People are free to do anything they want to. Remember,

"There is no compulsion in religion". 2:256.

Here is another law in ALLAH's system.

"The adulterer will end up marrying an adulteress or an idol worshiper, and the adulteress will end up marrying an adulterer or an idol worshiper. This is prohibited for the believers." 24:3.

Now look at these people for a moment.

These guys never thought that some day they will be caught. This is a small example from ALLAH which showing us that no one can escape from ALLAH.

These people not only they have been embarrassed in front of their family, children and friends, but, they that have been embarrassed in front of all the people in the world. And this is happening for the first time in history. Like that judge Kavanaugh is going to take that load all through his life.

Every single media ridiculed every single one of these people. Number one in that list is the president of the USA. But these are just an small example of punishment that they are receiving in this world, because the actual punishment will be on the other side.

These are the ones whom they never listened to those rules of ALLAH, which He has been sending us repeatedly ever since more than 4000 years ago. But now, they are listening to those rules of "Me Too Movement". Can you believe that? This is so ashamed.

But, we should not forget that there are lots of married and unmarried women who are having sexual intercourse with other men every single day. These women also think that they will never get caught and they are careful and smart, but make sure that around the end of their life they will pay it back one way or another. I have seen many people who have been conflicted with disasters toward the end of their life. Look at all of these older people who have been hit by disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, twisters, fires, floods, earthquakes, and different kinds of sicknesses. ALLAH is watching us.

When a knew info come down to me I start writing them down, but sometimes I forget those different parts that I was suppose to write, because of my forgetfulness, so forgive me please.

I was going to write that the Almighty ALLAH gives each and every one of us different characteristics.

He drops on some with jealousy, happiness, believing and disbelieving to the rules of ALLAH. He gives to some people beauty, and some with not so much beautiful face, or some with a nice character, and some not so much nice. He bless some with wealth, and some with precisely measured provisions. He drops on to some people with sexual urge, which most of the time end up with sexual misconduct, adultery, and rape. And some with physical strength, some with not so much strength, or some with strength in character and being patient, and some with knowledge and Hikmah.

These are all come down on us as a test through our life, because ALLAH is the only One Who knows our innermost soul, and He knows who is going to use them in a correct way, and who is going to misuse them. ALLAH is running everything.

Thank ALLAH for inspiring us with His awesome unending "knowledge" and "Hikmah" all the time.

There is a TV series in USA named "God Friended me". So I left this "Post" (10/17/2018)

In this series there is a young man who does not believe in ALLAH, but he keeps receiving messages on his phone saying, "God send you a friend request".

And when he confirms it a name and a picture comes up and somehow he will meet that person, who needs help, and somehow he saves those people by the will of ALLAH although he is full of doubt about ALLAH.

Now his father is a priest and his young sister is a lesbian, and because of her being lesbian those Godley people in his congregation left this priest, because he did not condemned homosexuals and lesbians.

And now his daughter became roommate with her female companion. Then some other Godless people replaced those Godly people in his church.

Here is a link to the first Episode of this series.

Therefore, I left this "Post" on the Episode that has to do with the story of that priest and his daughter.

"This show is all about receiving "Signs" from our Creator. When people in that congregation found out that the daughter of that priest became a lesbian they left.

That was a BIG "Sign" for that priest. That was a "Sign" that he was doing something wrong about the laws of his Creator.

He should have stopped communicating with his daughter right there.

We have seen fathers stop talking to their children with so many different reasons through their life, why not this arrogant act and going over the limit against our Creator's rule be one of them?

This act has been condemned in all of those scriptures and this preacher was teaching it all through his life. But, he started to follow from his own wishes. Then after those Godly people left the church, some Godless people replaced them.

This is how media and producers of this movie wants to mislead rest of us. Especially younger generations.

The more people busy with sex, drugs, and music the less demonstrations our corrupted government is going to have.

That is why we have 350,000 churches in USA who are misleading and raping the souls and hearts of their own people for just a few $s. Then Bible Belt area have 1000 tornados every single years, plus flood, fires, hurricanes and so no and no one cares about all those 'Signs'."

There was a Hurricane Michael in USA so I left this "Post" on YouTube (10/11/2018)

"The more Godless we become the higher category of hurricanes we will be getting by the Angels of the Almighty Creator, the drivers of the wind.

We have 350,000 churches in USA and those illiterate preachers are misleading their own people for just a few $s, and no one takes heed nor cares.

Look at the Bible Belt area, disaster after disasters, 1000 tornados every single year, plus hurricanes, fires, floods, and so on."

"Please read the part in white color on the bottom of this file, which was added a day after this knowledge came down from ALLAH and it is not on the voice either"

New part added (10/08/2018)

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from ALLAH the Hakim (10/01/2018)

The basic cells that give rise to all of the different cells in those organs in our body like bones, brain, heart, reproductive organs and others are called "Stem Cells".

Now one type of "Stem Cell" is an 'egg cell' from a woman that has been fertilized by a sperm from a man. This cell is the first cell in a developing human being.

This cell confirms any type of cell in the body as well as the umbilical cord and placenta.

Placenta is flattened circular organ in the uterus of a pregnant mammals, and its job is to nourish and maintain the fetus through the umbilical cord, as you see on this picture.

Then this fertilized egg starts to divide few times and it becomes an early stage of "Embryo", (Al- Alagh), the first sura revealed to prophet Mohammad.

Now embryonic "Stem Cells" come from inside of this "Embryo". These "Stem Cells" can form any cell in the body, but not the cells of umbilical cord or placenta. Sobhan ALLAH. Here ALLAH is saying, that we do not want growth in the umbilical cord and placenta after the child was born.

That is why they cut them off of the new born babies. Yet, these two parts were the source of nourishment of the baby when it was inside of the mother's belly.

These "Stem Cells" which I call them "Repair Cells" are many more in the body of infant and young children than adults, and when we get older the number of these "Stem Cells" reduces.

That is why in older ages we get weaker, because of much less "Stem Cells" therefore, wear and tears accurse.

As we read in (16:70):

"ALLAH created you, then He terminates your lives. He lets some of you live to the oldest age, only to find out that there is a limit to the knowledge they can acquire. ALLAH is Omniscient, Omnipotent."

Or in (30:54) we read:

"ALLAH is the One who created you weak, then granted you after the weakness strength, then substituted after the strength weakness and gray hair. He creates whatever He wills. He is the Omniscient, the Omnipotent."

Therefore, here is the reason that when we get old we lose our strength and we get weak. Sobhan Allah.

Another type of "Stem Cell" is an "Adult Stem Cell" and small group of these cells found in some organs such as the skin, after birth and into adulthood. And they only can become a few different cell types related to the organ where they are found, and they replace those skin cells that are lost due to cell aging, or damaged.

Starting few years back, ALLAH has been teaching us how we could create a regular body cell such as skin cell to change into a multiple "Stem Cell".

These "Stem Cells" can become any type of cell in our body. So if you have weakness and problems with your body parts like back, neck, or knee problems, or many other parts of your body, then, you may go for "Stem Cell" therapy in order to treat for example diseases and cancers of the blood, or any other parts of your body.

Doctor will take a sample blood or bone marrow from the patient, or a donor. In some cases donor blood may come from a baby's umbilical cord after its born. These tissues samples contains healthy blood forming "Stem Cell".

Then the doctor kills the abnormal white blood cells, and their "Stem Cells" by radiation. When the abnormal cells are gone doctor will transplant healthy "Stem Cells" from the tissue samples into patient.

These "Stem Cells" will make new blood cells, including normal white blood cells, they will allow the body to fight off infections. That is how "Stem Cells" Repair our body parts.

When you get a cut these are the guys who are repairing and healing our wounds.

As you have heard, "Time heals our wounds", but not the heart that is in love. There is no "Stem Cell" for that, except only ALLAH can strengthen your heart, and soul and give you patient.

We read in sura 26, verses from 78 to 83:

"The One who created me, and guided me.

"The One who feeds me and waters me.

"And when I get sick, He heals me.

"The One who puts me to death, then brings me back to life.

"The One who hopefully will forgive my sins on the Day of Judgment.

"My Lord, grant me Hikmah, and include me with the righteous.

Around 4000 years ago Ibrahim knew that ALLAH will heal us when we get sick, but he did not know how the process of healing accurse in our body.

Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah" and knowledge.

When you have a sudden pain in your back, knees, legs, or neck you go to an Orthopedic doctor. After X-Ray and all, then he will prescribe you with "Physical Therapy" for 6 weeks.

Then you would go to those so called "Physical Therapy" places and they teach you some exercises and after 6 weeks your pain will be gone.

I must tell you that these "Physical Therapy" places are made up and they are just schemes that they came up with in order to waste your time and money. Some of those exercises even give you more pain.

Their excuse is that they say "You want to strengthen those mussels around the area of pain so the force be on the mussels instead of those nerves.

But, if this is the case you must exercise all through your life, because 6 weeks exercise does not make your mussels to be strong for all of your life.

Again ALLAH the all Gracious and the all Merciful, built our body which those kinds of pain will repair itself and goes away after about 6 weeks. That means if you Do Not do anything and do not exercise at all your pain Will Go Away after 6 weeks.

I have experienced it many times, since I have a congenital "Spondylosis" in my lower back.

Every once in a while I get pain in my lower back due to picking up heavy items, and I used to go for "Physical Therapy" few times, then I found out even from them that these pains and muscle spasms will heal itself after 6 weeks, and you just have to be patient in order to see the result.

Now we should all do our exercises every day because, we want to move those muscles and bones every day. Thank ALLAH for our daily contact prayers or I call them divine dance and exercise.

ALLAH Created our bodies and He knows that after the age of 41 some of us became ALLAH fearing people and we would start to do our divine dance every day for about 17 minutes a day, because especially in those ages our body needs to exercise more.

Thank ALLAH that is another benefit of our contact prayer "Salat". You might check this video.

Thank ALLAH for the "Hikmah" and "knowledge" that He drops on us and makes us to be aware of what is going on around us.

Here is the Law as to how to judge among the people in ALLAH's system (9/27/2018)

If you have been watching the news these days, you would know about the sexual assault testimony of Dr. Christine Ford against Brett Kavanaugh nominee for becoming a Supreme Court Judge, the Highest Court in USA.

Now this judge is going to be hired for a life time job in order to judge amongst all the people in USA as a member of the Highest court in USA. That is why people are going to make sure to choose a right person.

But, surprisingly only few Senators are going to decide the destiny of this judge, because politicians are the rulers of this country. Yet, if the people of this country disagree with these senator's decisions they could only demonstrate and scream as we are all witnessing the chaos in US government these days.

Now as you know ALLAH sent us His scriptures so we could judge amongst the people as we read in sura 5.

"We have sent down the Torat, containing guidance and light. Ruling in accordance with it were the Jewish prophets, as well as the rabbis and the priests, as dictated to them in ALLAH's scripture, and as witnessed by them. Therefore, do not reverence human beings; you shall reverence Me instead. And do not trade away My revelations for a cheap price. Those who do not rule in accordance with ALLAH's revelations are the disbelievers." (5:44)

"And we decreed for them in it that: the life for the life, the eye for the eye, the nose for the nose, the ear for the ear, the tooth for the tooth, and an equivalent injury for any injury. If one forfeits what is due to him as a charity, it will atone for his sins. Those who do not rule in accordance with ALLAH's revelations are the unjust." (5:45)

"The people of the Enjeal shall rule in accordance with ALLAH's revelations therein. Those who do not rule in accordance with ALLAH's revelations are the wicked." (5:47)

"Then we revealed to you this scripture, truthfully, confirming previous scriptures, and superseding them. You shall rule among them in accordance with ALLAH's revelations, and do not follow their wishes if they differ from the truth that came to you. For each of you, we have decreed laws and different rites. Had ALLAH willed, He could have made you one congregation. But He thus puts you to the test through the revelations He has given each of you. You shall compete in righteousness. To ALLAH is your final destiny - all of you - then He will inform you of everything you had disputed." (5:48)

Then shaytan came up with his own rules and said, "We all should respect people's religions and ideas!".

And ALLAH says, "Do Not fear people but ALLAH. That is why now we have 4200 fake, false and manmade religions, and none of them are authorized by ALLAH.

As far as committing a sin ALLAH forgives all of our sins up to the age of 41, the age of responsibility. As we read in (46:15-16). All because ALLAH is the Loving Creator. Thank ALLAH.

"We enjoined the human being to honor his parents. His mother bore him with pain, gave birth to him with pain, and his weaning takes thirty months till, when he attains his full maturity and reaches the age of forty years, he says, "My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. Let my children be righteous as well. I have repented to You; I am a submitter."

"It is from these that we accept the righteous works, and overlook their sins. They have deserved Paradise. This is the truthful promise that is promised to them".

As far as ALLAH is concerned when this allegation of sexual assault occurred, these two persons were under the age of 41, therefore, they are all forgiven by ALLAH.

As you remember when Moosaw killed a man he immediately repented to ALLAH and asked for ALLAH's forgiveness. And ALLAH forgave him right there. Why? Because he was around thirty years of age. Under the age of responsibility.

But, as far as our made up laws of the land concerned I must say that I think Dr. Ford's testimony was the true testimony, because all of the women who have been sexually assaulted explain their incident the same way. I mean they only remember the moment of being raped or being a victim of sexual misconducts.

Plus she has been telling her husband and some other people long before her today's testimony.

Also she was doing it in order to be a good citizen so people do not get fooled by a man, who has been playing with people's mind for a very long time.

Now analyzing judge Kavanaugh from his wordings, we all heard too many times he talked about his drinking beer all the time. That is his weakest point.

As far as ALLAH concerned in His Arabic Quran intoxicants will cover your brain. (2:219: 5:90-91)

Then, because you are not in control of your brain anymore because of alcohol, then shaytan takes over and you do things that you would not even remember. I myself was a victim as well, when I was drinking occasionally.

Here is some info for the ones who have not been experience dealing with alcohol. Each one of us was built with different sets of DNA. Therefore, each one of us have a different physical capabilities and shapes as far as running, biking, boxing, and other physical activities and physical body shapes.

The same way we have different capabilities toward eating different foods and how much we could consume and different beverages, and how much we could drink. That is why after a while we became our own body's doctor.

Sometime ago I was over my friend's house and I met a man drinking a whole bottle of Johnnie Walker Whisky and nothing happened to him, and he was as sober as he was before drinking that whole bottle of Whisky. Surprisingly he was a fighter jet pilot. can you believe that?

I have never seen anyone like that man in my whole life. And I have seen people who get drunk with only couple of beers and their personality changes after those couple of beers.

Now, this judge should not have to drink at all, yet he loves to drink beers all the time with his friends like that is his hobby.

The other weakest point that he had was losing his temper and getting angry, and worst of all getting too emotional and crying almost more than half of his testimony.

A judge must be a strong person so when criminals come to his court he should be able to control himself and do not let them fool his emotions by crying or getting angry. Yet, a judge must be very calm and alert.

One of the reason that he was getting so emotional was because of the result of those alcohols that changed his behaviors throughout his life.

You see crying is for me and you, but not for a judge, who is going to rule over other people, yet he must be on top of the criminals.

Only ALLAH knows that how many people he misjudged with his emotions, tempers and his drinking problems.

Now this man all of his life been fooling people by his weakest points and who knows maybe he could have gotten away with many things by just crying in front of the people.

Up to few months back no one knew about this man's weaknesses then all of a sudden he was exposed in front of the whole world. This is how No One Could Get Away From ALLAH's Retributions. ALLAH is the Best Avenger.

This man has been embarrassed in front of the whole word.

Yet, ALLAH wanted to give so much credits to Dr. Ford among all of those women who have been sexually assaulted. ALLAH just made a new exciting life for this lady, but she does not know it yet.

Thank ALLAH for His constant knowledge.

Here is a new reminder (9/24/2018)

As we know Allah wants us to read and study His Quran in an Arabic language, which was made by Allah's knowledge in order to teach us His Arabic Quran, and it has been repeated 12 times in the Arabic Quran.

Yet, these days there are those who are depending upon those so called Quranic translators in order for them to teach them their own version of Quran.

This by definition is called "Shirk", "Idol worship".

But, Allah's Arabic Scripture Is explained distinctly, and it is fully detailed Quran (41:3).

As Allah says, "These people Do Not want to use their brain" therefore, they are totally depending on translators to teach them their own version of the Quran (12:2; 41:3; 43:3).

Here is a new "Hikmah" from Allah, the Hakim. (9/15/2018)

The Arabic Quran contains lessons for the seekers, and it does reveal to each one of those pure hearted ones little by little.

As you know in sura 18 "The Cave" we read about those two guys who were going to harvest their crops. One of them had two gardens of grapes and palm trees with a stream going through those gardens.

One day when they were going to harvest the crops belonged to the guy with more money and children he bragged about his wealth and children to his friend and said that, he even gets more respect from the people.

Somehow, people have more respect for those who have money than the poor people, illiterate human beings!

The rich man thought that his wealth, children and respect from the people would never end.

Here is the part that arrogant people wrong their souls. The rich guy was denying the hour of the hereafter, and he said, 'if I go back to my Lord I would find even better than this.'

Then, his friend told him that, are you disbelieving in Allah, who created you from dust, then from a tiny drop, then perfected you into a man?'

His friend who was a poor man said, "I worship Allah Alone." And because he was a submitter to Allah he said to him that when you entered your garden you should have said,

"Masha Allah", "La Quwwata Ellaa Bellaah", no one possesses any power except Allah.

The rich man was thinking like other arrogant people, that they are the ones who could get rich because of their own smartness, and they never think that Allah placed them in a position and a direction so Allah could drop on them wealth. Yet their last assumption is that they say, "we were at the right place and at the right time" that was how we could achieve our wealth", just like that guy "Gharoun" in the kingdom of "Pherown". Now, here are the verses from the Quran.

And cite the example of the two men; We provided for one of them two gardens of grapes surrounded by palm trees while between the two were crops. (18:32)

The two gardens always produced their provisions, and he never suffered the least injustice. And We caused a stream to flow in their midst. (18:33).

Once, after harvesting, he boastfully told his friend: "I am far more prosperous than you, and I command more respect from the people." (18:34)

When he entered his garden, he wronged his soul by saying, "I do not think that this will ever end. (18:35)

"Moreover, I think this is it; I do not think that the Hour (the Hereafter) will ever come to pass. Even if I am returned to my Lord, I will possess an even better one over there." (18:36)

His friend said to him, as he debated with him, "Have you disbelieved in the One who created you from dust, then from a tiny drop, then perfected you into a man? (18:37)

"As for me, Allah is my Lord, and I will never set up any other lord besides my Lord. (18:38)

"When you entered your garden, you should have said, `This is what Allah has given me (Maa Shaa Allah). No one possesses power except Allah (La Quwwata Ellaa Bellaah).' The poor man said, "You may see that I possess less money and less children than you. (18:39)

Now here is the good part. He said,

"My Lord may grant me better than your garden. He may send a reckoning from the sky that wipes out your garden, leaving it completely barren." (18:40)

What is it that would be better than those rich man's gardens, children, and the respects, which he was getting from people? Could it be 3 gardens? or, 4 gardens? How many more children? 10, or 19 more children?

Yet Allah says,

'Money and children are just seductions, deceiving, and it is just for fooling you." (8:25)

Remember, we are here only to make Allah happy, and no one else. Therefore, you want respect and honor from Allah, and not from these flimsy human beings. As we read in (35:10).

"Then to Allah belongs all honor and dignity."

And the only thing better for a submitter to Allah Alone is more knowledge in Allah's system, and "Hikmah".

These are the only eternal knowledge that one could ask from Allah. That is all you need, which is in your heart and soul, and your record is hanging on your neck.

Now in USA right now the hurricane "Florence" is pounding around so called Bible Belt area. Allah is simply forcing those idol worshiping and unappreciative people leave their homes and belongings, by His angels, the drivers of the wind. (51:1)

These are the people who thought that they are in full control of their life. These are those who did not pray every day in order to thank our Creator for providing them with jobs, provisions, roof over their heads, health, and protections and so on. And they did not pay 10% charities to their needy relatives, fatherless children, homeless and poor people, and they did not follow other laws of the earth. Especially those who are worshipping a dead man named "Jesus" that his name is not even mentioned in the Bible in Aramaic language.

As you see making these disasters are so easy for the Almighty Creator in order to warn those unappreciative people, yet these people never get any lessons and they have no idea why they are suffering from these disasters. Although they have been suffering from disasters like, more than 1000 tornados every single year, plus fires, floods, and hurricanes. These are the ones who would never find out where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going after here. They leave this world as the losers, and they wasted a whole senseless life.

You must know that as the Angels of Allah gather the clouds, and drive them to the certain land by the will of Allah, the same way Allah gathers those certain people in that Bible Belt area in order to bring down on them disasters at a certain time.

These people are gathering their money, credit cards, jewelries, pictures, some clothing, identifications, so they can runaway with. But, they have to leave their houses, which took them years to built, and they have been living in those houses all their life.

Yet, nothing happens to a man of the Almighty Allah, and if he had to leave he does not need to take anything with himself, because all that he needs is in his heart and soul, and that is his Guidance, Hikmah and Knowledge.

Allah guarantees shelter and food for His servants and He never leaves His followers empty handed, and He always give them victory over those wicked people.

But, just look at these people, their normal life turned upside down in a day. Although, Allah blessed them with knowledge these days, so they could see and detect the hurricane warnings even few days before hitting them.

Thank Allah Who has been blessing His servants with Security, Protection, Shelter, Provisions, and Tranquility.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Here is another new "Hikmah" from Allah (9/10/2018)

Do you remember that Noble one in Egypt? In sura 12 "Yousuf" we read from (12:46-49):

"Joseph my friend, inform us about seven fat cows being devoured by seven skinny cows, and seven green spikes, and others dry. I wish to go back with some information for the people."

Yousuf said, "What you cultivate during the next seven years, when the time of harvest comes, leave the grains in their spikes, except for what you eat.

"After that, seven years of hardship will come, which will consume what you have gotten, except a little you have kept.

"After that, a year will come that brings rain for the people, and init they will juice and extract." (12:46-49)

But, if you look at these verses carefully you would find out that this phrase,

"leave the grains in their spikes, except for what you eat."

Is not part of that dream!

Please look at it again. We found out that "Yousuf" added that part from his own!

Now why did he say that, and what kind of knowledge he had?

As you know his father took his family away from the Egypt and they seek refuge to the desert in order to stay away from disbelievers.

(I have done the same for about 5 years now. I do not have any contact with anyone who does not take Allah and His Arabic Quran seriously. This is how Allah makes you stronger. In Allah's system the older you get the stronger you become, Allah does that for His servants. Remember, where ever you are Allah will take care of you, because He is the Best Protector.)

* Here is a new "Hikmah" just came down!*

Speaking of "Protection", "Yaaghoub" made a mistake advising his son about his dream.

And then We knew that "Yousuf" made a mistake when he said,

"He then said to the one to be saved "Remember me at your lord." Thus, sheytan caused him to forget his Lord, and, consequently, he remained in prison a few more years." (12:42)

I just wanted to say that "Yousuf" did the same mistake as his father did. Like father, like son.

But, he satyed in jail just few more years instead of suffering for so many years being away from his beloved son like his father.

The reason was that his father was a "Prophet" of Allah and eventually he had much more responsibility than his young son, who was not even 41 years old yet, and he has not became a "Prophet" at that age yet.

Thank Allah for dropping on us His awesome knowledge constantly. Take it as a $1,000,000.00 and manifold added into your Post Retirement Account.

* *

Therefore, "Yousuf" was born to a family who were running their life on farming and husbandry. So he learned from his father that if after the harvest you take away grains from their 'Spikes' they will soon become spoiled and rotten, unless you keep them in their spikes. And that is the agricultural fact.

That is why and how he added that phrase to the interpretation of that Noble one's dream.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah" yet, we have been reading these verses hundreds of times.

BTW, Now speaking of grains, meats and foods, dear brothers and sisters and the love one, please make sure you eat from "Lawful", "Hallal" and "Unpolluted", "Tayyeb" Allah's provisions, "Organically Grown", instead of "Polluted", "Khabiss" foods of "GMO" made by "Monsanto" and those chemical companies, or foods made in those factories.

All of these today's diseases and cancers killing people every day especially in those 1rst world countries is because they are products of those sheytanic people, and the reason behind it is because these days majority of the people are turning away from Allah and His laws on this earth. That is how they have brought disasters upon themselves.

Again Allah dropped on us a new awesome "Hikmah" (9/05/2018)

But this time it is for those who have turned away from Allah, and they have been happy with their own conjectures of their minds, yet it only has been bringing disasters upon themselves.

Remember, when Allah said to the Angels in sura 2, that

"I AM going to place a human on earth as a khalifa".

And the Angels said,

"Are You going to place those who corrupt on earth and shed blood?" While we glorify You by praising You and exalt Your Holiness?".

Then Allah said,

"I know, what you do not know."

He is the One Who created us, and balanced us, and He is the One Who placed our soul in to our body, and then He inspired its sins and its pieties (91:8) and those were our own characteristic that we used to have up there.

Then Allah sent us down here on earth and gave us another respite. Now our job is to redeem our soul. That is why Allah is the

"Al Rahman and Al Rahim".

Therefore, we are here in order to get a second and final respite. And notice Allah's "Ultimate Love" for humans. Allah forgives all of those arrogant, wicked people, who even hated Allah, when He takes away their life before the age of 41, the age of responsibility!

Let me tell you something very important, Allah has created this universe with certain laws, and if you Do Not follow from the laws of this universe you are only going to bring unhappiness upon yourself. Just like if you do not follow from traffic laws you are going to have accidents. Or if you do not follow from the laws of physics, or chemistry, or math you would be facing disasters.

Today it came to me that I feel like I am a reporter working in Allah's kingdom by His will. But a reporter with an Absolute Truth from the Arabic Quran, despite those Fakes news from those preachers, rabbis, and mullahs. Thank Allah.

Allah knows that there are some people who will realize during their life time, that they are going against the system of creation, because everything they do it only brings them unhappiness and disasters. Then if they repent to their Creator, and ask Him for His forgiveness, then they will find our Creator, the Almighty Allah, Al Rahman and Al Rahim. But, they must desire it like when they fall in love, with all of those urging, wishing, desiring, and crying, which you do not know if you are happy or sad.

Then Allah will listen to your heart, and He will reconfigure your heart and soul and put you on the other side of the line. Then you would find yourself in a place that hardly any man has touched before.

As you know from the Arabic Quran that Allah blocks people's hearts, so they could not understand anymore, sura (2:7), or He makes their hearts, to be Harden (5:13). Or Allah does not want their hearts to be Purified (5:41), or Allah covers their Hearts (6:25), or when Allah brings their Hearts together, in Arabic language we call it, "Ol Fat" (8:63). Allah has done it for me, recently. And, Allah, placed in the hearts of those who followed him, compassion, (57:27).

Or in (3:42) we read,

"O' Mar yam, indeed Allah has chosen you, and purified you, and chosen you above the women of the world."

Or in (33:33) we read,

"Allah, wants only to remove from you the impurity as He said, O people of the house, to purify you, with purification."

Allah is talking about Ibrahim and his family, Who built the house of Kaaba in Mecca.

As you see, when you repent to the owner of the universe He will reconfigure your heart and soul. He did it for me as you saw it in that video of my life, and I did not even asked Allah to do that.

But, this is a sign for all of us that He is capable of doing what ever He wills for each and every one of us.

All He had to say, "Be", and it will "Become". Our life and death and salvation are in our Creator's hand. Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

((*Here is "The Ultimate Hikmah" From ALLAH*))


This is a very heavy "Hikmah" from Allah, and it was right in front of our eyes all the time, but it was waiting for the right time in order Allah wills it so it could be inspired to us.

I was always wondering that why people could not understand "Hikmah" and what "Hikmah" is. Yet, we write about them with very simple words and it is very easy to understand. To me is like anyone who could read should understand them. Then the Almighty Allah drops on us another "Hikmah" as to why people are not able to understand "Hikmah".

As you know Allah only calls those who know His system as, "The smart ones", and He calls them, "Olaa el bob", which has been repeated 16 times in the Arabic Quran, and it means:

The ones who has been given understanding, Intuition, prudent person, people of reason, possessed intelligence, wisdom, the ones with intellect, insight, the ones who have experst knowledge, those they could see with the brain of soul, those who could see with the eyes of the truth, and the essence of the truth.

"He gives the "Hikmah" to whomever He will, and who is given the "Hikmah" has been given abundant wealth. Yet, no one reminding it, but ONLY the "Olaa el bob"."

Here is the Heavy part. As we have learned from the Arabic Quran, that the source of everything is ALLAH, because He is the Creator of everything we see and we do not see. Therefore, our bases for the knowledge and the Truth is ALLAH and His System, yet we only follow from our own conjectures, because people have no idea about ALLAH's system.

Like our bases for mathematics are numbers. Yet, in societies we only follow from our own conjectures.

Like German government system, US government system, Saudis government system, or Al Qaeda governing system.

1- Now, in order to receive "Hikmah" one must read the Quran.

2- Also one must read the Quran in an Arabic language.

3- Then, in order to understand the Quran and the hidden knowledge in the Quran called "Hikmah" one must have a "Pure Heart", "Ghalb Motahhar".

When ALLAH blesses us and places all of these qualities in our soul then, we are in the right path, and now we can understand ALLAH's system. Subhan ALLAH!

Off course we can never ever comprehend ALLAH's system with our own poor mind, but with those qualifications we are able to understand what ALLAH is talking about, therefore, we could understand His system without following from conjectures of our own mind.

When you get to this point, then you are one of those "Olaa el bob".

That means there are only few people in this world, who have been given permission to receive "Hikmah", and those are the ones who will achieve the "Ultimate Truth" in their life by the will of ALLAH. ALLAH be Glorified.

Now we know why every one could not understand "Hikmah". Subhan ALLAH.

That is why when I leave a post on YouTube with this ALLAH given knowledge of the "Truth of the Universe" people leave "Love your comment" for me, because they have had no knowledge to think the way I think which ALLAH taught me. It does not even come to their mind that how one could see the Truth behind what is going on around us. Thank ALLAH for the "The Ultimate Truth".

That is how ALLAH put you in a place that no man has touched before. Therefore, there are only few people on earth who know the Absolute Truth in our society.

Therefore, we should not be worry about them, because they are not able to understand "Hikmah", the reason is ALLAH has blessed only some people with "Hikmah" and there is nothing we can do about them.

* * * A day after I wrote this new awesome "Hikmah" I was inspired by ALLAH, while I was performing my Middle prayer that, We just have be extremely happy that we have been blessed by ALLAH with those "Hikmah". And it is ok if people are not able to understand "Hikmah", as long as they are performing their religiouse duties, like reading the Arabic Quran, praying 5 times a day, fasting in the month of Ramezan, and paying 10% for their zakut charity, and other duties assigned by ALLAH in the Arabic Quran, then they are our friends. * * *

Thank ALLAH for His new awesome inspiration.

So there are only few of us in this world that we could understand each other, when it comes to "Hikmah". This is like a magic!? That is why it is "The Ultimate Hikmah". Subhan ALLAH.

Thank ALLAH for His "Ultimate Hikmah". We should all Fall Prostrate.

Here are some new awesome "Hikmah" from the Almighty Allah (8/15/2018)

Within these past 100 years or so many things changed regarding the position of women in society, and it seems like everything turned upside down comparing with few years back. Yet, Allah's system never changes.

Only few years ago we had "Women Chattel". That was a "Title" carrying by men for their women in USA, as a belonging material like furniture, hours, and donkey and so on. As Google says, an item of tangible movable or immovable property except real estate and things (such as buildings) connected with real property. 2 : slave, bondman. Slaveholders who were determined to hold on to their human chattel. Recently Google took away the Word "Women" from this phrase "Women Chattel"! . . .

Some time a go USA put women to work since they were losing the WW II. Then little by little we were facing with "Women's Liberations", so they wanted power in society, and then it followed up by adulteries, homosexuality and lesbianism, and now the latest ones are "Sexual harassments" and this last one "Me Too" movement.

But, because these changes happened little by little, therefore, people do not recognize the old rules any more and they forget about them.

These are disasters that we have been bringing upon ourselves little by little as the consequences of turing away from the rules of Allah our Creator. Yet,

Allah wants women submit to their husbands, as He made men to be the boss of their women (4:34).

Or He says,

If some woman fears abuse or desertion by her husband, the couple shall try to reconcile their differences, for conciliation is best for them. Selfishness is a human trait, and if you do good and lead a righteous life, Allah is fully Cognizant of everything you do (4:128).

Or in a case of divorce,

Women shall wait three menstruations, and if she was pregnant then the husband has the upper hand if he wants to remarry her. And men have superiority over women and Allah is the Almighty the Hakim (2:228).

In dividing the inheritance,

Female gets half of a male's share (4:11).

Or incase of testimony

Women counts half of a man's testimony (2:282).

In (4:32) we read:

And do not desire what Allah favored with it, upon some over the others, to the men a share from what they earned, and to the women a share from what they earned, and ask Allah from His grace. Allah is fully aware of all things.

In (33:35) we read:

The submitting men, the submitting women, the believing men, the believing women, the obedient men, the obedient women, the truthful men, the truthful women, the steadfast men, the steadfast women, the reverent men, the reverent women, the charitable men, the charitable women, the fasting men, the fasting women, the chaste men, the chaste women, and the men who commemorate Allah frequently, and the commemorating women; Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great recompense.

As you see only in Allah's system and in His religion men are equal to the women, but not in society.

Or in sura 34

Saba was the Queen, because they were a sun worshiping nation (27:24).

As you notice from these verses Allah wants women to be the second class citizens rather than being equal to men in a society. This is just Allah's Hikmah since He is the Best Hakim.

Yet, we came up with our own conjectures like;

Women are weaker than men, physically and mentally. Yet these days we have seen many women much stronger than men, physically and mentally.

Women showed that they are able to hold different offices of government or private businesses. They can be as good of a manger as men, and they can be as smart as men, and so on.

Therefore, we should not judge Allah's Hikmah, with our own conjectures, because He is the Best Hakim.

We just do not know those different qualities of between men and women.

If you are a woman and you believe in Allah's system, He does not want you go to work in order to get raped and then come up with "Me Too" movement.

If you are a believing woman, Allah does not want you to argue with your husband, but be a submitter to him.

Believe me being a submitter is much harder than being a commander. And Allah gave that quality to the women.

If you are a believing woman, Allah knows that you are capable to become a manger, vice president or a president, but He wants you to be a second class citizen, only because He knows the Hikmah behind it.

Therefore, just like all of those hidden secrets in the Arabic Quran, called "Hikmah", which Allah has been unveiling for us within these past few years, and we did not have the slightest idea about them just few years ago, there are hidden secrets, or "Hikmah" hidden inside women's souls, that we do not know about them yet.

May Allah unveil them for us insha Allah within the future.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Dear brothers and sisters and the love one, followers of "The Nation of Ebrahim". Here is a video of my life story in order to be an example for you so you would know for sure that Allah is the only One Who is controlling our life each and every second and no one else. (8/21/2018)

Those so called survivors from sexual abuse by Dr. Larry Nasser, USA gymnastics doctor, who is in jail had a gathering called 'Sister survivors' moment of solidarity accepting Arthur Ashe Courage Award | ESPYS 2018 (7/27/2018).

So I left this "Post".

"Here is the truth behind that Doctor Larry Nassar, the USA gymnastics doctor, who sexually abused 265 girls.

As you know most of those parents encouraged and brain washed their daughters to go and learn the techniques of gymnastic so they could be a professional and go for Olympic and be famous all around the world.

And you know that their outfits cover very little of their private parts of their bodies from their back and front.

For a long period of time 265 fathers and 265 mothers = 530 persons and many more, never did tell their daughters that

"If someone touched your private areas you should tell me."

1- Were they couch potato? Or stupid?

2- And when some of those parents complained, then how come for a long time they were given runaround?

3- Why no one in USA gymnastics cared to question Dr. Nassar for many years?

4- Yet, nothing happened to those boys in that sport?!

The Almighty Creator, Who controls our life and death and He is the One Who is controlling our heartbeats and the provision for all of His uncountable creatures Does Not like our females to show off their private parts, and He would like them to cover those areas.

Therefore, our Creator allows satan to assign an evil man in order to bring disasters upon those girls and their parents for a long time, and let them be embarrassed all over the world in order to be a lesson for all the humans in the world.

Only few people in this world know the system of our Creator, because people are turning away from our Creator.

Yet, we only follow from our own baseless conjectures, and we think that only that one doctor caused all of those problems."

Farmers losing money on their seeds and animals because of the new tariffs made by this new president. (7/25/2018)

SoI left this "Post"

"Dear farmers, our government did not allowed those 3rd world countries, and those farmers in south America do any farming or husbandries ever since around 60 years ago in order to sell your products and seeds.

Also with those machinery agriculture and those pesticides and herbicides we made them go out of business, because they could not compete with our prices.

Many of these so called illegal aliens are the children of those whom we have destroyed their lives some times ago. The worst is yet to come.

Remember, what goes around comes around, because the Almighty Creator is watching us despite our Godless nation."

There is program on USA TV, called "The View". I left this "Post" for one of the group members named, Sunny. (7/22/2018)

"Dear Sunny, do you remember how many times ex president Obama had invited different kinds of musicians at the White House?

They say, vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion in human beings, Yet this new president has no interest in music at all.

This shows that his soul has no emotions or harmony like other human beings.

He only cares about expanding his real-estate and his sexual desires for women by lying and cheating."

Then today (7/25/2018) we all listened to his tape conversation with his attorney about his affairs. This guy is here in order to payback his arrogants he committed through his life, and suffer the consequences of all of those cruelties, plus, to bring disaster upon these people, who left Allah long time ago.

After Trump and Putin meeting I left this "Post" for Sunny at "The View", and Stephen Colbert, on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on (7/17/2018)

"Dear Sunny, or Stephen, and Trevor Noah" It has been about 90 years since we have been assigning dictators in those 3rd world countries in order to steal their natural resources.

Well here is the payback time. Now Russia assigned a "Dictator" called "Trump" in our country, and he is ruling his own laws and being total carless to our democracy, and at the same time he is stealing our money together with his family.

He is becoming a friend of our enemies in order to expand his real estate empire.

Enjoy your demonstrations and sufferings, because there is nothing else you can do about this "Dictator"

Sure enough, two days after both Sunny and Stephen used the word "Dictator" for Trump, which they have never used before.

Stephen even went further and called him a "Dick" after he used the word "Dic tator" for "Trump".

Thank Allah they do listen some times.

Today (7/31/2018) Trevor used the word "Dictator" for Trump as well.

Again Today (8/01/2018) Sunny used the word 'Dictator" for Trump becasue "Dictators" does not like news media to tell the truth.

12 boys were in the cave in Thailand, and finally they have been recued with the help of many countries in the world.

So I left this "Post". (7/11/2018)

The whole world came to rescue these 12 boys from that cave in Thailand, yet we in USA have been kidnapping 3000 children from their parents and we are so relaxed about it?!

It all has to do with those white men, who migrated to this land some 300 years ago.

Ar first, they killed 10 million Native Americans together with their Buffalos, and then they brought Blacks as slaves to this land as slaves, and lynching them.

Then they bombed Hiroshima, and killing Vietnamese, then starting 80 years ago we have been killing middle easterners.

How come scientists with all of these technology and advancement in science cannot figure out from the DNA of these white men that, why they are so inhuman, cruel, vicious, and arrogant?

Here is a new "Hikmah" from Allah the Hakim. (7/19/2018)

In sura 18 verse 11 we read about the sleepers in the cave.

"And We struck their ears in the cave for a number of years."

As you know when the Angels of the Almighty Allah struck their ears they went to sleep, they became completely unaware of this world and they looked hideous with their eyes opened. (18:18)

"You would think that they were awake, when they were in fact asleep. We turned them to the right side and the left side, while their dog stretched his arms in their midst. Had you looked at them, you would have fled from them, with terror."

Then in (18:19) we read:

"When we resurrected them, they asked each other, "How long have you been here?" "We have been here one day or part of the day," they answered. "Your Lord knows best how long we stayed here, so let us send one of us with this money to the city. Let him fetch the cleanest food, and buy some for us. Let him keep a low profile, and attract no attention."

So when Allah made them to be awaken and be aware of what is going on around them they asked each other,

"How long have you been here?"

They said,

"A day or part of the day."

Now pay attention please, that means their "Hair" and "Beard" were Not grown at all. Maybe it was grown only as long as a one day grows.

That means when their "Ears" were "Struck" the whole creation and growth was stopped on them and also on their dog. Otherwise, they would have found out that they have aged 309 years just by looking at each other.

In (18:25) we read:

"They stayed in their cave three hundred years, increased by nine."

So, there should be some place in our ears, which would stop growth and aging.

Humans have always been searching for the fountain of youth.

Allah is informing us that there is somewhere in our ears, and maybe some day we would be able to stop aging process and at the right time Allah might inspires us how to reach that area, and strike that point so we do not age. Sobhan Allah.

Another important point in this story is that we should always say, "Insha Allah" when we want to do something tomorrow, because you never know, you may get up 309 years after. (18:23-24)

"You shall not say that you will do that tomorrow,"

"Without saying, "Insha Allah" If you forget to do this, you must immediately remember your Lord and say, "May my Lord guide me to do better next time."

This story is similar to that guy with his donkey who was there for 100 years and he did not age either, nor was his food spoiled, but his donkey was gone and Allah created his donkey right in front of his eyes. (2:259)

"Consider the one who passed by a ghost town and wondered, "How can Allah revive this after it had died?" Allah then put him to death for a hundred years, then resurrected him. He said, "How long have you stayed here?" He said, "I have been here a day, or part of the day." He said, "No! You have been here a hundred years. Yet, look at your food and drink; they did not spoil. Look at your donkey - we thus render you a lesson for the people. Now, note how we construct the bones, then cover them with flesh." When he realized what had happened, he said, "Now I know that Allah is Omnipotent."

Again Allah is saying that He might show us someday how to keep our food supplies for 100 years without any spoiling.

Please read those verses in Arabic and translate them for yourselves.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

"Here are my Personal Revelations from the Almighty Allah" (7/14/2018)

I was informed by Allah that I am the only one on earth who is preaching "The True Words of Allah" yet, I am not even able to live on my retirement benefits, despite all of those fake and rich preachers, who are preaching shaytanic points of view every single day.

I mean if I was not guided by Allah, and did not have Allah in my heart, I would have been amongst those homeless people long ago.

And Allah did not allow me to ask for any money from the people for my works, nor He did make me to ask Him for any money either.

I never had a desire for money, and I never thought about it throughout my whole life. I was always satisfied with what ever I had, and my provision was always prissily measured "Ghaddara", that is why Allah named me "Gholam Reza", meaning a "Satisfied Boy", and He gave me a nickname "Behruz", meaning "The one who has a nice day, or a nice provision" or simply "Happy". Thank Allah.

But, I always wanted to know the truth behind the Creation, and Allah has been giving it to me.

Allah is the Rahman and Rahim and He will give you whatever you wished for, Just look around you.

Thank Allah for providing me with His honorable, legal and unpolluted, organic provisions. Alhamdulillah. (2:168)

"O people, eat from the earth all that is lawful and unpolluted (Organic), and do not follow the steps of shaytan (Monsanto); he is your most ardent enemy."

When I was only five years old Allah showed me that I would be meeting with Dr. Khalifa, messenger of the covenant, and I would be translating his English Quran to a Farsi Quran and Dr. Khalifa would be assassined and his whole body would be covered with blood.

Sure enough 34 years later my dream came out to be true, and Allah sent me to be with Dr. Khalifa, and Allah made me to strive in His cause with my money and my life ever since 1989. (8:72 - 9:41,88 - 49:15 - 4:95).

(Just a reminder on striving in the cause of Allah with my life: Couple of days before Dr. Khalifa's assassination, the murderer , Glen Francis, came by to the porch of Masjid Tucson very early in the morning, when I was inside with lights on working on my Farsi translation at the computer. He could see me inside but somehow by the will of Allah I was frozen in my seat and I could not get up and see him. I thought that was Dr. Khalifa checking around the Masjid. Then the killer went back and consulted with his group "Fuqra" a branch affiliated with "Ben Laden", saying that there was another man in the Masjid. And when FBI found some notes written by that group in Salt Lake City, they told the killer, "Kill him as well". Then an hour later Dr. Khalifa arrived and he came to my desk and when I asked him if that was him came up to the porch, he said no! A bit later Dr. Khalifa brought me a piece of cake, which he baked himself with a glass of warm chocolate milk and he kissed my head. That made me emotional and I told him, 'Rashad jaan (Dear Rashad) please do not spoil me'. He knew what was going on and what was going to happen to him, which it was completely out of mind at that time. Allah was telling him that the killer would come to the Masjid at that specific time and he would come from the door on the porch side. Sure enough couple of days after on January 30, 1990 Dr. Khalifa was assassinated at the same time. That was why Allah did not allow me to wake up very early in that morning, when he was being assassin, because that was not my time to leave this world at that time so I would be alive right now in order to tell you what happened those last days of Dr. Khalifa. The murderer used to come to the Masjid Tucson when we had Quran readings on Fiday nights for a bout only 2 weeks, but he would not talk to anyone. And a day before the assassination he came by my desk in the afternoon and asked me if he could be any help in the Masjid, and I told him he should ask Dr. Khalifa. And when he left we found out that the door knob at the porch entrance was tampered with and we could not lock that door anymore! And a day before Dr. Khalifa's assassination at dawn prayer I told him that 'I had a dream that at 5 pm news they were showing his picture on Tv' and he had trusted my dreams because of prior experiences. Again Allah was telling him that he will be gone next day at dawn and he will on the afternoon news. Also he had so many different other signs as well).

"Not equal are those believers who sit back, except handicapped, with those who strive in the cause of Allah, with their money and their lives. Allah has raised the strivers with their money and their lives above those who sit back; and to each, Allah has promised good, but Allah gives advantage to the strivers over those who sit back, with a tremendous reward."

Allah made me to Help Him, so He could help me. (22:40 - 47:7)

"O you who believe, if you help Allah, He will help you, and strengthen your foothold."

Allah made me "Motahhar", "Pure at Heart" in order to teach me His "Hikmah". That is the only way one could receive "Hikmah" from Allah. (2:269) and (98:2 - 56:79)

"No one can touch it (the Arabic Quran) except the 'Purified ones', 'Motahharon'."

"He gives "Hikmah" to whomever He wills, and whoever is given "Hikmah" has given abundant wealth. And no one reflects, except those who possess intelligence."

Allah made me to devote my Religion exclusively to Him Alone, and to Purify His Only One Religion, "The Religion of Ibrahim, and total Submission to the Rules of Allah". (4:146 - 98:5 - 39:3).

"Absolutely, the Religion shall be exclusively devoted to Allah Alone; those who set up idols beside Him say, "We idolize them only to bring us closer to Allah; for they are in a better position!" Allah will judge them regarding their disputes. Allah does not guide such liars, disbelievers."

You may check this link below for "The Only Name of Allah's Religion":

This is how Allah makes us kings on earth, yet invisible to other people, only because they are not able to see and they are deaf, dumb and they are not able to understand. That is why only few people in this world know about the system of Allah at this time. The knowledge given to us by Allah is for the future generations. (8:22)

"The worst creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb, who do not understand."

And Allah assigns giant invisible secret protectors on each one of us, so we could walk freely amongst the people and no one can touch us.

Thank Allah for His immense blessings, Who is running our life all the time.

Here is my resume:


Here is a new awsome "Hikmah" from Allah, the Hakim (7/02/2018)

As you know there was a believing Egyptian man in the kingdom of Pherown, who was always hiding his belief. As we read in the Arabic Quran verses (40:28-34):

"A believing man among Pharaoh's people, who was concealing his belief, said, "How can you kill a man just for saying, `My Lord is Allah,' and he has shown you clear proofs from your Lord? If he is a liar, that is his problem, and if he is truthful, you benefit from his promises. Surely, Allah does not guide any transgressor, liar."

"O my people, today you have kingship and the upper hand. But who will help us against Allah's punishment, should it come to us?" Pherown said, "You are to follow only what I see fit; I will guide you only in the right path."

"And he who believed said, `O my people, I fear for you something like the day of (Al-Ahzab), the parties."

"Like the condition of the people of the Nooh, Aad, Thamoud, (these were the parties at the time) and others who came after them. Allah does not want any injustice for His servants."

"O my people, I fear for you the Day of Summoning." The believing man said so.

"That is the day when you may wish to turn around and flee. But nothing will protect you then from Allah. Whomever Allah sends astray, nothing can guide him."

"And indeed Yousuf had come to you before that, with clear revelations, but you continued to doubt his message. Then, when he died you said, "Allah will not send any other messenger after him. Allah thus sends astray those who are transgressors, doubtful."

And in (40:39-45) we read:

"O my people, this first life is a temporary illusion, while the Hereafter is the eternal abode."

"Whoever commits a sin is requited for just that, and whoever works righteousness - male or female - while believing, these will enter Paradise wherein they receive provisions without any limits."

"O my people, while I invite you to be saved, you invite me to the hellfire."

"You invite me to be unappreciative of Allah, and to set up beside Him idols that I do not recognize. I am inviting you to the Almighty, the Forgiver."

"There is no doubt that what you invite me to do have no basis in this world, or in the Hereafter, that our ultimate return is to Allah, and that the transgressors have incurred the hellfire."

"Someday you will remember what I am telling you now. I leave the judgment of this matter to Allah; Allah is the Seer of all the people."

"Allah then protected him from their evil schemes, while the people of Pherown have incurred the worst retribution."

First of all the believing Egyptian was the only one who was guided in the whole kingdom of Pherown. And there was no other one there to agree with him.

Just like right now if you go to the US Congress or the White House and talk about Allah and His system of governing the country, no one cares about it and they would kick you out and they would even arrest you and take you to jail.

Just like I have been leaving many "Posts" and comments on You Tube about how we are getting far away from Allah's system and becoming arrogant and transgressors, yet I have not received a single positive respond on my "Posts" although they have been witnessing all of those daily disasters.

That means I am the Only One on You Tube who is advocating Allah and His system, yet no one cares. Subhan Allah. Just like that believing Egyptian man who was telling Pherown and his followers about Allah and no one cared.

It is good and righteous act to tell people about Allah's system, because you care about their happiness and salvation, but we ought to remember that no matter how hard we try to guide people, if Allah does not want salvation for them, there is no way what so ever that they would become guided, because Allah is the Only One Who knows their innermost souls, since He was the One Who created them from the beginning.

As we read in (6:107):

"Had Allah willed, they would not have worshiped idols. We did not appoint you as their guardian, nor are you their advocate."

That was how that man could not be any help to Pherown and his followers and they were all drowned in the sea.

Now how did this believing man, who was hiding his belief knew about all of those revelations? Who told him about those verses?

Here is the new "Hikmah"

Remember in (40:34) he talked about "Yousuf", saying:

"indeed "Yousuf" had come to you before that, with clear revelations, but you continued to doubt his message?"

As you know "Yousuf" was a Prophet of Allah. And a Prophet, "Naby" comes with a scripture.

Allah is telling us that since "Yousuf" was a Prophet of Allah, and he was among the Prophet of "Bani Eisra Eil", "The sons who will be transported by Allah", therefore, he did come with a scripture and the believing Egyptian has been reading "Yousuf's" scripture! and now Prophet "Moosaw" came to them after "Yousuf". That was why he was so knowledgeable about those revelations of Allah.

After any messenger, his contemporaries always said that,

"This messenger is the last messenger of Allah, and they did not believe in any messenger after him".

As they said the same thing after "Ei-Saw" son of "Maryam", and after "Mohammad", yet "Rashad Khalifa" was sent down to us. Remember "Mohammad" was the last 'Prophet', "Naby", but not the last 'Messenger', "Rasoul".

Subhan Allah! Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Thank the Almighty Allah, Who made me "Motahhar", "Pure at Heart" in order to teach me His Quranic "Hikmah", because that is the only way one could receive "Hikmah".

These days one of the Judges amongst the "Supreme Court" in USA wants to be retired, and president is talking about replacement for him.

So I left this "Post" on You Tube (6/30/2018)

Supreme Court is a federal court; the highest body in the judicial branch. The Supreme Court is composed of a chief justice and eight associate justices, all of whom are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. They serve on the Court as long as they choose, subject only to impeachment.

"These judges have been there for many years and they are the ones whose judgment rule over USA.

Yet, these judges are the ones who have been bringing vice, immoral, sinful, bad and unhealthy rules in to our society for years, and all of their rulings have been against the Almighty Creator, "The Ruler of the seven universes".

That is why our Godless nation has been going down and we are all having been suffering from different kinds of disasters almost every single day.

These disasters are Not going to stop, unless we trun back to our Creator's Laws. Make sure remember their faces because you are going to meet them on 'The Real Judgment Day' "

These days USA or basically president Trump being embarrassed all over the world because he has been separating or kidnapping more than 2000 migrant children from their parents and they do not know where their parents are!

Actually this man has been a corruptor on land all of his life. And the reason the Almighty allowed him to be a president was because it is now payback time and he is going to be exposed all over the world every single day until he dies.

He is the Most Embarrassed, Wicked, Cold Hearted in the whole world; he has a Lust for Power, Money, and Women. You have not seen anything yet.

So I left this "Post" on You Tube (6/25/2018)

"One of the reason that these aliens or migrants come to USA in because, when we started using agricultural Machineries few years back and spraying our food supplies with chemical poisons, we came up with very low prices for our farming products to export.

That was how we beat the prices in overseas market, like South America who were still farming organic seeds, fruits and vegetables. Therefore, we made those farmers out of jobs as History Channel informed us.

Now is the payback time and we should take care of these migrants, whom we caused them to leave their homes.

The Almighty Creator has been encouraging us to take care of aliens in all of His scriptures."

Also I wrote:

"Mr. Trump, according to your Office administration study on net cost of "Immigrant and Refugees" to the American people, you have found out that within the past 10 years "Refugees", and "Aliens" have netted $ to the US economy."

There are 8 verses in the Arabic Quran that Allah encourages us to take care of "Aliens".

One of the reason that Allah sent us the Arabic Quran, "The Book of Law", was to "Judge" amongst the people (Sura 5) and if we don't He calls us "Wicked" and "Unjust". Please study these verses.

Thank Allah for His "Ketab Hakim".

In order to get more information about "Aliens" and "Refugees" and true meaning of "Refugees" you may check this informative video on You Tube, since today is the "World Refugee Day".

These past few days America has been separating migrant children from their parents for Immigration purposes.

The first world countries for about 80 years have been sucking the blood of those 3rd world countries. Stealing their natural resources and destroying their food supplies so they could sell theirs to them by assigning those poppet dictators in order to live in USA in a comfortable life so they could drive SUVs.

I must tell you that the reason those old countries suffered by the 1rst world people was because that they had their own respites for many years and they stopped following Allah's rules in their scriptures , therefore, in a way they did deserve those sufferings and humiliations.

Allah encourages us in the Arabic Quran to take care of "Immigrants", "Mohajerin".

Now is the payback time. What goes around comes around. That is why the people in USA are suffering from so many disasters right and left and they have no idea why these disasters ere hitting them.

More than one thousand tornadoes every single year, floods, fires, hurricanes, mudslides, accidents, alcohols, drugs, police shootings, school shootings, church shootings, daily embarrassments of those important people, many different kinds of sicknesses resulting death do to eating processed foods, fast foods, foods sprayed with poisoned chemicals and on top of that chemical poisoned medicines, and on and on. And most of all everyday they are getting farther and farther from the rules of our Creator, Who created them from ejected semen. These disasters will not stop.

So I left this "Post" on You Tube 6/19/2018)

"58% of America said,

"It is fine to separate migrant children from their parents."

We approved to the whole world that we are the Most Cruel and Wicked Nation at the present time just like Hitler and his Nazis party."

Here is a new "Hikmah" from the Almighty Allah the Creator. (6/13/2018)

Thank Allah who made me observe my whole month of Fasting to this day 6/13/2018 the last day of the Ramadan. And thank Allah Who made it easy for me.

Today I had to answer a lady who answered my "Post" on YouTube regarding that Chef who killed himself recently in USA.

This lady lost her young husband do to killing himself as well. I gave her the good news of her husband being in the Heaven, because he was taken before the age of 41, the age of responsibility.

Then just before breaking my fast as I was reading my Arabic Quran, which today was Sura 36th, "Ya Seen" Allah blessed me with this new "Hikmah".

As you know (46:15-16) talks about the age of responsibility:

"We commanded the human being to honor his parents. His mother carried him with difficulty, and gives birth to him painfully. And his bearing and weaning took thirty months. When he reaches maturity, and reaches the age of forty, he should say, "My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. Let my children be righteous as well. I have repented to You; I am of those who have surrendered themselves unto You."

"These are they whose good works We shall accept and will overlook their evil deeds. (They shall be) among the Companions of the Garden. This is the truthful promise that is promised to them."

People were under the impression that the age of responsibility is 40. Yet, Allah says,

"When you get to the age 40, then repent",

As you know the age of 40 starts from the day one until 364 days after, which would be the end of the last day of the age 40.

Therefore, when you get to the age of 41 you must have been repented to Allah and asked for His forgiveness already. That is why Sura 40 named "Forgiver".

That means up to 40 and before the age of 41 all your sins have been forgiven.

And now Sura 36 talks about (36:1-4):

"Ya Seen"

"And the Quran Hakim."

"You are indeed one of the Messengers,"

"On a straight path."

That means Prophet Mohammad was forgiven at the age of 40, and now that he is at the age of 41 he has repented to Allah because he was an astray man and now he is one of the messengers of Allah.

And here is the new "Hkmah",

Sura 36th is the 41th Sura revealed to prophet Mohammad, which in (36:3) Allah says,

"You are indeed one of the Messengers," at the age of 41, meaning he has been repented already at the age of 40 and now at the age of 41 he became a messenger of Allah, and he is now a fully responsible believer.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

This was the Best Gift from Allah on this last day of Fasting in the Blessed month of Ramadan. Thank Allah.

What is the name of Allah's "Religion" ?

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah (6/11/2018)

I had these couple of verses on the top of this file for sometimes by the will of Allah Who is running everything, as you see them here now.

I have been reading them maybe more than a thousand times through my life. Yet, I have past by them heedlessly without paying a real good attention. Why, because Allah reveals "Hikmah" and His teachings to whomever He wills at any time He wills.

I only knew that these verses are extremely important verses in the Arabic Quran, then it downed on me the true meanings of them by the will of Allah.

Here is the newest Revelation from Allah the Hakim (6:161)

* Thank the Almighty Allah the Hakim *

Here is when we Fall Prostrate to Allah for His unending "Hikmah"

Verse (4:125) talks about the "Best Religion" of Allah which was dictated by Allah in His Arabic Quran.

"And whose 'Religion' is; better than he who submits his face to Allah and he is Righteous and follows the 'Religion of Ibrahim', the 'Unitarian'. And Allah took Ibrahim as a friend."

In this verse Allah is explaining His "Best Religion". As you see Allah is NOT talking about, so called Jews, Christians, Muslims and those other 4200 fake and false religions. Yet, He is talking about His ONLY ONE "Best Religion", which is following from the "The Religion of Ibrahim", or "Creed" or "Nation of Ibrahim".

The Almighty Allah calls those fake religions as "Al Ahzab", "The Parties" sura 33.

Who knows maybe you would be amongst those friends of Allah also.

As we read in (2:131) first Allah asked Ibrahim,

"When his Lord said to him (Ibrahim), "Submit," he said, "I submit to the Lord of the universes."

Please Do Not let those illiterate Muslim leaders fool you, who came up with this manmade religion of "Islam", whom they have no idea what is the meaning of their religion, so as the other 4200 fake religions. They just took the name "Islam" out of context of the Arabic Quran without reading the whole Quran.

"Islam" 'Is Not a Name', yet it is a "Description" meaning:

"Total surrender to the rules of Allah, which is believing in all of Allah's scriptures, His Angels and messengers, and making no distinction amongst His messengers, and following from "The Nation of Ibrahim".

Ibrahim was totally surrounded to the rules of Allah.

And then in verse (2:130) Allah says,

"Who would Turn away from the "Religion of Abraham", except one who 'FOOLS his own soul'? And We have chosen him in this world, and in the Hereafter he will be with the righteous."

Here we go, are you ready? In the verse above Allah says,

"If you are amongst those so called Jews, Christians, Muslims or any of those 4200 fake, false and manmade religions, you are simply FOOLING yourself."

Thank Allah for His new awesome "Hikmah", when He has been revealing His awesome mathematical miracles in the Arabic Quran, which makes it a scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact science.

*Here is the most newest awesome "Hikmah" from the Almighty Allah*

Here is the verse which people take it out of context and get fooled by it without reading the whole Arabic Quran. (3:19)

"The Religion at Allah is "Islam", "Submission." Ironically, those who have received the scripture are the ones who dispute this , despite the knowledge they have received, due to hostility. And who ever rejects those signs of Allah, then Allah is quick in reckoning."

First of all "Islam" is not a name, but a "Description", meaning total submission to the rules of Allah. But, ask those so called "Muslims", what does submission means? Then they stump!

Yet, Allah clearly explains in detailed in the Arabic Quran about His "Only One religion" So do not let them fool you, becasue as you saw Allah said in (2:130),

"Who would Turn away from the "Religion of Abraham", except one who 'FOOLS his own soul'?

If you look up the word "Religion", in the Arabic language "Din" surprisingly you would never ever find this word as 'Plural' in the Arabic Quran! But in 'Singular' form. Sobhan Allah.

That means there are no other "ReligionS" but only "One Religion of Allah"

Allah never says in the Arabic Quran that you should be friend of those fake and manmade religions or follow them.

The best example is in (5:51) which Allah clearly says to the believers:

"O you, who believe, do not take Jews and Christians as allies; they are allies of one another. And those among you who ally themselves with them, they belong with them. Allah does not guide the transgressors."

Allah calls them "Al-Thalimeen", "Wrongdoers", "Transgressors", "Unjust".

And in our time we should add so called "Islam" to those fake religions as well now that we know the name of Allah's Only Religion.

Only the ones who are "Motahhar", "Pure at heart" can understand it.

There are other places in the Arabic Quran that Allah calls these fake religions as "Wrongdoers", "Transgressors", "Unjust".

Here are some more proofs from the Arabic Quran. In (2:133) we read:

"Had you witnessed "Yaghoub" on his death bed; he said to his children, "What will you worship after I die?" They said, "We will worship your "Ellah"; the "Ellah" of your fathers "Ibrahim", Esmaeil", and "Es hagh"; the One "Ellah". To Him we are submitters."

You notice here they just DID NOT say, "We are Muslims", yet they actually said,

"We worship "Ellah" of "Nation of Ibrahim" and we submit to that fact.

And in (2:135) we read:

"They said, 'You have to be Jewish or Christian, to be guided.' Say, 'We follow The Religion of Ibrahim' - 'The Unitarian' - he never was an idol worshiper."

And in the next verse (2:136) we read:

"Say, "We believe in Allah, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Ibrahim , Esmaeil, Es-Hagh, Yaghoub, and their descendants; and in what was given to Moosaw and E-Saw, and all the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are submitters."

Again they never did say that "We are Muslims" yet they said,

"We follow from all the prophets of "Nation of Ibrahim" and to this fact of Allah we are Submitters."

And most of all they said,

"We Do Not make any distinction amongst any of those prophets of the Nation of Ibrahim".

Therefore, again Allah is saying that "so called Jews, Christians, Muslims" are NOT Guided. Yet one MUST follow from "The Nation of Ibrahim" in order to be a submitter to Allah.

Or in (2:140) we read:

"Or do you say that "Ibrahim", Esmaeil", and "Es-hagh"; and "Yaghoub" and their descendants were 'Jews or Christians?' Say, 'Do you know better than Allah?' Who is more unjust than he who hides the testimony that he has from Allah? And Allah is not unaware of what you do."

As you see again Allah is saying that so called Jews, Christians, Muslims are NOT Religion's name, yet they made them up.

Here is another proof in (5:14) about these fake and manmade Religions.

"Also from those who said, 'We are Christian' we took their covenant. But they disregarded some of the commandments given to them. Consequently, we condemned them to animosity and hatred among themselves, until the Day of Resurrection. Allah will then inform them of everything they had done."

As you see it says, "They are the ones who call themselves as a Christian", and Allah DID NOT call them Christian. That means they made it up and so called Christian is a fake Religion'. Also in (5:82) we read about the same thing.

That means forget about Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and other 4200 fake, false, and manmade religions. They are all made up religions.

What is the Name of Allah's Religion

Anthony Bourdain was a famous Chef and Kate Spade was a famous designer in USA, and both were over the age of 41.

They both committed suicide and I left this "Post" on YouTube (6/8/2018)

"The Almighty Creator provided wealth, health, ideas and fame for these people, yet they never did appreciate any of those blessings, then as a consequence they have brought cursed upon themselves and killed themselves.

These people left this world without having the slightest idea where they came from, why they were here, and where they were going after here.

Majority of the humans come to this world and leave as a loser".

There is a TV preacher in USA name 'Jesse Duplantis' and his TV station called “Prosperity Gospel”. This guy has 3 airplaines already and now he is asking his followers to give him money, becasue "Jesus" told him that he should buy a $54 million dollars airplane.

Then I left this "Post" on You Tube (5/30/2018)

"Here is how satan has been fooling these preachers: he tells them go tell people that there is a man named "Jesus", which you would never find this name in the original Aramaic Bible, and say to the people that he is a son of the Almighty Creator, and in return I will make you famous and very rich.

As we have been witnessing all of these rich preachers using the same trick and they are all filthy rich.

Then at the end satan leaves them, because his job is to expose the ones who are the most arrogant and unappreciative of the Almighty Creator.

satan has already gotten permission from the Almighty Creator, and He accepted satan's covenant.

That is why the followers of these satanic preachers (The Bible Belt Area) have been hit by disasters after disasters like 1000 tornados every single year, floods, fires, hurricanes, mudslides, church shootings, school shootings, and it is not going to be stopped."

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah in the Arabic Quran. (5/25/2018)

As we read from sura (4) "The Women" verse number (34) says:

"Men are Rulers - In charge - Manager- Ever upright - Responsible - Authority over- Boss - Standing over- Maintainer- of the Women. . . "

The word "Rajol" means "Men" and it comes from the root word "Ra Ja La" meaning "Feet" which is "The Means of Walking" so "Men" could go to work in order to obtain Allah's provisions. That is why Allah commanded "Men" to be the bread earner and go after provisions of Allah in order to provide for their family.

As you just witnessed that you want to learn the Arabic language so you could understand Allah's "Hikmah" in the Arabic Quran. Allah teaches you His Arabic Quran not "Jon Doe's" English Quran.

And the word "Qawwam" means "Ruler - In charge - Manager - Ever upright - Responsible - Authority over - Boss - Standing over - Maintainer" which comes from the root word "Qum" and the word "Qiyamat", meaning "Resurrection" is from the same root.

Now a Man should be in a normal state of mind In order to get married and be the "Boss", or "Ruler" and be "Responsible" for a woman, and your state of mind is your mood or mental state at a particular time.

Let's say if the man suffers from Alzheimer and other related diseases like Dementia, Depression, or Diffuse Lewy Body Disease, which is another degenerative brain disorder, or simply being a Crazy person. Obviously these people are not capable to act as a "Husband" in order to be the Ruler of their own house, yet these people belong to hospitals or nursing homes.

Would you like to get married with a person suffering from dementia, or depression or getting married with a crazy person? NO. Why, because you would not trust those men whom their brains does not respond in a normal manner. These people belong to hospitals and mental hospitals.

They are not able to make any decision, they are not able to control their assets, and they are not even able to make their own food.

As far as the Arabic Quran concerns your "Husband" should be in a normal state of mind in order to be the captain of the ship. If not, then you can call him what ever you like, except a "Husband".

Allah knows that your "Husband" is suffering from Dementia is gone and he is not able to be a "Husband" and be a "Ruler" in his house anymore and his mind is not here anymore. Yet we suffer only by following from our own made up laws and paper works and traditions.

When the "Husband" is suffering from Alzheimer disease belongs to a hospital or those nursing homes in order those professionals could take care of them, so you would not suffer.

Believe me I am speaking from experience, my family and I suffered two and half years by taking care of my mother suffering from Dementia, just by fooling ourselves that we could do the job. There are some family members who wanted to be kind to their love ones and they became caregivers themselves, yet after a while they got to the point that they wanted to commit suicide from frustration of this most difficult job. The best is to let those professionals take care of your patient and most definitely outside of your home.

Family members should not be with their patient suffering from Alzheimer disease 24/7 but they may visit them few hours a day outside of their house, otherwise they would go crazy. And this is a known fact.

Please go back and read (5/04/2018) again so you would know what I am talking about.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

There was a school shooting in Galveston TX, USA, and I left this "Post" (5/18/2018).

"Those children made it to the Almighty's Heaven, because they were under the age of 41, the age of responsibility as far as our Creator concerned . But, ask their parents,

"Did you pray to your Creator every single day for providing you a roof over your head? Did you thank Him every day for giving you a job so you could provide for your family? Did you thank Him every day for blessing you with health, happiness, and security? Did you feed those 4 million homeless relative of yours? Did you help those 400 thousand fatherless children? If their answer is "NO", then make sure that these are just disasters that they have brought upon themselves with their own hands, so there should not be any complains."

There was a school shooting in Galveston TX, USA, and I left this "Post" (5/18/2018).

"The best solution is to leave a bucket of stones in each classroom in order to defend themselves against the shooter with assault rifle.

This is the only solution the United Nation came up with for those two countries of Israel and Palestine and it has been working for many years now, and no one has been complaining so far.

Israelis have been killing Palestinians with assault rifles, and Palestinians return their fires with few stones."

But we know that the main reason is that, so called Muslims have been rejecting the Arabic Quran and the awesome mathematical miracle in the Arabic Quran for these past 45 years. Instead they have been following from "hadith", "sunna", and "sharia laws". And we know that Israel consider as the war criminal but the reason nothing happen to them is because they are only 70 years old a new country, and each nation has its own respite.

As you know those children will go to the Heaven and it only brings disasters to thier unappreciative parents toward Allah's rule. The law is

"Nothing happenes to you if you follow from the rules of Allah dictated in His scriptures."

Allah is running everything.

Allah is the Almighty, the Avenger.

Today was the Mothers day in USA, and I placed this "Post" on YouTube (5/13/2018).

"The Almighty Creator who created you from ejected semen commanded "Mothers" to wean their babies for 30 months. If you do not, then do not call yourself a Mother.

A baby can tell the difference between the scent of his mother's breast milk and another mom's milk.

Mothers, remember when you leave your baby and go to work, your baby thinks that you died. Therefore, Do Not kill your baby's Mother every single day!

That is why the Almighty says,

"Humans are worst than animals."

Today is "The Babysitter's Day" do not let media fool you.

It all started around WWII when some smart-alecky said "Let's put women to work" ever since disasters started coming down on USA."


As we read in (46:15-16):

"We enjoined the human being to honor his parents. His mother bore him arduously, gave birth to him arduously, and his bearing and weaning took thirty months. When he reaches maturity, and reaches the age of forty, he should say, "My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You. Let my children be righteous as well. I have repented to You; I am a submitter."

"It is from these that we accept the righteous works, and overlook their sins. They have deserved Paradise. This is the truthful promise that is promised to them."

This is how disasters come down on unappreciative people, yet they have no idea why these disasters hitting them every single day, because they have been ignoring Allah's rules, and the ones who call themselves religious, they are noting but bunch of idol worshiping people.

Maybe that is why we have thousands of ovarian cancers, uterus cancers, uterine/endometrial cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancers, or any other cancers related to womb.

The American Cancer Society's estimates for breast cancer in the United States for 2018 are: About 266,120 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women.

Thank Allah for dropping on us His Teachings and Knowledge.

Here is a new "Hikmah" from Allah. (5/12/2018)

What happens to the "Love" of those who were "In Love" in this world after they die?

The Almighty Allah blesses some of us and drops on us the light of "Love" into our hearts. I am talking about true "Love" not loving a pickle or french fries, and catch up on your burgers.

This awesome blessing of Allah drops in your "Soul", the real you, and into your "Heart", somewhere in your chest, and not in your physical heart.

No one is able to get rid of it, or just turn the page and forget about it unless Allah wills it for them.

"Love" becomes like other personal feelings and attributes of humans like jealousy, stinginess, kindness, hatred, and so on. Therefore, "Love" is nailed into your "Soul", that is the same "Soul" that "Angel Jebraeil", or "Rooh Moghadds" blown into our body at the time of birth.

That is the same "Soul", which "Angels" record everything we do and react and respond regarding our "Love".

Now, when the "Soul" of a person who was "In Love" comes to the end of her life span in this world, then the "Angel of Death" will take his or her "Soul" to the other side. Therefore, you will take your "Love" with you to the other side with your "Soul".

Many a time two persons"In Love" are not able to get together in this world, with so many reasons that only Allah knows its "Hikmah", just because He is the "Loving" Allah.

Now here is the awesome knowledge from Allah; if those two persons who were "In Love" could not be together in this life, they will get together on the other side, if and only if they were a true believer to Allah's system on this world.

Important "Hikmah" about LOVE (11/21/2018)


When I was younger I had a friend, he was a nice simple guy. When he was in college he met a beautiful girl. They became friend but nothing was going on between them just good friends.

He said, "Couple of months later all of sudden around 8 pm at night he fell in "Love" with her." As he said, the feeling of "Love" dropped on him without any reason.

He was saying that it was not because of meeting that girl almost every day at the college so he would start to have feelings for her and start liking her, No. Yet, it just happened in that minute and second, just like all of a sudden you caught a virus! and he started to cry very hard, which he could not stop it and he did not know why?

Then his roommate heard him from the other room and he ran to him in order to find out what is happening to him. He said to his roommate that "I fell in Love" with that girl !?. His roommate became shocked as well, when he saw him in that situation.

My friend was saying that, at that moment he kept repeating "I fell in Love with so and so" and crying very loud. Then, his roommate left him, while my friend was crying and being so confused about what is happening to him! . . .

His roommate goes to that girl's dormitory and finds her and told her the story. So he convinced her to come along and visit him. Then, to my friend's surprise she went in to his room . . . When he saw her, he told her that "I Love you", while he was crying so hard.

She was shocked and did not know what to say to him. My friend could not remember what she said to him either, because he was so shocked and did not know what was going on.

He was saying that the light of "Love" was struck on him like a lightning strikes.

You see, normally when you like or "Love" somebody, you would tell him or her in a very calm voice and very kindly tune, but not like that . . . I am trying to say that this guy's "Love" was dropped on him divinely and locked in his heart.

He was saying that he could not get her out of his mind, heart and soul.

He said, couple of nights after he was with her at the school library. They were sitting at a large oval table afar from each other. Then, with a very calm voice she said to him, "Now me too. . ."

I must tell you that their "Love" was just a "Pure, innocent, and Divinely Love without any Intimacy" Because, ALLAH dropped on them, therefore, ALLAH was controlling and protecting that "Love" for them.

My friend was saying that many a nights he would go out for a walk late at nights and he would be crying very loud in the street, but because of snow on the ground his voice did not echo yet it got silenced.

He was asking ALLAH that, what is this? What is happening to me? What should I do? Why I am not able to think about anything else but her, and so on . . .

He said that their "Pure Love without any Intimacy" was getting hotter and hotter, yet suddenly ALLAH wanted him to leave that town and leaving her in a very sad situation.

Later on in life they met each other again, but this time she was married. They never talked about the past at all, and that was the will of ALLAH.

He said that his "Love" was an endless "Love" and it was not like that he could forget about her, and her hologram was always in front of him. Every once in a while through the years he was drearming about her, because ALLAH did not want him to forget about her. He was always thinking that some day he would marry her.

He was saying that although sometimes it was so painful with lots of crying and sadness, but at the same time he always had an indescribable beautiful feelings inside of his heart with lots of joy. All because it was a divine "Love", yet he could not be with her.

Later on I was always teasing him and saying that your "Love" was like that you had a Bugatti automobile parked inside of your heart, but you were not allowed to drive it! Or it was like you had a penthouse on the top of "Marina Bay Hotel" in Singapore, but, they would not give you the key. Or like you owned a private island, but you did not have any vessel to get there. . . And we would both laugh.

"Love" is another blessing from ALLAH. The word for it in the Arabic Quran is "Olfatt", and ALLAH places "Love", "Kindness", "Friendship" in our Hearts.

You must know that only few people in this world experience that "Awesome Divine Feeling of 'Love' in their life." and that is a blessing from ALLAH the Hakim.

"You shall hold fast to the rope of ALLAH, all of you, and do not be divided. Recall ALLAH's blessings upon you - you used to be enemies then He placed Love in your hearts, you became brethren. You were at the brink of a pit of fire, and He saved you therefrom. ALLAH thus explains His revelations for you, that you may be guided." (3:103)

Have you heard this phrase, which it says,

"You cannot buy Love with money?"

Now we know that ALLAH gave us that phrase. Here we go:

"He has placed Love in your hearts. Had you spent all the money on earth, you could not place Love in their hearts. But ALLAH did place Love in them. He is Almighty, the all Hakim." (8:63)

Subhan ALLAH. Here is another point. For many years people have been trying to place "Love" between Israelis and Palestinian but in vain. It is because ALLAH does not want that at this time.

Many a times it got so close that my friend could have gotten together with her again, but always ALLAH intervened.

As he said, every millisecond of his life was precisely measured, and controlled by ALLAH. Yet, sometimes we forget that ALLAH is running everything but, we think that it is us who are running our life.

"He to Whom belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth: Who has begotten no son: Who has no partner in His Empire! He created everything and then He exactly measured its Destiny." (25:2)

Make the story short, later on he got married twice. Then after many years by the will of ALLAH they found out about each other again. This time he was divorced and she was married again.

Now here is the awesome part of this story:

After forty some years my friend was informed by ALLAH toward the end of his life that, although he got married twice and he had other friends in between, but

He never ever used the world "Like" or "Love" for any female in his whole life but, only and only he used the word "Love" for his College Sweetheart".

Can you believe that? Have you heard such a thing from anyone?

My friend was shocked, when he realized that, true fact, and he asked himself that why he never thought of that all through his life, then he was informed by ALLAH again that, "Because he was only 'inLove' with her".

As you see, ALLAH did not allow him to use the word "Love" for any other women in his life but, her.

The reason ALLAH informed him was because He wanted to tell him that,

ALLAH was the One Who dropped that "Love" upon his heart and soul.

Subhan ALLAH. And she could never "Love" anyone else either, but him.

Can you believe that? I do not think that this "Love Story" ever happened in the history of human beings. This is like a fairy tale, a legend. Their "Love Story" supersedes the story of "Romeo and Juliet" many times more.

But, the reason is that ALLAH was behind their "Love", and it was fully controlled by ALLAH all the time.

This could be an awesome scenario for a movie.

Then, what is the purpose of all these interventions? How come they could not get married?

The reason ALLAH did not allow them to get married and have intimacy and live together, was because, ALLAH is the knower of the future, therefore, ALLAH knew that they could not have a happy marriage life together later on, because later on in life each of them would go to a different direction, then they would go through a miserable life, and divorce, therefore ALLAH did not want them to be together from 40 years ago, so they could destroy that "Divine Love" dropped on them by ALLAH.

ALLAH wanted them to keep that "Pure Love" in their heart and soul for as long as they live, and enjoy that especial Divine feeling only because ALLAH "Loved" them.

ALLAH wanted to bless them with that long "Love" that no one has experienced before. ALLAH wanted to show us the different between loving a pickle, or french fries, and "Loving" a person divinely.

As ALLAH says in (81:29 - 76:30)

"And you do not will, except what ALLAH wills it for you. Lord of the universes."

Subhan ALLAH. Thank ALLAH for His unending "Hikmah".

We should always listen to ALLAH's signs and submit to His will because, ALLAH is the knower of the future and He always wants the Best for us.

And my friend is waiting to find out the final destiny of their "Love" in this world. ALLAH is the Best Hakim.

"The life of "Love" is much longer than the life on this earth"

As Allah says in (52:17; 52:21)

"The righteous have deserved gardens and bliss."

"For those who believed, and their children also followed them in belief, we will have their children join them. We never fail to reward them for any work. Every person is paid for what he did."

And (13:23)

"They enter the gardens of Eden, together with the righteous among their parents, their spouses, and their children. The angels will enter in to them from every door."

And in (43:70)

"Enter Paradise, together with your spouses, and rejoice."

Allah always wants the best for His "Submitters" for ever and ever, because the real eternal life is in the "Heaven".

Therefore, they can be together happily ever after without "No Fear and No Grieve."

Thank Allah for His awesome unending "Hikmah".

"Especial True Personal knowledge" (5/04/2018)

Dear brothers and sisters, I was inspired last night by Allah about awesome news from my past, which I was, totally forgot about it, and I thought that might help some of you.

I am a person born with a short term memory, that is why I was not able to be a smart person in my classes to the point that I flunk a year in high school and my B.S. in computer science took 8 years! . . . All because I forget things very soon and I am not able to memorize things. See I am not dumb, yet I can see things and figure out things that normal people are not able to do that.

At that time I was divorced for couple of years and I was taking care of my mother suffering from Alzheimer disease as a full time care giver in any way you can think of for two and half years. So you know how was my situation at the time. Allah is running everything.

Around 2003 or 4 I got to the point that I was not able to balance my checkbook and I was paying so much money as service charges every month for "insufficient funds" on my checking account. So finally I let my sister take care of my checking account, and she was the one who was writing checks for my rent and other payments and utilities, and she was giving me cash so I could purchase my groceries, I was that bad. It was like that I was suffering from Alzheimer disease as well.

I must tell you that I became guided to Allah's system in 1989 and ever since I was performing Allah's homework strongly and hold heartedly every day.

Then on top of that I got urinary infection disease, although I did not have any sexual relation with anyone, even up to now all through these past 16 years, because I have not found any submitter woman to Allah Alone. Therefore, I have been celibate all these years.

Allah is showing me that these disasters can fall on you any moment and He is the Only One Who is controlling our life.

I have a good reason to tell you about my sex life, you will find out later on.

Now here is the worst part; One day I got up to perform my Dawn Prayer, then I found out that,

"I Was NOT Able to Remember the Words of Sura Al-Fatehah"!?

Unbelievable! . . . I tried so hard and started my Prayer from the beginning again and again, but I could not remember "Al Fatehah"!

You cannot even imagine how I felt at that time. I was just crying very loud while I was prostrating. . .

I was doing my prayers for 15 years every single day 5 times a day, then how come I am not able to remember what I was saying all those years anymore? That was the perfect sign of Alzheimer. At noon I thought that maybe that was gone and now I can do my "Sun Decline Prayer". Yet again the same thing happened, and I started to cry to Allah again over and over. What is going on? Allah please let me know what I am doing wrong.

As you know "Salat Prayer" is our "Contact Prayers" so we could talk to Allah. In a way Allah was telling me,

"Shut Up And Do Not Even Talk To Me."

That was awful. As you see I was going through some devastating and awful times. For days I was crying to Allah and repenting and prostrating, because I fear Allah's retributions all the time.

The reason Allah made me remember this story is because of my short term memory, which I had no recollection about it until just last night, after all of these years. And the reason Allah brought back this memory is for a Special Friend of mine, whom Allah has been trying to help her for about 6 months now in any way possible, with so many sings dropping on us, but so far in vain. As Allah says, there are some people whom if you show them so many signs they still would not believe.

If you want something from Allah you should be strongly and deeply lamenting, mourning, weeping, complaining, expressing of your complaints, like lover's complaint. That is what I do every time I am in trouble and desperate, then Allah answers my prayers.

It is like when you fall in love with someone and you want to be with her constantly all the time and you would cry all the time from deep inside of your heart and soul.

Then Allah will listen to you, because He is "Al-Rahmon", and "Al-Rahim", He is the Loving Creator.

Therefore, I have experienced Alzheimer disease and I know exactly how it feels, but Allah brought me back to the normal life at that time.

It is like you wanted to say something, but you are not able to do so. That is why this disease is a big disaster and the patient is completely aware of what is going on around him or her, but is not able to respond by talking, or any movement of the eyes, or any movement by any parts of the body, no signs at all. They only suffer just like the ones who go to a coma.

What I have learned from this true life experience is that Allah is the Only Doctor Who can cure you, because He is the One Who Created you.

You must know that Allah called us "Enssaan", "Human" or "Man" which comes from the root word "Na See Ya", meaning "the one who forgets". That is why we come to this world with no knowledge. And the "Alhzeimer Disease" in Arabic language is "Nes yaan."

"Here is why I went through so many disasters"

Now at that time after I finished translating Dr. Khalifa's English Quran in 1995 to a Farsi language as he authorized me before, then later on I also started to help and edit Dr. Fazely's translation of his own English Quran, which I have more than 300 e-mails that I sent to him after correcting and editing his translation.

And then on top of that I started to translate Dr. Fazely's English Quran to a Farsi language Quran myself. Then he found out about it and said that he wants to do it himself so he said, "Stop translating his English Quran to a Farsi language."

So I purchased Farsi software and a Farsi keyboard and mailed it to him.

Now these were all signs from Allah and He was leading me to His right path, meaning:

"I, Behruz M. Shirazi should stop translating the Quran to any other languages for other people and I should stop helping or editing any other translators of the Quran at once."

That was how Allah directed me to His right path and answered all of those weeping, and grieving to Allah Alone for months.

Finally on May 19th, 2006 I announced that no one should translate Allah's Only Arabic Quran to any languages for other people, because Allah showed me 12 places in the Arabic Quran that we should not translate His Book to any languages for anyone else except for our own.

Then Allah took away that curse from me, which I have brought it to myself with my own hands.

This is what happens, when you do something wrong against Allah's system.

shaytan who is always after believers starts to bother you and takes advantage of you. And he is able to give you urinary tract infection even if you did not have any sexual relation.

When shaytan gets close to you to touch you with misery he asks permission from our "Angel protectors" and if they see in your record that you are going against Allah's rules in the Arabic Quran, then they say to the shaytan,

"Be our Guests"

Then, shaytan gives you infections, diseases, miseries, Alzheimer and grieves, or any bad things that come to your mind" with the will of Allah, because of your own short coming. Allah is the Most Loving Allah.

Now prophet "Ayyoub" was suffering from so many disasters as well for a long time. As we read in (38:41-44):

"Remember our servant "Ayyoub": He called upon his Lord, "shaytan has afflicted me with hardship and disaster."

Allah said, "Strike the ground with your foot. here is a spring with very cold water (cool wash) and a drink (drink from it)."

And We said, 'take in your hand these herbal (Medicines) and strike (your body) with them, and do not disobey. Indeed , We found him steadfast, what an excellent servant he was? Indeed he was obedient.

"And we restored his family for him; twice as many. Such is our mercy; a reminder for those who possess intuition."

"Now, you shall travel the land and preach the message, to fulfill your pledge." We found him steadfast. What a good servant! He was a submitter."

As you see "Ayyoub" was making a mistake and disobeying Allah's rule, just like I was doing. Then shaytan allowed to give him disasters and diseases. Then he implore Allah for help. Then Allah gave him medicines and a cool wash (and 11 years ago Allah sent me to work in a company who were making 'Herbal Medicines'. So I detoxed my body and I started to eat only "Organic Foods", and ever since as my blod tests shows everything has been very normal thank Allah, despite I was on 6 different pills 11 years ago). Allah is the Only Healer, and Allah gave "Ayyoub" new family but twice as much, (but not to me! just kidding), and Allah told "Ayyoub" go and preach the messge of Allah, (and I am putting those videos with all of those "Hikmah" from Allah on You tube and on my face book pages).

Please remember I was just joking, and I am NOT comparing myself with those Prophets of Allah, I am just showing you the similarity of those facts, so do not get any ideas please.

Therefore, you want to study the Arabic Quran so you would learn Allah's system in order to avoid disasters.

Then, Allah accepted my repentance and took away that Alzheimer disease from me and let me have a perfect health, and little by little I started to have a perfect peaceful life after I left idol worshipping and unfaithful people.

Thank Allah Who is running our life and He is the "Only Protector". He is the One Who blesses us with "Ghalb Motahhar", "Pure Heart" so He could bless us with "Hikmah" which was revealed to His messengers.

Insha Allah this true story becomes a lesson for you as it was for me and help you.

Peace Every One.

Here is a new "Hikmah" from Allah. (4/30/2018)

We have already talked about sura (44) "The Smoke" and how the sky is going to bring Smoke which it will envelope the whole world and people finally would realize that a messenger came to them and they ask Allah to take away the Smoke, but a bit after they would go back to their own conjectures. You may check this link.

Now we have another verse which confirms that disaster and that is in sura 19 Maryam (19:74) which it says:

"And how many a generation have WE destroyed before them, who had better furniture and materials and were better looking or appearance." (19:74)

The root word for "Asawsaw" is "Asa Sa" meaning "Furniture", "Equipments", "Materials", "Goods" basically anything you see around all of those rooms in your house in those rich countries in the world.

Up to few years ago we did not have any of those furniture and equipments around us, and our homes were just so simple with beds, table and chairs.

But now we have so many items in our bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen, living room with all of those entertainment equipments, and computers and phones and so on. Just look at those old movies like Charles Chaplin.

Then we have the last word in this verse "Raya" which comes from the root word "Raa Ya" meaning "To See", or "Appears". Therefore, it means the people with "Better Appearance", or "Better Looking".

Again our forefathers used to have very simple outfits, but now we have so many different verities of clothing, we came up with so many designers and tailors. So our appearances became much better looking and look nicer.

Also in some countries like USA we have better looking people than other countries all because of mixed cultures. Allah wants us not to be Prejudice and get married with other nations, that is how this generation of USA became better looking than other nations.

Now let us look at the mathematical confirmations of this verse.

As you know number "19" is the hidden secret code of the Arabic Quran. And sura "74" is where the number "19" appears.

And "1974" is when the mathematical signs of the Arabic Quran revealed to Dr. Rashad Khalifa, messenger of the covenant. And that was in USA the "Central Community".

Therefore, verse (19:74) refers to America with better looking people with so many furniture and equipments in their households. Yet this verse was there all the time and no one noticed it before.

Allah reveals "Hikmah", whenever He wants to whomever He wishes.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Here is a new "Post" I left on YouTube. (4/29/2018)

In USA there is a program called "60 Minutes" and this week they talked about "CRISPR".

You might want to check this link for the video first:

"Before the Almighty Creator bring us on this Earth,

"He offered the responsibility of our planet to the skies and the dry land in our universe, and the mountains, but they all declined to bear it, and they feared from it; but human bore it, he was indeed Tyrant and Stupid."

Do Not let these findings distract you from the truth. Our Creator is the only source of knowledge that is why He has been dropping on us different kinds of information at this time in order to show us His Power of Creation, and it does not necessary means that it will happen.

As we know art and since and discoveries drop on us from outside of our world.

Our Creator also says that only satan orders humans to change His Creation and we have 'Monsanto' as the best example for causing different diseases and cancers. We are still working on cure for a simple cold but in vain.

Yet the Almighty Creator encourages us to get rid of our 4 million homeless people sleeping on dirt in US, 50 million people waiting for their next meal, 400 thousand fatherless children, and shelter those aliens, if you consider yourself as a human."

Here is the most awesome "Hikmah" from Allah. (4/19/2018)

You have read the story of "Yaaghoub" and his son "Yousuf" in the Arabic Quran in sura 12 named "Yousuf". Now let us read their story from the "Enjeal".

Long ago a young man named "Yaaghoub" goes to the land, where their people were idol worshippers. Right by the water well, where they were watering their sheep he sees a young beautiful girl, who was watering her father's flock.

Right there "Yaaghoub" fell in love with her. Her name was "Rachel", meaning "Ewe, or a female sheep". Then after talking to her he goes to her father "Laban" and asks his permission to get married with his daughter "Rachel".

Her father says, ok to "Yaaghoub", but told him you must work for me for seven years. That was because "Yaaghoub" did not have any money to pay to her father in order to get married with her.

In those old times the tradition rule was that husband should pay money to the father of the bride in order to get married with his daughtier. Just like when "Moosaw" had to work for that man in "Madyan" in order to get married with one of his two daughters, because he ran away from Egypt in a hurry and did not have any money with him.

Anyway, "Yaaghoub" worked very hard for "Laban" so he could get married with "Rachel" after seven years.

You must know that "Rachel" had another older sister named "Leah" meaning 'Cow, or Tired' from lack of sleep, and she had kind of 'blurry vision', or 'weak eyes' some kind of eye disease. But, "Rachel" was very beautiful.

When "Yaaghoub" finished his seven years working for "Laban" he said, now you can get married with "Leah" my older daughter instead of "Rachel",and if you steel want to get married with her younger sister "Rachel" you must work another seven years for me. It seemed like that he wanted to get rid of both of his daughters . . . Or maybe "Yaaghoub" thaught he was killing two birds with one stone . . . Just kidding.

So "Yaaghoub" accepted his offer, because he really was in love with "Rachel". That is the power of "Love".

Gen - 29:27 "Complete my older daughter's bridal week. Then we will give you the younger one too, in exchange for seven more years of work."

You must know that at that time marrying two sisters at the same time in "Idol worshipping" traditions were ok. But not in Allah's system, "The nation of Ebrahim" as we read in,

Lev- 18:18 "You must not take a woman in marriage and then marry her sister as a rival wife while she is still alive, to have sexual relations with her."

So he started to work for another seven more years, and he was just engaged to "Rachel" until he finishes another seven more years working for her father. So he could not consummate the marriage with "Rachel" until after seven more years.

Please remember this part of the story because we will come back to it later on.

Gen - 29:30 Jacob slept with Rachel as well. He also loved "Rachel" more than Leah. Then he worked for "Laban" for seven more years.

But, "Rachel" could not bear a child.

Gen - 30:1 When "Rachel" saw that she could not give "Yaaghoub" children, she became jealous of her sister. She said to "Yaaghoub", "Give me children or I'll die!"

Gen - 30:2 "Yaaghoub" became furious with "Rachel" and exclaimed, "Am I in the place of Allah, who has kept you from having children?"

Allah finally did give her a son of her own, and now we expect her to be satisfied. But she named him "Yousuf", which means "may he add", in Arabic language it means, "the one who will be known."

And she said, "May the Lord give me another son". More, more, more! "Rachel" was never completely happy with what she had.

Gen - 30:24 She named him "Yousuf", saying, "May the Lord give me yet another son."

Allah allowed "Rachel" to have her one last request. She did bear another son. She had a difficult labor, and it became evident that she was going to die in childbirth. When she was told that she had given birth to a son, with her last breath she said the name of her son should be "Ben-oni", which means "Son of my sorrow." But later on "Yaaghoub" changed it to "Benyameen", "Son of my right hand."

But isn't it ironic? One day years before she had screamed, "Give me children, or else I die." And she died giving birth to her second son. The child lived. That was the disaster of dissatisfaction.

"Yaaghoub" never got over "Rachel". At 147 years of age he called his sons together in Egypt to bless them, and he was still thinking about her. He said, "Now as for me, when I came from Paddan, "Rachel" died, to my sorrow, in the land of "Canaan, today's Mecca" on the journey. He loved her to the end. But what good did it do her? She could not fully 'enjoy' his love.

Gen - 48:7 "Yaaghoub" said, But as for me, when I was returning from Paddan, "Rachel" died - to my sorrow - in the land of Canaan "Today's Mecca". It happened along the way. So I buried her there on the way.

Gen - 49:29 Then he instructed his sons, "I am about to go to my people. Bury me with my fathers (The nation of Ebrahim)."

Could it be that the loneliness in "Yaaghoub's" life or the conflicts in our relationships are the result of an underlying spirit of discontentment? It will not change as long as we think satisfaction can be found in any material possession or improved circumstance. "Rachel" proved that.

Real satisfaction can only be found in the Lord. He is the one who satisfies the thirsty soul and fills the hungry soul with good things (Ps. 107:9).

Allah has instructed us to be content with what we have, for while the circumstances of life change daily, Allah is unchanging and ever with us (Heb. 13:5).

Heb - 13:5 Your conduct must be free from the love of money and you must be content with what you have, for Allah has said, "I will never leave you and I will never abandon you."

As our knowledge of Allah increases through the study of the Arabic Quran and through praying in His presence, we shall find peace and contentment growing within us.

Then we shall be able to receive with gratitude what He gives us, and at the same time thank Him for what He "Denies" us, being confident that His ways are perfect.

And we shall be able to change what can be changed, while joyfully accepting what cannot be changed, being assured that it is part of His perfect plan to bring us to maturity in ALLAH.

Now to fall in love is fine, and nothing is wrong with it, but you want to play it by the ear. And by that I mean you must remember all day and all night that,

"Allah is the One Who is running everything here and in those seven universes, so be aware all the time and find out what He wants for you."

Please go to this link and read all of those words it says, "Shaw a", "He wills". Then you would find out that "Allah" is the Only One Who "WILLS" for us and everything in the seven universes.$yA#(6:111:18)

If you ever think that you are the one who are making decisions in your life, you must know that You Are Totally Wrong. Just turn off your TV and read the Arabic Quran instead.

Remember when "Yaaghoub" fell in love with beautiful "Rachel" he had to work seven years in order to get married with her. But, when he fulfilled his duties her father "Laban" gave him his older sister "Leah" instead!

Right there a flag went up like Allah is telling "Yaaghoub" be content with "Leah" because that was Allah's will, and you would be happy with her, and do not go for "Rachel", because she would not be good for you. And she gave birth to 10 sons and a daughter.

As we read in the Arabic Quran (2:216):

"Fighting may be imposed on you, even though you dislike it. But you may dislike something which is good for you, and you may like something which is bad for you. Allah knows while you do not know."

But "Yaaghoub" did not get the message and got married with "Rachel" the one he fell in love with. Then she could not get pregnant to the point that she said to "Yaaghoub",

"I would die if you do not give a child."

Again here was another flag and Allah gave him another sign; "Rachel would die in childbirth."

Therefore, that sign came true and she died when her son "Benyameen" was born. As you see getting married with "Rachel" caused many problems for "Yaaghoub" so far.

Then his son "Yousuf" whom he loved the most, because he was from "Rachel" was thrown in a well and because of his absent "Yaaghoub" suffered from grieves for quite some times and he became blind.

Here is another new "Hikmah" thank Allah. (4/25/2018)

Do you remember these verses (12:4-5)?

"Recall that "Yousuf" said to his father, "O my father, I saw eleven planets, and the sun, and the moon; I saw them prostrating before me." (12:4)

"He said, "My son, do not tell your brothers about your dream, lest they plot and scheme against you. Surely, shaytan is man's worst enemy." (12:5)

Now we know why "Yaaghoub" said that to his son "Yousuf".

As we found out about the relationship between "Rachel" and "Leah", but "Rachel" was very jealous of "Leah" because "Leah" had 10 sons already, yet she could not get pregnant as she said to her husband,

"Give me children, or else I die."

Therefore there was an animosity and hatred amongst these two sisters. And that is why "Leah's" sons did not like "Rachel's" children either.

Unfortunately when a mother does not like some part of her relatives, she keeps whispering to her children the same poison all the time, therefore her children get the same notion and they follow from their mother's footsteps.

I know a family just like that, who are very close to me, that is why when I get to (12:90-92) I get very emotional because I see Allah's victory to His righteous servants.

This is called "Brainwashing" which they use the same technique in advertizing, governments controlling its people by media, or they use it in revolutions and military so they send young soldiers go to the other side of the world and without any animosity start killing people whom they never met in their life before.

Anyhow, now we are not confused anymore and we know why "Yaaghoub" told "Yousuf",

"Do not tell your brothers about your dream, lest they plot and scheme against you."

Thank Allah for this new "Hikmah".

In a way Allah is telling us that we should study other scriptures as well, because they are all from One Creator and the Arabic Quran is the continuation of those scriptures and completes them, because it is the last scripture brought down through Allah's last messenger, Prophet Mohammad.

That was why Allah taught His messengers "Toraat", and "Enjeal". And that was how Prophet Mohammad found out about correct amount of "Zakat Charity" and how to perform his "Contact Prayer, Salat", just by asking "The Nation of Ebrahim, and by studying those scriptures."

Now let us go back to what we were talking about. As you notice by not playing by the ear and making wrong decisions against Allah's will "Yaaghoub" brought an unhappy life for himself and people around him for so many years. Even at his deathbed he still was in love with "Rachel", and it was nothing wrong to be in love with her, but he should have played it by the ear, and listened to those signs of Allah and be content with what Allah willed for him in order to have a happy life.

Those scriptures of Allah are full of knowledge and lessons for the seekers. That is why Allah wants us to read His book constantly days and nights hours on end, so He could teach us the rules in our universe.

Now when "Yaaghoub" made a wrong decision therefore, Allah directed him on his own wrong way since he did not want to listen to Allah.

I must tell you that as many different face you see around you everyday there are as many different souls and hearts they are carrying inside of their bodies. According to those souls He threats each one of us differently. And ONLY Allah is aware of those innermost souls, because He chose which soul goes to which body.

You might say, if Allah willed He could have stopped "Yaaghoub" to make that wrong decision. You are absolutely correct, but again He is the Only One Who knew what kind of soul "Yaaghoub" had inside of his chest.

I know a couple who fell in love let us say, 46 years ago. At that time Allah dropped the light of Love into the heart of that man and when he told her about his Love for her she fell in love with him as well.

But Allah did not let them to be comfortable around each other, so Allah made him leave her after a short while although he loved her dearly.

Then after 3 years they met each other again, but this time she had a baby girl. Then 17 years later they met each other again. This time she was divorced and he was married. Then after 30 years later Allah brought them together again, but this time she was married and he was divorced. . .

I know that he loved her so much to the point that he never ever told anyone "I love you", or even "I like you" for that matter, all through those 46 years. Can you believe that?

Now I do not know about her life, but I know for sure that he had a happy and peaceful life all through his life, while he was still in Love with her.

As you see Allah was running their life all the time, and He never allowed them to be together. That means He loved them and did not want them to get hurt, and He did not want to disturb their peaceful life. That was how Allah blessed this couple and He did not allowed them to get married, because they would not have been happy if they did.

Allah knows the Best for each one of us. Apparently Allah knew something in his soul that He did not want him to get married with her although he Loved her all through his life. He was always thanking Allah for blessing him with a good and righteous soul and a "Motahhar" Heart.

Therefore, you might be in Love with someone, but Allah does not allow you to get married with her only because for your own good. Otherwise he would have had a miserable life just like "Yaaghoub" and his Love "Rachel".

So obviously their souls were different than "Yaaghoub". Maybe they had better souls and Allah did not want for them to be unhappy like "Yaaghoub" and "Rachel".

So remember always that Allah is the Only One Who controls our life and no one else, only because Allah Loves us.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Barbara Bush wife of George H. W. Bush died and their son is George W. Bush. (4/18/2018)

And I left this "Post".

Barbara was married to a man who is a war criminal as we all know George H. W. killed so many people and because Barbara said that she was getting so frustrated of the people who criticized her husband, therefore it means she was completely agreed with George killing 1000s of people overseas.

And this husband and wife brought up George W. another war criminal that killed 1000s of people.

And together with his father they killed millions of people.

And remember those millions were here on earth to bring other billions of people to life. Therefore, these 2 people are responsible for killing billions of people as the Almighty says,

“If one kills a person that means he killed all the people in the world”.

And at the end Barbara committed suicide by rejecting any medicine. So she killed a soul as well.

But, media has been raping our hearts and souls and shows that this family is so good and righteous. Yet, the same media was the one that showed us all of those killings.

As the Arabic Quran says, "Hell says, 'give me more'."

Here is a new awesome shocking "Hikmah". (4/17/2018)

Probably you have heard that so called jews use the world "E-lo-him".

This is a plural noun Hebrew word meaning "gods". Its singular is "Eloah" meaning "god" or "Allah" in Arabic language.

And in (Deuteronomy 26:19) we read "El Elyon" or in Arabic language "Eil Aallaa", or "Allah Aallaa" meaning "The Most High Allah".

And in (Genesis 16:13) we read "El Roa", in Arabic language "Eil Raaya", or "Allah Raaya" meaning "Allah sees".

Now let us look at in Aramaic language.

The Aramaic word for "god" in the language of Assyrian so called christians is "Elaha", or "Alaha" and in Arabic-speakers of all Ebrahimic Religion, including so called christians and jews, use the word "Allah" to mean "god". So called christian Arabs of today have no other word for "god" than "Allah".

All praises belong to Allah, The Most High, The Hakim.

As you see all of those 3 scriptures with their own original languages in Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic languages called our Creator as "Allah" .

The word "gud" came to English language speaking people from Germany only 300 years ago, that is why they call our Creator "god". And then each country came up with different fake names for our Creator Allah.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah"

USA, 60 minutes, gender wage gap, gender equality, Equal pay for women.

And I placed this "Post" (4/16/2018)

Around 75 years ago because USA was losing the WW2 some smart aleck in government said,

"Let us put women to work".

That was where the whole problems started. That was when our nation fell much deeper to be a Godless nation.

Look at the data, women's liberation started, divorce rate went up, homosexuality started, schools were built because mothers had to work, and child labor started. We have been forcing our children as young as 3 years old go to work at schools against their will for 15 years and leaving their parents eight hours a day to get useless education, and grow up with people, whom they never met in their life, instead of acquiring love from their parents and close relatives.

And because of our wrong doings we have school shootings and our children are at the lowest level of education amongst all the students in the world.

Then alcohol and drugs rate went sky high, then fast foods, processed foods, foods sprayed with chemical poisons, resulting uncountable death with new diseases.

Then tornados, floods, fires, hurricanes, mudslides, and then accidents, police shootings black people, and so on.

These disasters are the result of being a Godless nation.

US Declaration of Independent is wrong, when it says,

"All Men and Women are Created Equal".

Yet, the Almighty Creator, our Owner says that

"The Almighty Prefers Men over Women",

and He said "Men are the Bread Earners" and "These genders are Equal ONLY in Belief."

Yet, we are transferring our conjectures without any bases to all over the world and raping their hearts and souls after we have raped the heart and souls of our own people.

And now by exposing our people in government almost everyday we became the most embarrassed country in the whole world. The worst is on the way for our Godless nation.

NBC Dateline, Montecito CA, mudslide survivals few months ago.

And I placed this "Post". (4/16/2018)

Unfortunately these are the people being exposed more than others, who suffered from that disasters.

These people are the ones who never did thanked their Creator everyday for the roof over their heads, for those jobs He has provided them in order to enjoy the Almighty's provisions, they never thanked Him for their security and protections they never thanked Him for . . .

These disasters are the consequences of being unappreciative of our Owner, the Almighty Creator.

This is the result of being a Godless nation.

You are here to find out where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going after here. Yet eople come to this world with no knowledge and leave as a loser. The worst is on the way.

Here is another awesome "Hikmah" from the Almighty Allah, the Creator. (4/12/2018)

One of the amazing stories in the Arabic Quran is the story of Moosaw especially the part when Allah talks to him.

The moment when Allah talked to Moosaw always gives me Goosebumps.

Although Allah gave Moosaw 9 signs (Aweyaat), but right there Allah gave him 2 signs.

"So We certainly gave to Moosaw (9) Nine profound Signs (Aweyaat), ask the Children who will be transported by the Powerful Allah." (17:101) )

"Throw down your staff." When he saw it moving like a demon, he turned around and fled. "O Moses, come back; do not be afraid. You are perfectly safe."

"Put your hand into your pocket; it will come out white without a blemish. Fold your wings and settle down from your fear. These are Two Signs from your Lord, to be shown to Pharaoh and his elders; they have been wicked people." (28:31-32)

So far we have 2 signs.

"Consequently, we sent upon them the flood, the locusts, the lice, the frogs, and the blood - profound Signs (Aweyaat). But they maintained their arrogance. They were evil people." (7:133)

So far we have 2 + 5 = 7

Then there was the Red Sea opened up for people of Moosaw.

"Recall that We parted the sea for you; we saved you and drowned Pherown's people before your eyes." (2:50)

Also we read in (20:77- 7:138) as well.

So we have, 2 + 5 + 1 = 8 Then what is the 9th Sign (Aweyat)?

After they passed through the Red Sea, then Allah says,

"We wrote for him (Moosaw) on the tablets all kinds of enlightenments and details of everything: "You shall uphold these teachings strongly, and exhort your people to uphold them - these are the best teachings. I will point out for you the fate of the wicked." (7:145)

"We gave Moosaw the Book - after having annihilated the previous generations, and after setting the examples through them - to provide enlightenment for the people, and guidance, and mercy, that they may take heed." (28:43)

"We have sent down the Torah, containing guidance and light." (5:44)

So Allah gave Moosaw the "Torat", remember that 30 nights added by 10, while Moosaw was receiveing the "Torah"?

But they said,

"Now that the truth has come to them from us, they said, "If only we could be given what was given to Moosaw!" Did they not disbelieve in what was given to Moosaw in the past? They said, "Both (scriptures) are works of magic that copied one another." They also said, "We are disbelievers in both of them." (28:48)

"I will divert from My Signs those who are arrogant on earth, without justification. Consequently, when they see every kind of Sign they will not believe. And when they see the path of guidance they will not adopt it as their path, but when they see the path of straying they will adopt it as their path. This is the consequence of their rejecting our Signs, and being totally heedless thereof." (7:146)

So "The Torah" could be the 9th Sign given to Moosaw for "the sons will be transported by the Powerful Allah", "The Nation of Ebrahim".

* But I have a strong feeling that this verse tells us about the 9th Sign.

"Recall that Moosaw sought water for his people. We said, "Strike the rock with your Staff." Whereupon, Twelve springs gushed out therefrom. The members of each tribe knew their own water. Eat and drink from Allah's provisions, and do not roam the earth corruptingly." (2:60)

Since Moosaw's "Staff" was the main source of those Signs.

You must know that all Pherown's soldiers were drowned who were all males, while their wives and any other females were in the city alive with some young boys as well. Therefore, Pherown's nation did not destroyed completely.

But, feel free to receive your own inspiration from Allah regarding the 9th Sign.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Please check those verses in Arabic language.

Face Book Mark Zuckerberg - YouTube - NSA - Google - Social security - and others will be destroyed. (4/9/2018).

Here is the "Post".

People, do not worry about those wicked companies who are holding our info in their archives, because they will be destroyed by other hackers.

The Almighty has been given us the knowledge of binary numbers few years back in order to show us His awesome mathematical miracles in His scripture, but people did not take heed and they rejected and hide all of those 1500 pages of scientific reports based on mathematics and 2.6 million websites.

Therefore, as the consequence He will make them to be destroyed with our own hands.

These people are there to bring us disasters as the consequences of our rejecting the Almighty's sings, plus to bring disasters upon themselves and their families as well. The worst is yet to come.

15 Dead After Canadian Junior Hockey Team Bus Crash (4/08/2018).

I placed this "Post".

If you knew where you came from, why you are here, and where are going after here you would know that the ones whom their life were taken and they were under the age of 41 are in the Heaven having fun, since the age of responsibility is 41.

And the Almighty Creator controls life and death, while love ones are suffering here.

Therefore, learn the system of your Creator so you would not suffer, and leave this world as a winner.

Here is a new "Hikmah" from the Almighty Creator Allah. (3/21/2018).

As you know Dr. Rashad Khalifa was the "Messenger of the Covenant" (3:81). Yet, after him there came few other people who claimed that they are messengers as well.

Remember the most important criteria of a messengers is that he has chosen from amongst the men, and Allah either talks to him like Moosaw, or send him a "Vahhy", "Revelation" through the "Angel Jebriel", who talks to the messengers in their brains and not in their ears, and also they must announce their messenger ship to the people.

And Dr. Khalifa was receiving "Vahhy" from Allah and his last one was couple of days before his departure, which he received it early at dawn by the "Angel Jebreil" and Dr. Khalif told to his few followers after dawn prayer, and by the grace of the Almighty Allah I was there as well.

"Angel Jebreil" revealed to him verse (46:35) since he was getting signs that the earth is going to get hit by a comet. For checking his last prophecy you may click Here.

Also Dr. Khalifa announced his messenger ship to all the leaders and authorities in the whole world at the time.

You may want to read sura 44 and 54 as well.

After splitting the moon, which was when we went to the moon and brought back moon rocks, then we saw the mathematical miracle in the Arabic Quran based on the number 19, and after that the smoke is going to come, sura 44.

We read from sura 46 Dr. Khalifa's last revelation (46:35).

"Therefore, be patient like the messengers before you who possessed strength and resorted to patience. Do not be in a hurry to see the retribution that will inevitably come to them. The day they see it, it will seem as if they lasted one hour of the day. This is a proclamation: Is it not the wicked who are consistently annihilated?"

We read from (54:1-3).

"The Hour has come closer, and the moon has split. Then they saw a miracle; but they turned away and said, "Old magic." They disbelieved, followed their opinions, But for everything there is an appointed time."

Then many other people at the time of Dr. Khalifa and after his departure had so many mathematical findings in the Arabic Quran based on number 19 and other mathematical confirmations which you can watch them on YouTube, and little by little because of those given mathematical signs they started to claim their own messenger ship.

Now let us read again some verses from sura( 44:9-15).

"Indeed, they are doubtful, heedless."

"Therefore, watch for the day when the sky brings a profound smoke."

"It will envelope the people; this is a painful retribution."

"Our Lord, relieve this retribution for us; we are believers."

" How can they be reminded, when an enlightening messenger had come to them?"

"But they turned away from him, saying, "Well educated (Teacher), but crazy (Possessed by Jinn)!"

"We will relieve the retribution for awhile; you will soon revert.

Now here is the awesome "Hikmah".

In (44:13) we read:

"How can they be reminded, when "an enlightening messenger" had come to them?"

Allah is saying after that splitting the moon, Only ONE Messenger came with those mathematical signs from Allah not those many messengers that we hear here and there.

That means after 'Messenger of the Covenant' and the 'Mathematical Signs' from Allah there would be "NO Messenger coming" up to the advent of the 'Smoke'.

You must know that Dr. Khalifa was teaching at "University of Arizona" in Tucson AZ, when Allah asked him to stop teaching and sit and purify.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah"

Stephen Hawkins that crippled man on a wheelchair has died at the age of 76.

And I left this "Post" (3/13/2018).

"Stephen has been blessed by awesome knowledge from the Almighty Creator the Only Source of knowledge all through his life, yet he has been denying his Creator and His awesome mathematical signs that was why he was cursed by the Almighty as the consequence of him being extremely unappreciative of the Almighty Creator.

Therefore, we know his final destiny.

Majority of the humans have no idea where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going after here, that is why the Almighty calls them losers."

These days there is a "International Women's Day" all over the world, so I left this "Post". (3/9/2018)

Once again our Godless womennations around the whole world are asking for gender equality against the Almighty Creator's law.

If you go throughout the history men always had superiority over women since the beginning of the history. And this women libration started around 90 years ago in USA when some smart alech in government said let us put women to work, because they we were losing the war.

That was how all the problems started and now both parties are suffering from many different disasters.

At the time of Prophet Mohammad was the same. The wife of "Abby Lahhab" was the leader of those who were against Prophet Mohammad.

As we read in sura 11,

He (Abby Lahhab) shall be burnt in a flaming fire,

and his (Abby Lahhab) wife the carrier of firewood,

On her neck will be a rope of thorns (made from pam-tree fibre).

As the Arabic Quran says, Queen "Saaba" was a leader in a system of "Sun Worshippers" not in "Allah's system". That was why her gardens were destroyed.

Allah chooses His Prophets and messengers from amongst "Males" and Not from "Females".

Allah prefers "Male" over "Females". (2:228)

These are all consequences of turning away from the Almighty Creator's rules on earth, so ladies watch out!

The worst is on the way.

Evangelize Billy Graham lied to rest in USA, state of Carolina, who was preaching Bible and he died at the age of 99. So I left this "Post" on You Tube. (3/2/2018)

Billy Graham never did read these verses throughout his 99 years of life on earth, therefore, he has been misleading millions and millions of people.

As we know "IDOL Worship is the Only Unforgiveable Sin."

Yet, Billy Graham was Worshipping a name Jesus all his life, which is not even mentioned in the original Bible in the Aramaic language. Here are some verses from the Bible.

"Thou shall have no other gods before Me".

IDOLATRY is one of Judaism’s three “Cardinal SINs,” regarding which an individual is required to give up their life rather than violate.

And Bible, Romans 1:25

"Because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever."

Matthew 4:8-10

“You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.’”

1 Corinthians 10:14

"Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry. those who pay regard to worthless IDOLs, but I trust in the Lord."

Leviticus 19:4

"Do not turn to IDOLs or make for yourselves any god: I am the Lord your God. So then, about eating food sacrificed to IDOLs: We know that "An IDOL is nothing at all in the world" and that "There is no God but ONE."

1Corinthians 8:4. Isaiah 44:10

"Who takes an IDOL, which can profit nothing? ... Who but a fool would make his own god--an IDOL that cannot help him one bit? ..."

Deuteronomy 27:15

"Cursed is anyone who makes an IDOL --a thing ... "Cursed is anyone who makes an IDOL --a thing detestable to the LORD, the work of skilled ... 'Cursed is anyone who carves or casts an IDOL and secretly sets it up..."

Ezekiel 23:49

"They will repay you for your obscene conduct, and you will be punished for IDOL worship. Then you will know that I am the sovereign ..."

Zechariah 13:2

"On that day, I will banish the names of the IDOLs ... "And on that day," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies, "I will erase IDOL worship throughout the land, so that even the names of the IDOLs will be forgotten. ..."

Zechariah 13:2

"On that day, I will banish the names of the IDOLs ... "And on that day," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies, "I will erase IDOL worship throughout the land, so that even the names of the IDOLs will be forgotten. ..."

Psalm 24:4

". . . has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an IDOL or swear by ... Only those whose hands and hearts are pure, who do not worship IDOLs and never tell ... They will repay you for your obscene conduct, and you will be punished for IDOL worship. Then you will know that I am the sovereign ..."

Psalm 24:4

"... has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an IDOL or swear by... Only those whose hands and hearts are pure, who do not worship IDOLs and never tell ..."

Az You see these couple of verses are the same as in the Arabic Quran, "Pure Hearted", "Motahharrin".

Therefore, we know where would be his destiny.

Evangelist Billy Graham died at the age of 99 in USA, therefore I left this "Post". (2/21/2018)

Evangelist Billy Graham is the one who never read those 10s of verses in the Bible which says,

"One should NOT Idolize any humans besides the Almighty Creator".

Yet he was Idolizing the name Jesus which is not even in the original scripture in Aramaic language.

Idol worship is the Only sin which will not be forgiven by our Creator, therefore we know his destination.

This man misled millions of our people through his life and our illiterate people just followed him without any proofs. That is why we have tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, church shootings, school shootings, and other disasters in so called Bible belt area and other places in US. This man made our nation an Idol worshipping nation, therefore, as the consequence we have been suffering from fast foods, processed foods, foods sprayed with chemicals poisons, drugs, alcohol, accidents, family problems, and so on.

That is why the Almighty Creator is not protecting our nation (USA) anymore, and the worst is on the way.

Here is another awesome "Hikmah" from Allah. (2/12/2018)

As we read in the Arabic Quran that Allah gave Victory (Sura 48 "Al Fath, 111th revealed to Prophet Mohammad) to Prophet Mohammad and his followers after many wars.

That means Allah gave Victory to the believers over all of those "Ahzaab", "The Parties", meaning all of those fake and false and manmade religions, like so called Jews, Christian, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, and so on.

Therefore at that time "The Original Rreligion of Allah was Dominated" over all of those fake religions.

That means the people of those fake religions got Allah's message, that they should all follow from "The Religion of Ebrahim", "Bany Esra Eil", "The sons will be transported by Allah", (Quran 2:130) by following from the Arabic Quran.

Therefore, those who believed amongst the people in Mecca and Media and whomever were entering the Kaaba at that time were performing their "Salat" prayers In Arabic language, they were reciting "Al Fatehah" in Arabic language, they were performing their Friday Prayers in Arabic language; they were paying 10% for their "Zakat" charities, and they were Fasting the whole month of Ramadan, and so on.

This is a very important "Hikmah", because it shows that all of those new believers and converts were following from the Arabic Quran.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Talking about Sexual Misconducts in USA and I left this "Post" (1/31/2018)

"If we were living in a society that men and women were suppose to be "Virgin" then you have all the rights to talk about "Sexual Misconducts".

But, we live in a society that men and women have No Respect for each other nor they honor the sanctity of marriage life, that is why they have been making love to many men and women before getting married.

We encourage our children from the age of 4 or 5 to have girlfriends and boyfriends.

We are showing a "Brothel", a house of prostitution on TV called "Bachelors" and we show one man makes love with too many women in front of the whole world, then assume ably fall in love with one of them. Are you kidding?

We sell contraceptive pills and condoms and schools give free condoms to 11 or 12 years old kids so they could screw around and do not get pregnant.

And the worst part is that when that "Sex Bully" finishes his job, the victim realizes that couple of nights before or couple of nights after she has been or will be selling her body to other men for a hamburger and french-fries.

Our Godless nation is in total confusion. The worst is yet to come".

. . . . . . -----------------------------......................... ..----- ------- -------- ------ ..............

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah the "Hakim" (1/29/2018)

These days you hear many cases of what we call "Mental Disorder or Illnesses" and they are as follows:

Mental Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Depression, Psychosis, Attention Deficit, Conduct Disorder, PTSD, Hyperactivity Disorder, Personality Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorder and many more that we have not discovered yet.

We have no idea how most of these Illnesses form as a Disease.

And unfortunately so far our scientist's focal point for recognizing what we call "Diseases or Illnesses" has focused on what is inside of our brain, and function of those neurons inside of our head. The reason is we are only able to see the reactions amongst those cells in our brain.

But, the fact of the matter is that all of these so called "Illnesses" located in our "SOUL" and in our "HEART" but (not in our physical heart), nor our head. Therefore, they prescribe you with medicines for your physical body, but not for your "Soul" or the "Fabric of your Innermost Heart".

Our brain inside of our head is the CPU "Central Processing Unit" for different functions in our physical body.

Like, walking, running, talking, hearing, feeling pain, eating, the time of getting hungry, digesting the food and distributing proteins throughout our body, or showing symptoms of different diseases, when some kind of germ enters our body, and many more.

Now in order to Heal our Physical Body Allah showed us many different "Herbal Medicines" in order to cure those diseases and pains.

In societies around the world humans do not have any tools to fix those "Mental Problems", but those chemical medicines with lots of side effects, which has not cured anyone yet. The reason is that our "Soul" is not visible to us, therefore there is no medicine for it.

Look, our identity at Allah is our "Soul" and not our "Body", Yet our identity in our society is our "Body", which appears to people.

Our brain after our "Soul" was gone is going to be rotten, and become dust after awhile. Yet, our "Soul" is the one, who is going to live forever, and answer to Allah on the "Day of Judgment".

Now there is a word in Arabic language which its root word is "Ma Ra Za" meaning:

Illness, Disease, Sickness, Ailing, Disorder, and so on, basically include all the bad attributes of human beings.

This word is used for our "Body" and for our "Soul" in the Arabic Quran.

Now all of those negative attributes of humans like;

Jealousy, Hatred, Sedition, Animosity, Vengeance, Grudge, Aversion, Distrust, Envy, Treason, Evil Thought, and those good attributes of humans are;

Charitable, Love, Caring, Affection, Kindness, Compassion, Sacrifice, Devotion, and so on. They are all in our "Innermost Soul" and not in our "Body".

Did you know that we have neurons in our stomach as well?

Here are some of the verses from the Arabic Quran on the root word "Ma Ra Za" :

"Allah thus sets up shaytan's scheme as a test for those who have disease in their Hearts, and those whose Hearts are hardened, and the unjust are in deep opposition".

"Those who have Disease in their Hearts, Allah increase their Diseases"

"O wives of the Prophet, you are not the same as any other women, if you observe righteousness. Therefore, you shall not speak too softly, lest those with Disease in their Hearts may get the wrong ideas, (covet, tempted, lust after), but speak the word appropriate".

"Is it that there is a Disease in their Hearts"?

"Or do those who have a Disease in their Heart think, that Allah will not expose their grudge (or hatred)?

"Unless the hypocrites, and those with Disease in their Hearts, and the vicious liars of the city refrain (from persecuting , molesting, and insulting women), we will surely grant you the upper hand, then they will be forced to leave within a short while".

And this last verse the word "Ma Ra Za" has to do with "Physical Sickness" at the time of "Fasting" in the month of "Ramedan".

" . . . But whoever among you is Sick or on a journey, then (he shall fast) the same number of other days, . . ".

Now here is the "Prescription" which Allah has been "Prescribing" for the ones who are suffering from "Mental Disorder or Illnesses" ever since 1450 years ago.

Allah has the "Best Healing Tool" for getting rid of those Illnesses, which we have been suffering from.

The root word of this awesome medicine in Arabic language is "Sh e. Fa Ya" meaning "Healing", and "Cure".

Again this word was used for the "Innermost Soul", and also for the "Physical Body" of humans.

But I must say that this "Healing" medicine is exclusively for the ones who "Believe in Allah and His Arabic Quran".

Obviously it is not for the ones who turn to the enemy of Allah, His messengers, His scriptures, and His mathematical Signs.

You do not need to chew it, or swallow it, or take it after dinner, or before your lunch.

All Allah said was:

"You shall fight them, for Allah will punish them at your hands, humiliate them, grant you victory over them, and "Heal" the Chests (the innermost soul) of the 'Believers'".

Ebrahim said, "And when I get sick, He Heals me".

"O people, enlightenment has come to you herein from your Lord, and "Healing" for what is in your "Innermost Soul", and guidance, and mercy for the Believers".

Allah inspired the Honey Bee, "Then eat from all the fruits, following the design of your Lord, precisely. From their bellies comes a drink of different colors, wherein there is "Healing" for the people. This should be proof for people who reflect".

"We send down in the Quran "Healing" and mercy for the "Believers". At the same time, it only increases the wickedness of the transgressors".

"And had We made it a Quran in Iranian, they would have said, “Why have not its signs been explained in detail (in our Arabic language)? What !? a (book in) Iranian (language) and (the messenger from) Arabs?” Say, “For those who 'Believe', it is a guide and a 'Healing', and (for) those who do not believe, there is a deafness in their ears, and it is blindness for them, It is as if they are being called from a faraway place.”

As you notice the "Healing" is only for the ones whom already have "Believed" in Allah and the Arabic Quran and it "Is Not For The Disbelievers".

Allah is the only source of guidance and knowledge. So if you really and truly want to believe in Allah and submit to His laws in the Arabic Quran you must ask Him for His guidance.

It is like when you truly fall in love with someone or something. That is when your soul urges, tries earnestly, or persistently to persuade, with a strong desire, or impulse, immense desire, wish, need, compulsion, longing, yearning, hankering, craving, appetite, hunger, thirst for the one you LOVE.

Then Allah, the Gracious and the Merciful will make a decision whom should be guided or not, because Allah is the only One Who is aware of our "Innermost Souls".

Now you must have heard of "Alcoholic Anonymous", "Yoga classes, "Sufism", "Different Gyms", "Transcendental Meditations", and so on.

None of these classes are able to "Heal" your "Innermost Soul".

The good news is that "The True Believers" have theirs "Souls Healed" by Allah.

Now let us read sura (73:20) and find out how Allah "Heals" our "Innermost Soul".

Allah's Prescription For

"Healing the Soul"

"Your Lord knows that you

(1) - keep being awake during 'Two-Thirds (2/3) of the Night', or

(2) -'Half (1/2) of it', or

(3) -'One-Third (1/3) of it', and

so do some of those who 'Believed with you'.

Allah has measured the night and the day, and He knows that you cannot always count it. He has pardoned you. Then, you shall

(4) -'Read what you can of the Quran'.

He knows that some of you may be sick (physically), others may be traveling in the land seeking Allah's bounty, and others may be striving in the cause of Allah. You shall

Read what you can of it (the Arabic Quran),

and observe the contact prayers (Salat), give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and lend Allah a loan of righteousness. Whatever good you send ahead on behalf of your souls, you will find it at Allah, which is better and greater rewarded. And seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful". (73:20)

Here is the second part of Allah's Prescription for "Healing the Soul":

Stand up for the Contact Prayer (Salat) when the sun going down from its highest point at noon, as it moves towards darkness of the night. And

(5) -(Recite) the Quran at dawn.

(Reciting) the Quran at dawn is witnessed. (17:78)

We knew already that Angels change their shifts at dawn as we read in sura (13:11).

(13:11) or (13 + 11 = 24 --> every 24 hours the Angels change their shifts).

Therefore, at dawn we have 4 angels instead of 2 so we get double the credit.

As you notice Allah is telling us what to take, when to take, and what dosage we should take from the "Arabic Quran" in order to be "Healed" by Allah the "Hakim".

All we must do is ask Allah to make us a "Believer" and then follow those 5 steps, or better yet just "Read" the "Arabic Quran" anytime we are not busy at Dawn, and at Nights, and ask Allah to bless us with Patients and Strength.

As you see Allah guarantees "Healing the Soul' for the "Believers"

This is the Awesome "Hikmah" from Allah

This is how Allah take people from their "Darkness" to His "Light"

This is unbelievable, all of these doctors, and scientists never tried these fromula of Allah for nearly 1450 years.

Here is another shocking news, there are about 7.5 billion people in our world right now, and none knows that Allah has been "Curing" people with "Mental Disorders and Illnesses".

The first priority is that you must be truly and totally a submitter to the rules of Allah as He prescribed for "The Nation of Ibrahim", otherwise it is not going to work. And that is totally free of charge, without any side effects. Sobhan Allah.

Allah Sealed His "Prescription" for "Healing the Soul" with His Awesome Mathematical Signs

I wish I had the means to open up an "Institute for Healing the Soul"

Just by "Reading the Arabic Qiran"

Believers will be in perfect "Peace"

These days we have been witnessing "Women's March 2018 all around the USA and around the world".

So I placed this "Post" (1/22/2018)

"Ladies, the Almighty Creator Who put together every single cell in our body, and He created all the creatures in the 7 universes always preferred "Men" over "Women". Men and Women are NOT Equal. That has been His system ever since He brought down humans on this earth.

Any kinds of harassments against women is against His laws, and you are absolute correct on that part. But, not Equality of men and women.

We all saw what Oprah did for those African girls when she preferred girls over boys and how it was back fired on her.

You witnessed "Gays March" few years back and then they brought down upon themselves aids killing 49 million people so far.

The more Godless we become the more disasters we bring upon ourselves as the consequence.

And now we have the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact science to prove this fact."

"16 years war in Afghanistan" 60 Minutes' correspondent reports on America's longest war (1/15/2018)

And I placed this "Post":

"It has been 40 some years that the Almighty Creator has been sending down those awesome mathematical signs in the Arabic Quran through 2 American known scientists. Yet, authorities in USA and the ones who control the media and so called Muslims have been hiding and rejecting those 1500 pages of scientific reports based on mathematics, the exact science, and those 2.6 million websites based on number 19 the secret code of the Arabic Quran.

That is why they are all have been suffering from disasters almost every single day, and it is only going to get worst.

Yet media has been trying to mislead people ever since".

The reason people do not take heed, and do not want to understand it is because there are people living in our time who deserve Allah's punishment due to their own wrong doings, that is why these awesome mathematical signs of Allah are not on TV and Hollywood. Yet we are witnessing their embarrassments and getting fire very often.

Allah is in full control.

There is a TV series in USA by the name of "Young Sheldon". (1/12/2018)

This young boy has been given extra talent by the Almighty Allah, and these days he is studying different religions in order to find the true religion of the Almighty Creator, and in relates to that subject he is talking about "Binary numbers", and "Prime numbers".

So I placed this "Post" on those trailers, but please watch this sneak peek first.

"Dear Young Sheldon, you pointed your finger on an excellent subject, and we thank those producers who have been inspired by the Almighty to make this series.

Welcome to the 21st century, here is what media have been trying so hard to hide the truth from people ever since 40 some years ago.

The Almighty Creator has been sending us mathematical signs in the Arabic Quran through 2 American scientists based on "Binary numbers" so we could built computers, which "The Almighty swears by the "Binary numbers", "The Even and the Odd" (Quran chapter (10th) revealed, verse number 3), and by the number 19, the hidden secret code in the Arabic Quran.

"Computer Has Spoken" (Quran 27:82).

There are 1500 pages of scientific reports available based on "Prime numbers", "Composites", "Twin Primes", "Twin Prime Companions", "Gaussian Primes", and so on, plus 2.6 million websites based on Quran's secret code number 19.

The Almighty says, "This Sign given to you is 10 times greater than the older Signs", which it has purified the Arabic Quran from all of those distortions throughout the histoy into its original revelations at a time that there are 50 different Arabic Qurans being printed all over the world.

The Arabic Quran comes with specific sets of dietary instructions, which guarantees you with perfect security, provisions, protection, and happiness in this life, and the perfect peace at the Garden of Eden on the other side.

So called Muslims have been rejecting those mathematical signs. That is why disasters have been coming down on them almost every day, and they do not read the Quran, but those satanic books written by human devil.

By studying and following from the laws of our Creator in this book you will find yourself in a place that no man has touched before". Sheldon just follow our name.

Here is a new "Hikmah" from Allah "The Hakim". (1/9/2018)

There is no end to "Hikmah" in the Arabic Quran, and through these "Hikmah" Allah teaches us how to live in His Kingdom. Remember every single verse of the Arabic Quran must be revealed into our souls.

Majority of the people in the world they are following from their "Own Desires" instead of following Allah's proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact science . Although they see those 1500 pages of scientific reports, and those 2.6 million websites.

You may read these verses in the Arabic Quran.(13:37; 6:150; 2:120,145)

The Arabic word "Ha Waw A" means 'A strong feeling of' ; following from your "Own Desire", "whishes", "Wanting something", "Craving for somehting", "Longing for something", to "Ask for something", "Having something", "Achieving something", "Seeking something to come out".

You may check this link for all the root words of "Ha Waw A":

If you look up the meaning for the word "Ha Waw A" in the Arabic Dictionary "Al-Monjid" you will find these meanings:

Grave and Severe Desire, the one who is the Slave of his or her own Desire, and then "Eshgh" meaning "Love" for a person like, children, wife, or husband, but it is Not like loving french fries, and catch up as English speaking people use! . . .

Also means, Desire of Soul, Following from Desire instead of Mind and Intellect, (Sometimes our desire takes over of our mind and brain, and becomes much more stronger than our logic), Excessiveness in Liking someone, Wanting something with Full Power.

These "Excessive Desires" could be:

Money, Livestock, Real estate, Fame and Celebrity, Power, Children, Falling in Love with a person, Fanatics, Patriotism, Suicide Bomber, Ambition, Self Love, Gluttons and Epicure, Loving materials like Automobiles, Jewelries, Collectors of all kinds, Lust for people, Jealousy, Greedy, Stingy, and all kinds of different Lusts and Desires.

We are going to be tested by all of these "Desires" through our life.

Some people even take their "Own Desire as a Lord". (25:43; 45:23)

And some Allah seales their heart, because they follow from their "Own Desires". (47:16)

Some they follow from their "Own Desires", because they just wanted to stick to this earth. (7:176)

"Had we willed, we could have elevated him therewith (meaning those signs of Allah as in 7:175), but he insisted on sticking to the ground, and 'Pursued the Desire of his own Soul'. Thus, he is like the dog; whether you pet him or scold him, he pants. Such is the example of people who reject our signs. Narrate these narrations, that they may reflect".

The best person is the one in verses (79:40-41)

"But as for him who Feared the Position of his Lord, and Restraint his Soul from "Excessive Desire", then surely the Garden of Eden will be the Abode".

As for the "Desire for Money and Wealth" we have that rich man "Qaroon" in the Arabic Quran. Please read these verses (28:76-85).

And in our time we have "8 Richest People Who Own Same Wealth as Half of The World", meaning they have as much wealth as the 3.5 billion people have combined.

These are the ones who do not pay their "10% Zakut Charity", that is why we have so many homeless people on earth.

Did you watch that "Golden Globes Award" few days ago? Those are "The Most Dimmest Stars" on earth. These people do not have the slightest "Light" from the Almighty Creator. They are all following the "Desires of their Own Souls".

That is why they were all praising "Oprah Winfrey". This person has no idea about the system of Allah, yet there are millions of people Idolizing Oprah, because they are just following the "Desire of their Own Souls".

Everything Oprah does is against Allah's system dictated in the Arabic Quran.

Just few days ago at the "Golden Globes Award 2018" Oprah praised "Girls" over boys, then couple of days after that her yard was covered with mud, because of excessive rain in Los Angles. That was kind of similar to the story of "Qaroon", when his house was swallowed by the earth.

(If you noticed she did not allowed any video shown on YouTube, and she wiped them all up. This shows that she is that big of an Idol).

But, no one has the "Light" in order to recognize the reason behind these Disasters. Why, because, they are only following from their "Own Desires".

Few years back she followed her "Own Desires" and built a school somewhere in Africa only for "Girls", meaning she preferred females over males, which is against Allah's system.

Then she went there to visit the school, but the Angels of the Almighty blown away the huge tent that they set up for their celebration, and broke the nose of one of her camera man.

Then they found out that those teachers, whom she employed they were beating up those girls, and so many other embarrassments.

Also we have been witnessing those Disasters coming down on Holly Wood people, because of "Sexual Lust". These Disasters are NOT going to stop upon those Godless people.

Remember if you are a true believer of Allah, and you have been put to the test, then shaytan cannot touch you, but he makes his allies do the job for him, therefore you gwt fooled by those allies of him, who has some kind of influence on you, and then you fall for your own "Desires".

That is how Allah makes sure that each verse of the Arabic Quran settles into your heart if it has not been there already.

We must remember that we are constantly being tested by Allah. We can get fooled by our "Own Excessive Desires", yet as soon as we realize our mistakes, and repent to Allah and ask for His forgiveness, we find Allah Al Rahman, and Al Rahim.

Remember, Allah is always protect His servants, and He says that it is His responsibility to give victory to His believers.

And some times He even gives to His especial servant a new "Hikmah" as an assurance, that his repentance has been accepted, which you are going to read about it next.

Thank Allah for His unending blessings and "Hikmah".

Here is a new kind of a nasty "Hikmah" from the Arabic Quran. (1/10/2018)

The Arabic word for "Urinate" is "Bul", which you will NOT find it in the Arabic Quran.

The Arabic word for "Fecal Matter or Feces" is "l-ghaiti", which means "The solid or semisolid remains of the food that could not be digested in the small intestine", and this word has been repeated couple of times in the Arabic Quran in verses (4:43, 5:6).

I am going to highlight some sections on this verse, becasue that is what we are going to talk about, whether you like it or not! . . . "To poop or not to poop, that is the question?"

"O you who believe, when you observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), you shall: wash your faces, wash your arms to the elbows, wipe your heads, and wash your feet to the ankles. If you were unclean due to semen injection (emission of semen which is not related to sex), you shall pure yourself (by bathing). If you are ill, or traveling, or had any fecal matter (defecate), or had touched the women, and you cannot find "water", you shall observe the dry Tayammum by touching clean dry soil, then rubbing your faces and hands. Allah does not wish to make the religion difficult for you; He wishes to cleanse you and to complete His blessing upon you, that you may be appreciative". (5:6)

Simply it says that when you are traveling in the middle of nowhere, and you had to defecate and you do not find any "WATER" around you, then observe dry "Tayammum".

First of all this verse does NOT say when you "Urinate" you should "Wash", Nor it says, "Wash" after passing "Gas".

The average healthy human passes "Gas" about 14 times a day. Go ahead and Google it.

And if you are an older person you would pass more "Gas" than the others. And Allah knows that. Yet, those illiterate mullahs made up their own fake and false religion and say, "One must "Wash" after passing "Gas".

That is why people ridicule those mullahs, and says to them,

"So, if passing "Gas" during your prayers nullifies your prayer, then the religion of so called Islam is based on a "Fart" ! . .

That is why there is Nothing about passing"Gas" in those couple of verses.

Now as you see there is no "Rock", nor any "Plant's Leaves", nor any kind of a "Paper", or any "Toilet Paper" in this verse either. But only "washing" yourselves with "WATER".

Allah never comes short on words, because He thought us all of these words Himself.

Also you do not find any of that word of "Wudo", or "Ablution", which was made up by illiterate mullahs in the whole Arabic Quran, yet simply "Washing".

These days there are "Water" in almost all of those bathrooms and restrooms, which they have pluming.

Therfore, every time you had to pass "Fecal Matter" you should "WASH" yourselves with "WATER" and NOT wipping out yourselves with "Toilet Paper" or anything else for that matter.

Now as you see this was a very simple and easy "Hikmah" and we have been reading these couple verses maybe more than 1000 times, but Allah is the "Hakim" and He is the One Who knows when and where, and to whom He is going to drop this awesoem "Hikmah" as a gift of Forgiveness.

I know most of you having your jaw dropped thinking that you have nullified thousands of your prayers.

But, you must know that Allah is Al-Rahman, and Al-Rahim and He is always the Forgiver.

That is why in USA alone In 2017, it's estimated there are 135,430 new cases of Colorectal Cancer and 50,260 deaths from colon and rectal cancers.

1 in 20 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Yet Allah wanrned us 1400 years ago.

Because Allah is "Al-Rahman", and "Al-Rahim", therefore, He has already informed His servant long time ago regarding "Washing" himself after using bathroom, without even being aware of the true "Hikmah" and meaning of these verses. Thank Allah for His inspirations.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Here Is The Newest "Hikmah" From The Almighty Creator. (1/21/2018 11:40 am L.A.)

When we are observing our contact prayer, "Salat", we recite sura "Al Fatehah" which is the only sura in the Arabic Quran that we talk directly to Allah despite other suras, which Allah is talking to us.

Therefore, whenever we recite sura "Al Fatehah" we should have been "Washed" already if we just released "Fecal Matter".

Thank Allah For His None Stop Guidance. Thank Allah For His Awesome Unending Signs and "Hikmah".

Iranians protesting against their dictatorship government and I left this "Post" on you tube. 1/02/2018

"It has been 40 some years that Iranians were notified with revelations of mathematical signs in the Arabic Quran, yet they all have been rejecting and hiding those 1500 pages of scientific reports based on mathematics, the exact science.

They have been cursed by the Almighty in order to suffer from so many disasters ever since. That is why this wicked manmade and false religion has been ruling over them.

Iranians follow from everything except the Quran. The Almighty Creator is the best Avenger. The worst is yet to come".

Kabul cultural center suicide bomb 40 killed and I placed this "Post" 12/30/2017

"These so called Muslims have been rejecting Allah's mathematical Miracles in the Quran ever since 40 some years ago. Although the Almighty Creator has been given them so many years of respite. Allah is the Best Avenger. The worst is yet to come".

Tropical storm hit Philippine again so I left this "Post". (12/24/2017)

The more Godless we become the more disasters are going to hit us. And Philippines do not want to learn any lesson, that is why almost every single year they face these kinds of disasters. The Almighty Creator is the Best Avenger.

Train derailed in Washington State and I placed this "Post". (12/18/2017)

Disasters are not going to stop for our Godless nation. The Almighty Creator is the Best Avenger for His unappreciative people. No one can escape.

This is just a reminder because I forgot to tell my friend about these important commandments. 12/24/2017

Everything we see around us was created by the Almighty Creator, Allah.

Soil belongs to Allah, seeds belong to Allah, and He sends down water from the sky.

Yet, we call ourselves a "Farmer".

In (56:64) Allah says:

"Do you farm it, or are We the Farmers?"

All of these provisions were created by Allah. Even the material that we use to make spoons, forks, knives, plates, all belongs to Allah.

Also, those five fingers some people use to grab a bit with in some parts of the world were created by Allah.

Therefore, He asked us that whenever we eat something simply we should say,

"In The Name of Allah",

You may read verse (56:64; 32:27; 5:4; 6:118; 22:34; 22:36).

Later I will write more about Allah's system whenever it comes to my mind insah Allah.

So when you start eating 'Pork' or 'Drinking Alcoholic Beverages' or using any kind of 'Intoxicants, or any other Foods Dedicated to other than Allah', then you would remember that these are "Forbidden Foods" and "Drinks".

You might want to check those videos about "Religious Duties", and "Mohammad".

Here are foods and things that they are "Forbidden" by Allah . (2:173; 2:219; 5:3; 6:145; 16:115)

Inverse (2:173) Allah sya:

"He only prohibits for you the eating of animals that die of themselves, blood, the meat of pigs, and what has been

'Dedicated to other than Allah'

If one is forced, without disobedient nor transgressing, he incurs no sin. Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful"

Here are some blessed foods of Allah, which the majority of Iranians make them "Forbidden", "Haram" to eat by

"Dedicating them to other than Allah"

If you stay away from these foods you will enjoy a "Delightful" life forever.

That is why Iranians are suffering from so many Disasters, and they have been cursed and blocked by Allah, therefore they are not able to receive any more Knowledge and Discoveries from Allah.

This part was added later on 2/4/2021

"Please remember that any Food has to do with those fake Religious as dietary FOODs are "Haram" for the True Believers. For example those "kosher" FOODs whom those illiterate rabbis made up for their people are forbidden "Haram" although, they are all blessings from ALLAH.

Also any dietary FOOD that those illiterate preachers of so called Christians made up for their people are "Haram" because, they have been made up by those illiterate rabbis and preachers therefore, those FOODs have been dedicated to other than ALLAH."

Also this shaytanic company "Monsanto" modified corn seeds for their own and they are selling them with their name on them. This is how shaytan changes the "Creation" of ALLAH. Therefore, only and only Organic Corns has ALLAH's name on it yet, those modified Corns has "Monsanto's" name on it. So be careful.

Think about it, any FOOD those people around 7000 thousand years ago were eating was good which was before religious leaders mess up our FOODs.

Alll the FOODs are "Pure & Lawful", "Halal & Tayybeb" if they do not have any name of those Fake Religions behind them or after them. And those FOODs that dose not have the name "Monsanto" on them.


Now let us read verse (2:219) it says:

"They ask you about "intoxicants" and 'What comes by Easily': say, 'In them there is a gross sin', and some benefits for the people. But their sinfulness far outweighs their benefit." They also ask you what to give to charity: say, "The excess". Allah thus clarifies the revelations for you, that you may reflect," (2:219) upon this life and the Hereafter. And they ask you about the 'Orphans': say, "Bringing them up as righteous persons is the best you can do for them. If you mix their property with yours, you shall treat them as family members." Allah knows the righteous and the wicked. Had Allah willed, He could have imposed harsher rules upon you. Allah is the Almighty, the Hakim". (2:220)

The Arabic word "Kha Ma Ra" means "Cover", or "Coverer" or "Covering somthing", and also means "Head Scarf", yet they translated as an "Intoxicant"! . . ..

In (24:31) Allah says to the women:

"Drop down your "Head Scarf" on to your bosoms".

Unlike Hollywood fashions these days. That means that was how the fashin was at the time of prophet Mohammad.

Also the word "Kha Ma Ra" in Arabic language basically means "Wine" as well.

When you get intoxicated with drugs or alcohol the next day you do not remember what you have done the night before, because those intoxicants covered your brain and those nerve cells stopped acting properly, therefore you are not able to think properly. Like when you get an anesthesia, but their dosage are much higher than drugs and alcohols.

The word "Qomar" or "Qemar" is an Arabic word, but to our surprise Allah never mentioned the word "Qemar" in the Arabic Quran. Yet, He used the word "Maay Sar" which comes from the root word "Ya Sa Ra" meaning "Ease" or "What Acquires Easily".

In Farsi language we say "Mo Yass Sar", or "Awe son". That means with a click of a mouse on those stock names you would buy a stock, or by pressing a button on a slot machine, or by drawing a card, or roll a dice, or lottery, or anything involve with game of chance, without working, you gain or loose money. Allah wants us to work in order to acquire money, wealth, and provisions.

Therefore, stop Gambling, and take your Stocks out of the market, stop Lottery by just picking some numbers, or by Rolling a dice .

Allah wants you to work for your money. And stop drinking Intoxicated beverage and any Intoxicated drugs.

Also in verse (5:3) Allah says:

"Do not kill animals for the idols (Dead Saints, Prophets, and Messengers), and Do Not divide meats by raffling with arrows (Game of chance).

As some companies do these days.


Here are other places that are Forbidden for the Believers to Enter and those are so called the places of worship, which they use other names of saints and idols besides the name of Allah, and they those so called,

" Mosques, and even Kaba in Saudi Arabia which the names of idols have been written all over, then Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Maktab of Sufism, and so on.

These days you would not find a single place of worship that they follow from this commandment except in my room or your room! . . .

Therefore, true believers of Allah should not go to "Mecca" for "Hajj Pilgrimage" and they should not enter the"Sacred kaaba", because there are so many names of prophet and saints written all over the "Kaaba". They just have to wait until that city become free insha Allah.

That is why every year there are disasters come down upon those pilgrims and they either get killed by stampede, fire, or fallen bridge and other disasters.

As Allah says in (72:18):

"The places of worship belong to Allah; do not call on anyone else beside Allah".

Yet you hear or you see many other names or statues of dead saints, idols and prophets beside the name of Allah all over these places.

Here is another important commandment of Allah. As Allah says in (4:140):

"He (Allah) has sent down to you in the scripture that: if you hear Allah's revelations being mocked and ridiculed, you shall not sit with them, unless they delve into another subject. Otherwise, you will be as guilty as they are. Allah will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers together in Hell".

Therefore, as soon as you hear people are rediculing Allah's revelations you should get up and leave, until they delve in to another subject. You do not have to argue with them, because you know what would be their destiny!

1/03/2018 - 1/07/2018

We read in (33:4):

"Allah has not made for any man Two Hearts Inside of Him, and He has not made your wives, whom you orally declare to be your mothers, your (real) mothers, and He has not made, those whom you adopt as sons, your (real) sons. Those are (just) statements from your mouths and Allah speaks the truth and He guides to the (right) way".

That is why in verse (4:3) Allah just does not say get married with 4 wives, because He knows that you are not able to love all of them the same, because one person has only ONE Heart in their chest. Yet Allah says:

"For the 'Benefit of Fatherless Children' you may get married with their mothers up to 4 wives, but if you fear that you cannot show equality (between them) then (marry) only ONE woman, or the one who has made a covenant with you, that she would belong to you. Thus it is more likely that you will not do injustice".

It is like the story of "Yaaqoub", who was in Love with a woman, but he could not get married with her, and then he got married with one of those second class citizens, or as the Arabic Quran say:

"The one who made a covenant with you, that she would belong to you".

Then he had 10 children from her. Later on at the right time "Yaaqoub" could finally get married with the one who really Loved and they had "Yousuf" and "Benyamean" together.

That is why "Yaaqoub" liked those 2 sons much more than the other 10 children, because he was in Love with their mother.

But, the most important about this verse is that it was revealed, when Mohammad and his followers were at war with other fake religions or "Ahzzab" sura 33.

Now sura 4 is the 92nd sura revealed to Prophet Mohammad. And Moahmmad's wars strated from sura 87 which it is sura 2 right now. So, this verse is in sura 92nd or sura 4 right now, which is 6 suras after the first war started.

Ok, the point is that there were some Mohammad's people who got killed at war, and they left their widows with children, and Allah wanted those "Fatheless Children" have a father figure, and those widows could have a huband and a source of support. Thank Allah Who is the Al Rahman, and The Al Rahim.

You must know that wars started from the year 622 to the year 632. So after 6th sura revealed after sura 2 or 87th sura revealed to peophet Mohammad, then we get to read this verse (4:3) or 92nd to Prphet Mohammad.

Please make sure read sura 4 many times and very carefully.


Another important commandment of Allah in the Arabic Quran for "The Nation of Ibrahim" is that "We should observe the day of 'Sabtt'". You may go to this link:

"Sabtt" means "The day of Rest" and that would be on "Saturdays".

Allah does not want humans go after provisions on Saturdays. That means 'We should NOT work for money on Saturdays'.

"We should NOT receive any money on Saturdays", but you can pay for your foods, or cook our foods, or go for recreations, drive our cars, or anything else just "Do Not make money on that day", "Sabtt". Just rest and have fun on "Saturdays", otherwise you would pay for it one way or another.

Yet, all other creatures of Allah would go after provisions 7 days a week.


Let us find out about our family that we are living with, and our beloved business and the house that we are living in.

In verse (64:14) Allah says,

"O you who believe, your spouses and your children can be your enemies; so beware of them. If you pardon, forget, and forgive, then Allah is Forgiver, the Merciful".

Then in the next verse (64:15) Allah says,

"In fact, your money and children are a test, (Fitnah = Test & Sedition & Temptation) and Allah possesses a great recompense."

And in verse (9:24) Allah says,

"Proclaim: "If your parents, your children, your siblings, your spouses, your family, the money you have earned, a business you worry about, and the homes you cherish are more beloved to you than Allah and His messenger, and the striving in His cause, then just wait until Allah brings His judgment." Allah does not guide the wicked people".

Striving in the cause of Allah means, keep reading the Arabic Quran, performing your 5 daily contact prayers, pay your 10% Zacut charity, Fasting in the month of Ramadan, and other religious duties commanded for "The Nation of Ibrahim" in the Arabic Quran.

In other verses Allah calls these Duties as (waaqradoo Allaha qardan hasanan) "Give Allah a Loan of Goodness"

As Allah says in few verses in the Arabic Quran for example in (57:18) He says,

"Surely, the charitable men and women, have loaned Allah a loan of goodness. They will receive their reward multiplied manifold; they have deserved a generous recompense".

As you see these are the Most Important Duries in our life on this earth and Nothing else.

Yet, people are worried about their savings in the bank, their businesses, their homes, their insurance, their children, husband, wives and so on.

These are the people who Leave this world with Nothing, Zilch, Zero, and they have NOT accomplished anything for the other side, their final destiny. That is why Allah says,

"The majority of the people will not make it."

Only and Only few people and all of those who dies before the age of 41 are going to make it. (46:15-16)

The believers leave this world by hearing "Peace" from the Angel of death, and they will enter by welcoming with "Peace" on the other side from the Angles at the gate in the Heaven, and they receive those who have been "Purifd", "Tayyeb" themselves they say to them "Peace be Upon You", "Salaam Aleykum", enter the Garden, becasue of what you have done. (16:32)


Here is the Ultimate Love of Allah for the Believers as we read in (25:70)

"Exempted are those who "Repent, Believe, and Lead a Righteous Life. Allah Replaces their Sins into Good Deeds. Allah is Forgiver, Merciful".

"Lead a Righteous Life" means "To follow from the laws in the Arabic Quran", not the righteous deeds as far as our society concerns.

That means when you enter Allah's system if you Repent and truly Believe in Allah, and His System, then all of your past SINS will be wiped out, and taken off of your record, and they will be Replaced by GOOD DEEDS.

What could be greater than this? Allah be Glorified.

At the time of Prophet Mohammad, when he was facing those different wars, a commandment came down, that he should get married with those widows whose husbands died at war in order to support those widows and be a father figure to those "Fatherless Children".

And it was at the same time when commandments came down for other men as well as we read in (4:3) already.

And that was for men who could get married up to four wives with those "Fatherless Children's Mother" whom their husbands had died at war.

Then Allah says to those men around Prophet Mohammad and those wives of Mohammad as we read in (33:53) that,

"When men ask Mohammad's wives for something, they should ask from behind a barrier "Hijab", because it is purer "Tahara" for men's hearts, and for women's hearts, so they would not bother "Rasoul Allah."

This verse is only and ONLY was for Prophet Mohammad at the time of war 1400 years ago, and no one else.

As it says, they COULD have Talk to each other, and ask for somethings, but not meeting with eachother face to face, yet only from behind a barrier or a curtain or a wall, or behind the door.

And if that would have been in our time, they could have asked for something over the phone, cell phone, or even by sending an e-mail. . . LOL . . .

Excuses, and Excuses . . .


Here is one of the most iportant "Hikmah" in the Arabic Quran.

Allah has mentioned every single "Rule" in His Arabic Quran.

Humans came on this earth with "Forgetfulness", the root word in Arabic laguage is "Na Si Ya" in order to have a fair test of what was going on up there before coming over here.

No wonder some of us die of "Alzheimer Disease". Therefore, sometimes we forget simple "Rules" of Allah.

One of those first very important, and very simple to learn "Rule" is "Being Truthful". Like in verse (3:95) Allah says,

"Allah has told the "Truth". So follow the religion of Ebrahim, the Unitarian, and he was not one of those who associate partners with (Allah) (Moshrik)."

When Allah makes a "Rule" He Himslef follows from His "Own Rule". In verse (33:24) we read:

"That Allah may reward the "Truthful" for their "Truthfulness" and punish the hypocrites if He wills or accept their repentance. Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver and the Merciful".

That means we can always repent to Allah, and ask for His forgiveness, and stop lying, otherwise you will suffere the consequences.

And because we have forgotten about this simple "Rule" we get very confused, that is why we suffer so much?

That is why if we do not follow from His "Rule" somehow we get punished. And when we suffer or being punished we must stop everything and ask Allah, that where we went wrong.

Then He will tell us why, becasue He is the Rahman and the Rahim and He just pinch us so we could go back to His Right Path.

In (26:84) Ebrahim prayed to Allah :

"Grant me a "Tongue of Truthfulness" among later generations".

Or in verse (4:69) we read:

"And whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, these are with those upon whom Allah has blessed, of the prophets, and the "Truthful ones", and the martyrs, and the righteous; and what excellent companions these are". "Truthful" ones are the best friends".

All the messengers were "Truthful" please read these verses (12:46; 19:41; 19:56)

You may check this link for all the Derivatives of Arabic root word of "Sa Da Qa", "Truth".

May Allah bless you with the "Tongue of Truthfulness" and "Honesty"

The other important "Rule" in Arabic Quran is "Za Na Na", meaning;

"Guess", "Presumption", "Doubt", "Hint", "Theory", "Assumption", "Imagination", "Conjecture".

Yet, we forget especially if we suffer from short term memory.

Believe me you will suffer severely because of "Guess Work". I have been there, you will lose all of your peacefulness in life, and all of a sudden just few moments ago Allah dropped on me about this very simple, yet very important "Rule", which I have been totally forgotten about it, all because I have been following from my own "Excessive Desire" which we talked about it before. Sobhan Allah.

Then I repented and asked Allah for His forgiveness.

If we do not follow from each sign of Allah in the Arabic Quran we will suffer the consequences one way or another. Allah calls this one a "SIN".

Here is the worst one in verse (49:12):

"O you who believed, get away from "Assumption", "Guess Work". Indeed, "Assumption" is "SIN". And do not spy or backbite each other. Would one of you like to eat the dead flesh of his brother? You would dislike it. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is redeemer, the Merciful".

As you see "Assumption" is a "SIN", which I was committing this "SIN" and I have completely forgotten about it because that never happened to me before. That was why I was suffering so much.

The best policy is to be "Truthful", and avoid "Guess Work".

You may check this link for all the Derivatives of Arabic root word of "Za Na Na", "Gussing".

Thank Allah for His Guidance


One of the most important "Rules" in Allah's system is:

"Nothing happens to you if you follow from Allah's rules" and "Anything bad happens to you is from your own shortcoming".

There are two reasons that sometimes we lose the path of Allah. One is that we either follow from the conjectures of our own soul, and the second one is that we fall in a shaytanic trick.

Many times Allah has warned us in the Arabic Quran that,

"shaytan is the most ardent enemies of humans".

"shaytan" has a grudge against humans.

The best way we can recognize if we have been fooled by our intelligent or by "shaytan" is that to recognize if we are doing something out of ordinary, if we are doing something, which is not normal in our daily life.

For example, we know that our Tongue has no problem talking, and we are able to speak, and talk to people around us, yet we find ourselves talking to people with sign language! . . .

That is why Allah gave us a "Tongue and two Lips", eyesight and hearing so we could communicate with people and also to study His scripture.

Now one of the most important jobs of "shaytan" is that,

"he invites people, and they simply just accept his invitation",

simply because of our ego, and getting fooled by our own intelligent.

Here is the first lesson, which Allah taught me, when I just entered His Kingdom, which I have it recorded:

29 years ago I was performing the Friday Sermon, "Friday Prayer" which was Dr. Khalifa's last Friday on earth, and by the will of Allah I said:

"When you come in to the Masjid, 'The place of prostration to Allah' you should take off your 'Ego' and your 'Intelligent' and hang it on that tree outside, befor you come in". Sobhan Allah . . .

I never thought someday I would use this phrase as a "Quote". Thank Allah for His "Hikmah".

Many of those people with "Ego" and "Intelligent", kept arguing about this fact of Allah written in His Arabic Quran, and all of them became losers within these past 29 years.

The only "Intelligent" people are those "who know the system of Allah", as far as Allah is concerned, and they are called "Ola il bob".

The best is to follow from our heart, because that is the place, where Allah inspires us.

Humans are very "Proud" of their own intelligent. The word "Proud" in Arabic language is "Ghroora" which means "Cheating", "Duping", "Trick", and "Delusion". Therefore, when you say,

"I am proud of so and so person", you are really saying that

"You are "Cheating" yourself, and that person", because Allah is the One Who has given them whatever you are "Proud" of them, and they are "Proud" of themselves, yet Allah was given them, whatever they are "Proud" of themselves.

As you see there is a long way in front of you in order to learn Allah's system. You just have to wait, and be patient and learn new lessons from Allah and His Arabic Quran.

Another word, "shaytan" is not able to force us, but only he is "Inviting" us to his wrong path. And in order to make us accept his invitation he has another tool and that is "Fear". he creates "Fear" in our heart.

For example he would say, if you do this and that, this and that will happen, and you are going to be in trouble. The reason he does that is because

"shayten is the most ardent enemy of humans", and he wants to mislead us, because he has already given a promise from Allah to mislead humans.

"shaytan" is aware of the people around us, and he knows whom to chose in order to fulfill his evil plan.

We should always remember that

"shaytan comes from in front of us, from the back, from the right side, and from the left side".

And because he is so sneaky he comes with a very nice attitude and good intention.

But, "shaytan" knows that at the end his victims would be crying, miserable, and only hurting each other, while he is standing in a corner and laughing at them . . . because he had done his job.

"shaytan" has a permision even to interfere with Prophets whishes.

You want to act as a 'Detective' in the system of Allah.

You must learn, why you fell, how you fell, and how to get out of it, so you can go back to "Allah's Right Path".

I must tell you that learning the system of the Almighty Creator does not come over night, and one could lose it and fell for his or her own soul or for shaytanic tricks at anytime of their life, because Allah wants to teach His servants a lesson, because He wants to make them more knowledgeable, and consequently much more stronger believers.

In order to become an attorney one must study so many books of law and achieve experiences in order to win a case in the court of law, so as those doctors, computer programmers, and real estate agents, and so on.

That is why when you learn the system of Allah you would be amongst those who really know what is happening on this earth, and you would find yourself in a place that hardly any human has touched before. Why? Because the Creator of the 7 Universes has taught you His rules, and that is why you are in His Kingdom.

That is why the illiterate humans become totally lost, when things happen around them, and all they come up with is just bunch of nonsense conjectures of their mind, because of their own ignorance and having no idea as to how the system of Allah works.

Now if you totally submit yourself to Allah, and only "Depend" on Him, and let Him be your "Attorney", "Vakeel" and go for it, He will make sure that all the obstacles will be taken away from your path, and you will get to your destination in perfect peace.

It would be as easy as when you get into your car driving to your destination, while your Angel protectors holding the traffic for you, and making all of those lights become green, and let you arrive at your destination in perfect peace, without any accident.

When you enter Allah's kingdom you are entering to a totally different system of acting and thinking. You must think different.

That is the system where those servants of Allah reside, perfect peace with no disturbance.

It is like when you go by the ocean and you find it calm and there would be no waves at all just like you are at a huge swimming pool.

Remember new comers to Allah's kingdom always will be tested right at the beginning in order to teach them that they should be aware of different tests coming at them. That is because Allah does not leave the believers simply to say we believe, yet He tests them all the time, because humans forget.

Allah is there for us always to help the believers by sending them different kinds of signs constantly, but because we are not familiar with Allah's system as a new comer, therefore we do not take those signs serious, yet we should always listen to our heart.

That is why we should play it by the ear all the time, because He will send us those signs into our hearts in order to help us. That is how Allah Loves His people.

So if you fail just repent to Allah, and ask for His forgiveness, and stop doing what ever made you fall. Then you will always find Allah "The Rahman", and "The Rahim".

The most important lesson here was that one should never ever "Fear" anyone, but Allah.

And always let Allah be our "Attorney" and never follow from our own "Smartness". These are very important valuable lessons in the system of Allah.

And today is the 19th day of the month. Sobhan Allah.

So you want to start from the beginning, this time in a "Truthful" and "Honest" way so You would not hurt Youself and would not damage the one You love. I am sure he does not want to see You hurt in a million years. That is why you lag for some times because of your failure.

But these are very insignificant prices that we pay for going back to the "Right Path" of Allah.

May Allah showers us with more guidance.

Here are the links to these verses about "shaytan"

And about "Promise"


Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah.

I have Probably read the Arabic Quran more than a 1000 times through my life, then all of a sudden Allah shows you a word in the Quran, which has been repeated 292 times which you have been passed by it every time heedlessly, and I had never truly paid attention to it seriously.

The root word of that word in Arabic language is "Za Ka Ra", meaning "Remember", "Commemorate", "Mention".

Many times in the Arabic Quran Allah says that we should "Remember" Him. And then He says why we should "Commemorate" Him, and "Mention" His name.

We read about the things that we love in verse (2:165) Allah says,

"Yet, some people take others besides Allah, and they love them like they love Allah. And those who believe, their strongest love is for Allah. . . "

Allah is aware of our innermost heart, and He knows who and what we love, but a person of Allah should love Allah the most.

Through our daily life many things come to our mind, our love ones, children, what should I eat today, or drink, past times, present time, future, our last night dream, what do I wear today, watching TV, and so on . . .

Amazing thing is that these thoughts come to your mind mostly, when you are performing your salat prayers. And then there are times that there is nothing in our mind.

Allah says we should "Remember" Allah's Name most of the time istead of those nonsense conjectures, which occupies our mind sometimes. Like looking up the prayer time, or wash for salat prayers, these are times that we "Remember" Allah.

When you do your exercise, or going for a walk, you may want to "Commemorate Allah's Name". 'Allah says, when you finish your constact prayer "Remember Allah's Name".

Yet, ignorant human beings tell their children, who have trouble sleeping, and those who cannot sleep to count those sheep or stars instead of telling them "Repeat the name of Allah".

Or we must "Remember Allah's Blessing for Joining our Hearts Together" as we read in verse (3:103)

"You shall hold fast to the rope of Allah, all of you, and do not be divided. 'Remember Allah' for blessing you, Who Joined Your Hearts Together, by His grace, and you were upon the brink of a pit of Fire, then He rescued you from it; Thus Allah explains to you His signs that you my be guided".

Here is another awesome word in the Arabic Quran.

The word "Successful Ones", or "Mohhlefoon" comes from the root word of "Fa La Ha".

As you see in those verses in the chart below Allah tells us that the reason one could be amongst the "Successful" people when he or she "Remembers" Allah Frequently, or

Those who "Remember" Allah's blessings, and the ones who observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and as regards the Hereafter, they are absolutely certain", or

"The ones who protect themselves according to the system of Allah", or

"Those who enter from the front door of the homes instead of back door", or

"Those who believe and they be patient and exhibit patience and strength", or

"Those believers who reverence Allah, and seek the ways and means to Him, and strive in His cause", and

"Those who do not charge interest", or

"Those who follow from the Light, which came with Prophet "The Arabic Quran", or

"Those who go to the Heaven are the ones whom Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him. These are the party of Allah", and

"Those who overcome their covetousness".

But, according to our manmade dictionary on earth a "Successful" person is the one who was graduated from Hayward, or Yale, or a rich person, a scientist, medical doctor, lawyer, anentrepreneur like those in shark tank, a football player or a basketball prayer, musician, an actor, having a job in higher government offices and so on.

Yet, none of these people are going to make it at the end. We are all witnessing that these people only act against those rules in Allah's scripture, yet they are just fooling themselves by the conjecture of their mind.

But, the Almighty Creator has been informing us as to how to be a "Successful" person on this earth so we could have a Peaceful Life in Here and in the Here After.


Peace every one, thank Allah for His new awesome "Hikmah".

These days we have been receiving "Hikmah" from Allah about "Mental Health" and what is bothering our inner most souls and hearts and how to "Heal" our souls.

Then couple of days ago Allah showed us the "Hozn" in the Arabic Quran and its root word is "Ha Za Na".

Allah used this only one word at that time, but now we have so many names and meanings for this word "Hozn".

Here are some of them:

Melancholy, Grief, Sadness, Sorrow, Blues, Dole, Depression, Despondency, Anxiety, Restlessness, Worry, Mental Anguish, Agitation, Excitement, Remorse, Distress, and so on.

These days you hear many cases of what we call "Mental Disorder or Illnesses" and they are as follows:

Mental Disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety, Anxiety Disorder, Stress, Depression, Psychosis, Attention Deficit, Conduct Disorder, PTSD, Hyperactivity Disorder, Personality Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorder and many more.

But the root of all of these Illnesses are in that one word "Hozn".

This word "Hozn" could be from losing a love one, physical injuries, losing material like money or properties, what is going to be test result, getting fired, fight with parents, damages from flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, and so on. As a result of these entire, one would get the feeling of "Hozn" in his or her Heart and Soul.

Please go to the link below and study all of those verses from the Arabic Quran about "Hozn".

You would find out that most of the verses of these verses says that

If You Follow From The Arabic Quran You would Not Get The Feeling Of "Hozn"

This is amazing only one word causes all of those "Illnesses" and again Allah has already gave us its Prescription 1450 years ago.

In (35:34) we read about those believers when they get to the Heaven they say,

And they will say, "Praise to Allah , who has removed from us "Sorrow". Indeed, our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative".

Or we read in (41:30)

Indeed, those who have said, "Our Lord is Allah" and then remained on a right path - the angels will descend upon them, [saying], "Do not fear and do not 'Grieve' but receive good news of Paradise, which you were promised".

That means some of the believers leave this world with Mental Illnesses like Depression, Anxiety, Restlessness, Worries and other Mental Ailments.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".


Here is another awesome "Hikmah" from Allah.

Now last time we were talking about the word "Hozn" in the Arabic Quran meaning,

Melancholy, Grief, Sadness, Sorrow, Blues, Dole, Depression, Despondency, Anxiety, Restlessness, Worry, Mental Anguish, Agitation, Excitement, Remorse, Distress, and so on.

Sura 12 of the Arabic Quran has so much knowledge in it for the researchers. (12:7).

In this sura we read about, "Yousuf's" father, "Yaghoub" a Prophet of Allah, who was the Founder of "The Nation of Ebrahim", "Bany Eisra Eil", "The sons will be transported by Allah".

This Prophet of Allah was suffering from "Hozn" for so many years, because of being away from his beloved son "Yousuf" to the point that his eyes were getting white and he was going to be blind. (12:83-85).

I think the reason for his suffering was that when his other sons asked him to take little "Yousuf" with them so he could enjoy himself and play, he did not trust Allah and he feared for his son's life that if he would be killed by a wolf.

"He said, "It grieves me that you should take him away: I fear lest the wolf should devour him, while you are not paying any attention to him." (12:13).

That is why later on in this story "Yaghoub" realized his mistake by not trusting in Allah with his son "Yousuf" and finally when his other sons were going to take his youngest son "Ben Yameen" to see "Yousuf" when he became a Treasurer in Egypt, then he said to them,

"Shall I trust you with him, as I trusted you with his brother before that? Allah is the best Protector, and, of all the merciful ones, He is the Most Merciful." (12:64).

Here is "The Most Important Key Word In This Story"

(Allah Is The Best Protector)

and, of all the merciful ones, He is the Most Merciful.

Some years ago I personally had an incident sort of like that. I was driving my 15 years old daughter at that time to her school. In the car she asked me that

"Is it ok if I go with some friends of mine drive somewhere, which I do not remember now?"

I said who is driving, she said, "One of my friend!", who is the same age.

I said, No!

That means "I did not trust Allah Who is responsible for her and all of us."

Then after one minute I had an accident . . . Then 5 hours later Allah let me know about my mistake, and I repented to Allah and asked for His forgiveness, because I should have trusted her with Allah's protection not that young driver.

Let us go back to our story. Now remember that "Yaghoub" knew about his other sons that some of them did not have a righteous heart, and they were kind of schemers. That is why when "Yousuf" told his father about his dream; his father told him:

"Do not tell about your dream to your brothers, because they might scheme and shaytan is the most ardent enemy of humans". (12:5).

As any human being

"Yaghoub thought and he analyzed." (74:18).

But, "Yaghoub" was a Prophet of Allah, his father was "Eibrahim", his brother was "Eis-haq" and they were all Prophets of Allah so he should have known better, that he should have totally trusted in Allah, and take Allah as his "Vakeel", "Attorney" and not his own intelligent and smartness.

And he said to his son "Yousuf",

"Your Lord will thus bless you, and give you good news through your dream. He perfects His blessings upon you and upon the family of "Yaghoub" as He did for your ancestors "Ebrahim" and "Eishaq" before that. Your Lord is Aleem, Hakim." (12:6).

This verse is telling us that "Yaghoub" was given information about the future of his son "Yousuf" beforehand, that his son is going to be a Prophet of "Bani Eisra Eil" as well. But, somehow little "Yousuf" told his brothers about his dream and that was how they schemed against him.

Then, later on "Yaghoub" said to his sons,

"When the bearer of good news arrived, he threw (the shirt) on his face, whereupon his vision was restored. He said,

"Did I not tell you that I knew from Allah what you did not know?" (12:96).

That was when in Egypt "Yousuf" was informed by his brothers that his father's eyes were getting white and becoming blind. (12:84).

Then he sent his "Shirt" to his father in order to put it on his face and when his father put "Yousuf's shirt" on his face, his eyesight came back. (12:93).

And then they all moved from the desert to Egypt and then his "Hozn" Was Gone After So Many Years. And that was the beginning of "Bani Eisra Eil".

Therefore, if one makes a mistake even if he is one of Prophet of Allah he will get punished as the consequence of his owm wrong doing in order to go back to the system of Allah. That is why all of those years "Yaghoub" was suffering from "Hozn or Depression".

Now I would like to point out another subject while we are at it.

As you know the wife of Aziz of Egypt fell in love with "Yousuf" when he was grown up. Then one day she closed the doors and started to seduce him. At first "Yousuf" started to reject her and he was resisting, but after a while he was getting ready to submit to her, when Allah showed him a sign in order to distract him.

Therefore, he ran towards the door and she pulled his Shirt from the back and towered it up.

The subject that I was going to point out is that as we know the sexual urge in human is the strongest urge mostly for men, especially if you are in love with that person, and No one can resist it unless Allah's interference.

That was why "Yousuf" was almost succumbed to her and failed to resist, but Allah showed him some kind of distraction, therefore he was able to stop, otherwise he could have gone for her.

So the whole point is that "Yousuf" was NOT the one who stopped and controlled his sexual urge for Aziz of Eygpt, yet Allah made him stop and ran to the door.

I mean it was not because that "Yousuf" was a very righteous believer of Allah, but that was Allah's will to make him stop.

"No one wills unless Allah wills it for him or her." (81:29).

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah."

* 3/04/2018 *

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah.

We go to school to learn different subjects like, chemistry, physics, math, real estate, economics, computer science, and so on In order to become knowledgeable.

They give us some books to study. These books are made of daed ink and dead papers, which was written by some old teachers, or some educators who have been dead.

Then, they make us study those dead words and dead phrases, then we have to take tests in order to be graduated so we could find a job to feed ourselves and our families.

You must remember that when you give a wrong answer to those tests and flunk your test, those dead words are not able to talk back at you, and punish you, because they are just dead words, and daed sentences made with daed ink on dead papers. They are not able to tell you where you went wrong or, when you get a good grade they are not able to reward you, because again they are dead words in a dead book.

Now scriptures words are ALIVE! . . . Why? Because those are Allah’s words and signs and they are all around us. Like this video. Just imagine you are in the middle of those words of Allah.

Those words of Allah never die. And they Do Talk to us in Real Ttime.

Let us read some of those verses from the Arabic Quran:

In these verses (85:21-22) we read:

“No, this is the Quran Majid, on a protected (Lawhin) tablet.”

Now the word “Lawhh” is not a tablet, nor a book, but it is some kind of “Heavenly Script”, the kind which was placed in Prophet Mohammad’s heartl.

And in (15:9) we read:

“Absolutely, We have revealed the reminder, and, absolutely, We will guard it.”

And in (41:42) we read:

“No falsehood could enter it (the Arabic Quran), in the past or in the future; a revelation from the Hakim, the Praiseworthy.”

When you read those verses in the Arabic Quran that means Allah is talking to you right at that moment, because Allah is always Alive so as His words, and they never die, because that is the system of Allah.

If you obey those words of Allah you will get your rewards from Allah, because He is Alive and He is in control of the whole seven universes.

Therefore, you would get rewards from those live words of Allah, like protections, wealth, health, knowledge, Your heart and Your soul get to a position of peace, no disasters could be fallen on You, no one could bother You, and most of all You get to the point that no man has touched before, and that is when Allah teaches You His system of creation and how things works around You, despite those people around the world who only live with their own conjectures without any proofs only because they read and study those dead books, which they are not able to respond to them.

Also when you reject those live words of Allah after studying them you will get punished as the consequences of your own rejections. And disasters will fall on you right and left until you die.

This is how the words of Allah are alive and they talk to each and every one of us.

That is how you can recognize blessings from disasters, when they affect your life on this earth.

Also those live words of Allah will tell you why you are here, where you came from, and where you are going after here. That means you will be fully knowledgeable and you would know your own destiny after leaving this earth.

But, it has only one condition, and that is if you are a person with “Pure Heart”, or “Motahha”, otherwise you are just wasting your time. Just look at all of these so called Muslims around the world! . . .


"No one can touch it (The Arabic Quran) except the "Purified ones", "Motahharoon."


"A messenger from Allah, reciting "Purified", "Motahhar" sheets."


"(The Arabic Quran) In honoured pages, exalted, "Purified", "Motahhar" in the hands of writers, who are honorable and righteous."

The other criteria is to have a "Sincere and Pure Heart", "Qalb Saleem" as we read in (26:89 & 37:84)

"Except for him who comes to Allah with a "Pure and Sincere Heart", "Qalb Saleem."

"When he (Ebrahim) came to his Lord with a "Pure Heart", "Qalb Saleem".

Thank Allah for His unending “Hikma”.

You must remember that "The Pure Hearted Believers" are the Real " STARS " at Allah.

You need Quranic Knowledge in order to understand those "Hikmah"

You may check this link:

Please go down to "Religion Whistleblower" section and check those videos one after another, while you are constantly reading your own personal translation of the Arabic Quran.

Please remember that,

"Allah Is The Only 'TEACHER' Of The ARABIC QURAN' And No One Else"

Here is a new "Post" for Los Angeles Fires. 12/11/2017

"We have found those arsonists!

They were the angels of the Almighty Creator, the drivers of the wind, whom they had permission from their Creator to drive those ambers to those who have been unappreciative of their land Lord Creator, and to warn the rest.

No one can escape from His retributions.Yet arrogant humans do not want to take heed, after witnessing 1900 tornados every single year, hurricanes, floods, fires, shootings, cancers, accidents, aids, drugs, and so on.

We have no protections anymore. The worst is yet to come."

- - --

Here is the most awesome and unbelievable "Hikmah" from Allah The Hakim. 12/07/2017

And I have placed it on some of those videos.

"This is the Historical Day in the system of the Almighty Creator by revealing His most awesome "Hikmah".

We have known for few years that one must be "Pure at Heart", "Motahhar" in order to understand the Arabic Quran, and receive Allah's "Hikmah".

Now here is the awesome news. A person entering Allah's Kingdom was the main cause of this new "Great Hikmah". We all thank Allah for that.

The word "Motahhar" used for the ones whom, when they read the Arabic Quran would fully understand the meaning of the verses, without any doubt, nor any question, therefore, they are able to receive "Hikmah" from the Arabic Quran. Yet, it is different from our made up dictionary on earth.

We use the word "Pure at Heart" as a person who does not cheat, steel, scheme, not involve with act of sedition, be truthful, honest, chaste, and so on. Off course these should be the characteristics of a believer. But, we can make ourselves to be truthful, and stop stealing and so on. But,

"No one is able to make himself or herself to be 'Pure at Heart' but Allah"

Let us imagine these 2.2 billion so called Muslims read the Quran every single day, whom they Do Not . . . Then, how come they are all so lost? The reason is that they DO NOT have a "Pure Heart" and they are NOT "Motahhar".

Remember all of those Prophets they cursed their followers at the end, but only one of them? That means those followers were not "Motahhar". Therefore, this especial awesome word "Motahhar" is for those who are going to be saved by Allah.

That is how Allah stamps on our foreheads with this word. Plus those who depart before the age of 41 will be saved by Allah, all because Allah is the Loving Creator.

Allah says that only "Motahhar" people could "TOUCH" the Arabic Quran (56:74-80).

So, if one is not able to understand the Arabic Quran, that means he or she is NOT "Pure at Heart". Therefore,

"THE ONLY KEY" to understand the Arabic Quran is to have a "Pure Heart"

You do not need any special education, or you do not need to go to any university. All you need is to know how to read, write and count in Arabic language as Allah recommended at the beginning of His revelations to Prophet Mohammad. Then all we must do is to ask Allah to bless us with a "Pure Heart".

We never ever knew, that the whole "System of Allah" is "Condensed" into "ONLY ONE WORD", and that is to be "Motahhar" ! . . Sobhan Allah. Can you believe it?

"Having a 'Motahhar' soul is 'The Only Key' to know the 'System of Allah'"

Because if you can be parallel and close to the Arabic Quran, then you would find out,

Why you are here,

Where you came from,

And where you are going after here.

Also there are couple of places in the Arabic Quran, which Allah talks about Ebrahim's "Submitter Heart", "Qalb Salim" which will teach us all of those rules and regulations in 'Allah's System'. (Quran 26:89; 37:84).

Let me repeat it again, If one does not have a "Pure Heart" he or she would not be able to understand the Arabic Quran, nor would he be able to receive any "Hikmah" from the Almighty Creator. Therefore, he would not be able to know the system of our Creator, and that would be a total waste of time on earth.

Therefore, ask Allah to "Purify your Heart", and bless you with "Qalb Motahhar" so you could receive "Hikmah" from Allah, therefore, you could understand the "System of Allah", and also ask Him to bless you with "Qalb Salim", a "Submitter Heart" like Ebrahim was given, so you could "Submit to the Rules of Allah" in the Arabic Quran.

These are the "Only Keys to Salvation". (Quran 56:77-80; 26:89; 37:84)

This new blessed servant of Allah was the cause of bringing us this awesome new "Hikmah" after 1400 years of revelation of the Arabic Quran, just by entering Allah's kingdom. Sobhan Allah.

That is how Allah assures the heart of the believers, who just came in in order to strengthen their footsteps.

It was like the Red Carpet was rolled out for that blessed person. Allah is the only One Who is aware of our innermost souls, that is how He loves one over the others, and He is the only One Who knows the time of our guidance.

We all should fall prostrate to Allah for His new awesome "Hikmah", and we congratulate that person's entry to Allah's kingdom."

"History In The Making"

We are having fires all around Los Angeled area. Here is the "Post" I left on You Tube. 12/05/2017

"These are the people who did not thank the Almighty Creator every day for providing them with the roof over their heads, provisions He has been providing them, security, protections, health, happiness and so on. No one can escape His retribution. Yet we do not want to learn any lesson from disasters. These disasters will not stop."

These days in USA there are lots of talk about Sexual Misconducts.

Many people are getting embarrassed and fired. It is amazing that they are all the ones who have been hiding and rejecting those awesome Miracles in the Arabic Quran based on Mathematics, the exact science.

These people are from different government offices, Hollywood, and news media. They have been trying so hard to misdirect and hide their people from those 1500 pages of mathematics in the Quran ever since 40 some years ago, as you see the Almighty Creator has been given them many years of respite.

The surprising fact is that these people have been involved in Sexual Misconducts for many many years, but Allah is punishing them right at this moment in history, just because they have been hiding Allah's signs.

You must know that Dr. Khalifa has informed all of the leaders in the world by sending them many mails. I myself have sent the Quran to President Bill Clinton and informed all of those senators in the white house plus CIA, FBI, Homeland security, and many many times sent letters to those people in news media. Also I have sent a letter to President Obama about Mathematical Miracles in the Quran. Right after Dr. Khalifa's departure I and some others people sent more than 1000 letters to all the news media and TV stations in the world informing them about the mathematical miracles in the Quran.

So I left this "Post" on YouTube videos 11/29/2017.

"These people in government offices, Hollywood, and news media, who are getting fired and being embarrassed all over the world have been rejecting and hiding those awesome 1500 pages of mathematical miracles in the Quran ever since 40 some years ago.

Every single one of you people are going to be inflicted with disasters, and the worst is yet to come. The Almighty is the Best Avenger."

Here is the "Post" which I placed for 300 some people killed on Friday Prayer in a Masjid in Egypt 11/26/2017

"As long as these people are worshipping a dead prophet and saints and rejecting 40 years old mathematical miracle of the Quran they are all going to have Disasters all over the world over and over and no one can help them. The Almighty is the Best Avenger, and at the same time He is the loving Creator that is why those who died before the age of 41 were taken to His Heaven, while their love ones are suffering over here. The worst is yet to come."

Here is a "Post" which I left in some of my videos

A lady asked about tape #4 part #3, which it says:

"we save our money in the bank for rainy days, and if you save it for rainy days let me assure you that you are going to have rainy days, because Allah does not want you to save your money.

Also about that dream of 'Yousuf" with those 7 cows, which those mullahs used to say 'every 7 years we should have Drought' in order to mislead people.

"As you know nowhere in the Arabic Quran Allah says that ‘you should save your money’ yet you would see many many times that He says, ‘Spend your money’ for charities' and this and that.

And sura (9:34-35) He says that do not Hoard (a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is Secret or Carefully Guarded)=Bank and Saving account. (18:82)(9:24)(18:46)(89:20)(111:2) and best of all (104:2-3).

Now on that dream of Yousuf if you pay attention, when they talked about that dream and number 7 which is the most important number in Allah’s system, people do not say ‘Oh yes we forgot that every 7 years we would have Drought! . . . That means there is no such a thing otherwise those older generations would have known about it because they all had those scriptures they were reading them all the time because they did not have any distractions that we have today like TV, movies, cell phones and all.

That dream was a blessing from Allah so He would be out of the jail and become a ministry of commerce.

Those cows were like our today’s tractors for cultivation and digging the ground. Each one was for one year. 7 Brand new tractors verses 7 old and beat up tractors.

And keep those Grains in their spikes means if you take them out they will be Rotten soon unless you keep them inside their Spikes so it could stay for many years.

And that wall with “Treasure” under it does not mean that their father "Hoard’ money yet may be it was like this picture of Eisaw son of Maryam which recently was sold for 450 million dollars! . . . ridiculous!?

Also we should never ever purchase any Insurance for ourselves nor for our family, because ‘Nothing happens to you if you follow from Allah’s rules'. These banks and savings and insurances companies are just new may be 2 or 3 hundred years. That is why we have “Bank robbers” and Insurance Frauds”.

Here is a "Post" for sexual embarrassments in Hollywood and USA. 11/11/2017

"We live in a total paralyzed and hypnotized society. It has been a long time since our parents snick in birth control pills in their daughter's food, 30 some years ago a school in New York city started to provide free condoms to those 11 years old boys, we promote sex and homosexuality in our society, yet we have been ridiculing those 3rd world countries.

And then all of sudden we say NO! it is bad for some people.

It is just like we gave guns and assault rifles to our people, then we say do not shoot . . . so what is the use of having guns?

Who came up with those ridiculous phrases like "minors" or "under age"? Yet, the age of responsibility is 41 as far as the Almighty Creator concerns.

Those millions of women who are coming out these days against men's sexual misconducts are committing adulteries and selling their bodies by seducing men with their words and actions or over a hamburger or a stake every single day.

That was how media has been raping our heart and soul, don't you watch TV and movies?

We are the most Godless nation with the most filthy society in the whole world. That is why we are suffering from many disasters every single day like tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, hacking, corruptions, processed foods, shootings, adulteries, homosexuality, aids, embarrassments and so on. The worst is on the way."

Regarding Southerland Spring, Texas church shooting I "Posted" this message (11/07/2017):

"Once again so called the Bible Belt area got hit by another disaster do to worshipping a fake name Jesus, which is not in any scripture, and it is not even in the original Aramaic Bible.

Idol worship is the only Unforgiveable Sin, but the Almighty Creator is the Loving Creator that is why He took those under the age of 41, the age of responsibility to His Heaven including the shooter, and they are all laughing at us up there while the love ones are suffering down here because He is the Best Avenger, although He has given them many years of respite.

Disasters are not going to stop on those who idolize dead humans besides the name of our Creator".

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah (11/06/2017) Sobhan Allah.

As you know those so called Islamic Mosques call for Salat Prayers by singing in those LOUD speakers 5 times a day and waking up every one at dawn.

Yet, Allah says:

"There is no compulsion in religion". (2:256)

The verse (62:9) Allah says,

"O you who believe, when the Friday Prayer or (Congregational Prayer) or (Salat Al-Jumu`ah) is "Announced" on Friday, you shall hasten to the commemoration of Allah, and drop all business. This is better for you, if you only knew."

This is the ONLY verse in the Arabic Quran which Allah used the word "Noudi yaa", "Announced" or "Called" for the Friday Salat.

That means Only and Only people have to "Call" or "Announce" for the "Friday Prayer" and NOT ANY other Prayers.

Yet, shaytanic Hadith, Sunna, and Sharia laws fooled people with the word "Adhan", (12:70; 22:27) meaning "Call out", or "Announce" for all of those "Salat Pryaers", which you would never find them in the Arabic Quran, and so far they have fooled billions of so called Muslims ever since couple of hundred years after Prophet Mohammad's departure.

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah. 11/03/2017

"About 5 years ago by the will of Allah I found the "Most Beautiful Names of Allah" in the Arabic Quran, and ever since I was repeating those names after my "Middle of the Night Prayer", or "Salat Al-Nafelaah" before my "Dawn Prayer". As Allah says,

Comemorate the name of Allah (22:35;73:8;87:15).

"This part was corrected on 2/14/2021that is why you see those red boxes on the picture"

"Just the other day it came to me that let me go ahead and count those names, then I found out that they are "112" of them. Yet so called Muslims have counted them as 99 ever since 1400 years ago.

Also those followers of "Hadith" they added 2 false names to this list. They say ALLAH is the "Healer" and casue "Damage" and "Harm" yet as we all know ALLAH never Harms us because He is the "Al Rahmaan" and "Al Raheem". We all know that shaytan is the doer of "Harm" and "Damage" because he was given permission form ALLAH to "Harm" those disbelievers."

For more detail info please go to (Page 4) date (2/14/2021)

Thank ALLAH for His Awesome "Knowledge" through the "Hikmah" of the Arabic Quran (2/14/2021)

That was an awesome news and "Hikmah" from Allah.

Thank Allah for His none stopping "Hikmah" and knowledge from the Arabic Quran.

Here are those names, which Allah showed us: (Please read from left to right)

Just look at those illiterate and arrognat people all over the world who came up with fake and manmade names besides those "Most Beautiful Names of Allah". I fell prostrate and cried.

Remeber, the name "Al Saboor" is NOT one of those names. Time for Allah is Zero, therefore He does not have to wait, or be patient. He says, "Be, and it will become".

This infromation came down to us after 1400 years.

Just imagine all of these past 1400 years probably one person counted those "Most Beautiful Names of Allah" and the rest of the people followed him without any verifications.

The more we stand up against shaytan the more knowledge Allah will give us. Sobhan Allah.

And few years ago Allah blessed us with "The Most Beautiful Names of the Arabic Quran" for the first time in history, which I have "Posted" them before. Thank Allah for His unending blessings".

These blessings come your way, when you completely Leave all of those mullahs, preachers, rabbis, teachers, and disbelieving people because:

"The Only and Only Teacher of The Arabic Quran is ALLAH"

Here are the names of the Arabic Quran for the First Time in history

Thank Allah for His unending blessings and "Hikmah"

Yesterday we had that terror attack in New York and today I left this "Post" on news media. 11/01/2017

40 years respite has already been passed since the Almighty Creator sent us His mathematical signs based on number "19" the secret code in the Arabic Quran revealed to 2 American scientists.

Yet, the authorities and our media have been trying so hard to hide those 1500 pages of scientific reports from our people.

That is why we are facing with so many disasters like those hurricanes, fires, and that terrorists in Las Vegas killing “57” people (57= 19 x 3) and then this new one in New York, which number “19” was tamped on that truck killing 8 people (number 8 is the 19th prime number).

As long as the authorities and media keep hiding those awesome miracles we are going to have many more disasters, so we know who to blame. No one can escape these disasters.

Then when they respond to this post I will send them the above texts and some links to explain the "Code 19".

Here is a new "Hikmah" thank Allah. 10/31/2017

In 25:30 we read:

And the messenger said, "O' my Lord, indeed my people have deserted this Quran."

Most of the time when we see the word "Rasoul" or messenger in the Arabic Quran it reffers to the "Nabi" the prophet., and prophet Mohammad had the Arabic Quran in his hands not so called "The English authorized translation of the Quran".

So as you see it only says "This Quran" and when you Google the word "Quran" you would only see "The Arabic Quran", or the pages of the Arabic Quran.

There is a program on US TV called "Shark Tank" and if you do not know about them it is a program that people with new ideas come in and talk to so called entrepreneurs and if they have a good idea or a good invention then sharks invest on their business, or you may search for "Shark Tank" on you tube.

But, we know that inventions and new ideas come from Allah and He is the only One Who makes us rich and poor, but they do not know this fact. Thank Allah for His "Hikmah".

So I left this "Post" for some of them just for fun. 10/30/2017

"Dear sharks, we have the package deal called "Happy Bag". It comes with a perfect manual fully detailed, which comes with a license and copyright protection accepted all over the world, and even tells you when is the best time to read it.

You will be taught a language with which you will learn many secrets of the world.

It comes with sets of dietary instructions, which will make you happy, and you will be fully protected and healthy.

It comes with a sets of exercises, which required in certain times of the day, with certain words of meditation in order to keep you healthy, and at the same time it will wipe out your old mistakes.

It teaches you manners and how to deal with people, and your family. It even tells you who are the best ones to get married with, and what to do to have a healthy and happy marriage life.

It tells you how to be clean and how to dress up nicely.

If you ever dispute with people this package comes with the best attorney in the world and even it comes with couple of hired bodyguards 24/7 free of charge so no one can touch you.

It will tell you what to eat in order to be healthy, and in case if you get sick do to not complying with the manual, then it comes with harmless medicines which will heal you.

Also It comes with fully protection plan against any kind of disasters, which is included. It does not allow you to have any accidents unless you are not fully complied with the manual.

We must remind you that "Happy Bag" is best for those who are 40 years old and up no matter how much they went wrong in their past life.

Also this package has been tested before, and it has the scientifically proven fact behind it, which it has been worked perfectly.

Now sharks, who wants to make a deal with the "Happy Bag" which will bring you happiness and protections in our universe?"

Now these are all Quranic facts that Allah promised His righteous servants.

I left this "Post" on TV program 20/20 regarding "Las Vegas shooting". 10/29/2017

"The Almighty Creator has been revealing His mathematical miracles in the Arabic Quran to 2 American scientists ever since 40 some years ago, but the authorities and media have been trying so hard to hide them for our people, and they are the ones who made us a Godless nation.

40 years respite has past already that is why we are facing with so many disasters these recent years. These disasters will not stop unless people experience those 1500 pages of scientific reports based on mathematics, the exact science. Therefore, when you find out about the truth you would know who to blame."

Here is the "Post" which I placed on this guy Harvey weinstein from Hollywood regarding sexual harassments . 10/29/2017

"We used to condemned those 3rd world countries for years because they were not treating their women in a proper manner, and not respecting their women, and we have been transferring our so called democracy to those countries, yet we have been doing Exactly the same thing in our nation all along, but media kept them hidden.

At this time USA is the most embarrassed country in the world.

Look at our dictator government, and daily disasters that we are facing, we are the most Godless nation in the world, and the ones who call themselves religious they are worshipping a fake name beside the name of the Almighty Creator and as a result so called the Bible Belt area is getting hit by 1900 tornados every single year as the consequence of their wrong doings, yet they are whistling Dixie.

And this year they have got Harvey, Maria and Irma as an extra disaster.

We are worshipping a piece of cloth and a song that we honor instead of honoring our Creator, yet we call ourselves an Educated people. Let us all move to Russia or North Korea."

Here is a new awesome "Hikmah" from Allah "The Hakim".

Thank Allah for His nonstop revelations. 10/27/2017

It has been years that enemies of Allah have been coming up with fake and false names for Allah.

As Allah says in (Quran 7:180-17:110-20:8-59:24)

"To Allah belongs The Most Beautiful Names; call upon Him therewith, and disregard those who distort His names. They will be punished for their sins."

These people love to add some fake and false names to those "Most Beautiful Names of Allah", although they see those Beautiful Names of Allah in the Arabic Quran.

Look at minute 2:55 of this Tape;

"Do you see any beauty in those fake and manmade names?"

That is why every country in the world committing a blasphemy against Allah, except those countries whose language are Arabic.

But, remember those Arabic speaking countries have been committing the worst sin, by worshipping those prophets, and saints beside the name of Allah, which is the only Unforgivable Sin.

Every time we stand up against shaytan Allah will give us a gift.

I saw this new TV series which is very close to our Mr. Destiny, Moosaw's teacher, but in here she is a miss. Destiny, so I left this "Post" for them last week or so. 10/25/2017

"Dear producers, we want to thank you for bringing back the Almighty Creator into our society despite the fact that media has been raping our heart and soul for many years and made us a Godless nation that is why we are suffering from so many disasters. Second, this story is in the scientifically proven Arabic Quran based on mathematics, the exact science (Quran 18:59-82). \ Probably / you got the idea from the Quran. There are human creatures amongst us who are not Angles, but human and they do eat like us, and live like us, but they do receive "Especial Knowledge" from the Almighty time to time in order to change our Destiny and save some people from different events and disasters. Like when Dustin Hoffman approached by one of them as an old lady, when he was a young man, and she told him that "he is going to be a famous person in the future." I have been visited by very good looking black couple 25 years ago as well, whom they came all the way from across the street and gave me and my 3 years old daughter a good news about her future. And as you know no one knows the future but the Almighty Creator. I call these creatures as "Mr. and Mrs. Destiny". More power to you all."

You might want to watch this trailer:

Mr. Destiny always fixes the events that has to do with future destiny of the people.

Here is a new "Post" which I placed on some of my videos. Thank Allah for His knowledge. 10/23/2017

"As you know people moved from every corner of the world to the USA in order to have a better life, as they called it "the land of opportunity". These people lost their cultures and languages for a so called better opportunities in life without being a bit "Prejudice". So they exchanged their own languages for only a few years of so called happiness. But, when you tell them learn the Arabic language so you could study the Arabic Quran and learn the excellent literary composition of the Quran in order to find the hidden knowledge and Hikmah in the Quran, so you could achieve happiness in this life and the eternal happiness on the other side, they become so "Prejudice" and they turn away. Although they left their places of birth in order to have a freedom of Religion, yet USA is the most Godless nation in the world, and the ones who called themselves religious people they are worshipping prophets and messengers beside the Almighty Creator. They is why they are suffering from disasters right and left. 1900 tornados coming down every single year on so called Bible Belt area, then floods, fires, hurricanes, aids, cancers and different diseases caused by consuming those processed foods, fast foods, foods sprayed with chemical poisons, drugs, alcohol, and so on. That is how they are not protected anymore. Yet, one the laws in Allah's system is, "Nothing happens to you if you follow from the rules of Allah."

On the "Hikmah" below, when Allah told Dr. Khalifa "Do not expect any gain" I just remembered something from the past, which I am going to tell you. 10/22/2017

One day Dr. Khalifa told me that "Allah wanted me to quit my job, but I did not listen! Then I had an accident, when I was driving, and they took me to the hospital, which I almost died. Then I learned my lesson so I quit my job, and kept busy with the mathematical miracles".

At that time Dr. Khalifa was teaching at the University of Arizona so he quit his job at the University and SAT at the Masjid Tucson, and continued his work in the cause of Allah.

(3:2-3) Allah says to the “Messenger of the Covenant” to “SIT and PURIFY”. And that was what Dr. Khalifa did.

Just SIT by the Computer (at Monsanto & Masjid Tucson 27:82) and Clean Up the Arabic Quran from all of those UNCLEANNESS ( Distortions) throughout the history by Counting those Initials, which they are going to be Divisible by the Number 19 (74:30).

Thank Allah every single part of those verses in chapter Malachi and first few verses of sura 74 must be fulfilled.

Here is the conclusion of these new "Hikmah".Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah". 10/21/2017

Sura 74 where verse (74:30) is located starts like this:

O’ you Hidden, stand up, and make the COVENANT (the root word of “Na Za Ra” (2:270, 76:7) or warn as all the messengers of the Millat Ebrahim made the Covenant with their people), and Magnify your Lord, and PURIFY yourself, and keep away from the UNCLEANNESS, and do not expect any Gain (you are not going to get rich. As you know messengers would not ask for any money), and be Patient for your Lord.

(I just remember we would get up in the morning and we would find lots of trashes that people dumped on top of our cars in the parking lot of Masjid Tucson). So be Patient.

Here Allah is telling us about the “Messenger of the Covenant”, which his job was to “Purify”. And in chapter Malachi (3:2-3) Allah says to the “Messenger of the Covenant” to “SIT and PURIFY”. And that was what Dr. Khalifa did.

As you see there is no word of translating the Arabic Quran in these verses!

Just SIT by the Computer (at Monsanto & Masjid Tucson 27:82) and Clean Up the Arabic Quran from all of those UNCLEANNESS ( Distortions) throughout the history by Counting those Initials, which they are going to be Divisible by the Number 19 (74:30).

As you see something good came out of something bad. Thank Allah for clarifying His revelations for us through His unending "Hikmah".

You must remember that few millions of so called Muslims have been getting killed or they have been killing each other, or being drowned almost every day only because they have been rejecting those "Mathematical Miracles of the Arabic Quran", and by killing His messenger of the Covenant, although they have had many years of respites. And the worst is yet to come. Therefore, it could not get any more serious than that. Allah is the Best Avenger.

Very Importatnt "Hikmah" from Allah

Allah be Glorified, Sobhan Allah. It is like Allah was shinning His Light upon us for just a few hours 10/20/2017.

Did you read the last "Post" with 2 ?

Do you remeber how Jeff made a mistake and said something against Allah's system?

Then I wrote him:

Here is what you did wrong so Repent to Allah before anything bad happens to you.

Soon he wrote back:

Thank you and I repented. What I mean to say is I am ignorant and I will only understand what Allah has decided for me. I accept His system and insha Allah I don't follow blindly. Thank-you and I asked for Allah to bless you.

Then I wrote him back again:

((((This part is very important notice how Allah answered us back.))))

Make sure ask for Forgiveness when you Repent to Allah.

Insha Allah some day He will inform you that those mathematical miracles on those Initials were to "Purify the Text of the Arabic Quran" and it was not just to be divisible by the number 19, so do not fall for the number 19 and realize that was for Purifying the TEXT of the Arabic Quran through those Initials.

Jeff wrote back after couple of hours and said:

Wow. Important detail that I did not give it's monumental position. Remember on Maliki it says something about the messenger of the Covenant sitting there PURIFYING not counting. Something about fullers soap. Anyway forgive me and guide me. Subhan. Allah!!!!! Thanks Allah and yet even more closeness for Behruz.

Then I wrote him back again:

Malachi (3:2)

"But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a Refiner's fire and like Cleansing soap."

That was awesome! Wasn't it? Sobhan Allah. Then the next verse:

(3:3) "He will sit as a "Refiner" and "Purifier" of silver, and He will Purify the sons of Levi (Those 12 tribes of sons (of Yaaghoub= Bani Eisra Eil=us) who will be transported by Allah) and Refine them like GOLD and silver, so that they may present to the LORD Offerings in Righteousness (10% Zakut Charity instead of satanic 2.5%).

"Now one of the big source that we used for "Purifying" those Initials in the Arabic Quran was that "Old GOLD Quran" . . . ! I think it means with this old finding by you (Jeff) again, it seems like Allah has forgiven you. Thank Allah.

Also it means you must study the way of Allah's Purification which is the Mathematical Miracles of the Arabic Quran very carefully.

That was a good news, thank Allah. I think we all should fall prostrate to Allah for showing us His awesome signs which we were all witnessed to these inspirations.

The most important is that,

"If one constantly challenges our Signs shall receive a painful punishment (34:5).

They only bring disasters upon their family.

I added all of those (Parentheses) myself.

Here is some kind of reminder of "Hikmah" inspired by Allah 10/20/2017.

Happy Friday Prayer

"These days everyone is looking to lose weight. But, as you know believers should gain weight on their souls. Therefore, feed your soul as much as you can.

You want your soul to be FAT, CHUBBY and very HEAVY. Do not worry no one can see your soul . . . !

Here are your diets;

Perform your Prayers on time, and do not miss out a Prayer, and do Extra Prayers as probably we can call it "Salat Al-Nafelah" in the middle of the night (17:79).

I take that 17 as the regular 5 daily Prayers, and the total adds up to 24 hours in a day and sura 17 is for you:

"O' decedents of Ebrahim, who will be transported by Allah."

Or as Prophet Dawwood said in Zaboor or Psalm, (119:164)

"I praise YOU seven (7) times (Salat Prayer) a day for your righteous laws (Religious Duties)".

Then you want to pay 10% Zakut Charity as Prophet Mohammad and all of those Prophets of "Bani Eisra Eil" did.

These are all called "Striving in the Cause of Allah." And you will be paid manifold on the other side. These are all goes to your post retirement account. It is like depositing on your mansions on the other side or paying for that expensive ticket in order to get a seat closer to Allah even before you go up there.

But, first you must ask Allah to bless you with "Purified Heart", then your part is to believe and fulfill every single verse in the Arabic Quran, which Allah is going to reveal them to you through years of studding the Arabic Quran days and nights hours on end every single day of your life (sura 73).

All of these pieces must be fallen into the right place in order for us to get any credit. One of the sign is that "Nothing happens to you if you follow from the rules of Allah" and "Anything bad happens to you is from your own short coming."

Then you get to the point that no man has touched before, which Allah calls it "Certainty". And make sure that He will inform you, when you get there."

First let us all thank Allah for inspiring a friend of ours to open up this forum, which will help all of us to understand Allah's system better just by sharing each other's inspirations. 10/19/2017

Again Jeff Taylor left this "Post" :

I see. The mathematical miracle is a tool for purifying. I'm sure you know that very well since you have been engaged in the work of finding the most accurate text for decades.

((He said, { I will one day, Allah willing, figure out what changes were made, how we can be confidant in those changes, (in the Arabic Quran)}

This was Totally a huge blaspheme against Allah's mathematical miracles revealing throughout these past 40 some years. It is like he has not read those Miracles and now he is saying to Allah that he will do better than Allah's Miralces . . .! Allah be Glorified.

Fortunately he found out that he made a gross sin, so he repented to Allah and asked for His forgiveness. We should remember that shaytan comes from every door. ))

and how Ultimate Mathematics played a role. Learning the Arabic Quran is vital so that Allah will guide me.

On another note, I tried communicating with you on email instead of this site. You see I'm over 41. But you are eliminating the email. I love this site, but I want to follow the rules. I would like to share things on this site. Please tell me what your position is on this. I don't want to sin. I thought this was considered consultation.

I have an impression that you think it is too late for those over 41 to benefit from this. You said this site was for those under 41. I'm sorry. I wish I were younger. I feel like Moses with Mr Destiny. Are you warning me that at my age it should just be me and the Quran and that reading your site is possibly shirk? If that is the case, I do not know what consultation means.

Whatever your answer is, just know that I believe this site has been a beacon. And I believe it was from Allah. Please. And thanks to Allah for you.

Then I responded 10/19/2017:

One of the biggest changes in the Arabic Quran which Allah allowed us to see was that sura 9 had only 127 verses. The reason I said the ones under 41 was because it has been 40 some years since we had the mathematical miracles in the Arabic Quran so those young ones had not known about them.

I have got these videos and "Hikmah" when I was over 60 ! . . . so do not give up. See every pieces of our life puzzle had to be in their right places until you reach the "Ultimate Happiness."

The reason Allah says Consult is because we will receive knowledge and "Hikmah" through consultations as well. That is another way of inspiration. But Allah is the One Who directs you to read from where and talk to which person, then He will make your heart to accept it or deny it. So it is not shirk. If we both believe in some thing that means you guys are in a same group. I think you have already gave the answer to this question, which I just saw that after I wrote this line . . . Sonhan Allah . . .

Thank Allah for inspiring us with the same knowledge. Insha Allah that means we are going to meet each other in the High Heaven.

So far I think the Best Yardstick to find out if some one is a man of Allah or not, is that "If you see that person was given "Hikmah" or not. And if he had some "Hikmah" that means that person must have a "Pure Heart" so he or she could be "Momaass" or parallel to the "Motahhar" pages of the Arabic Quran.

Then grab that person and consult with him, and if that person was a "she" then get married with her. . .

Thank Allah for Purifying our Hearts and insha Allah He will keep us Purified for ever. That is the Ultimate Happiness.

The Best prayer for some one is that "I wish you be the closest one to Allah." and nothing top that prayer.

Some one left a "Post" on couple of videos I though that would be a good idea to share it with every one insha Allah becasue it is very important 10/17/2017.

Here is the post from "Jeff Taylor"

Jeff Taylor wrote _ FACT CHECK NOTICE I seek refuge in Allah alone for protection from Satan, the enemy.

Peace Everyone. There is no deity except Allah! I Submit to Allah alone in the way of Ibrahim and his nation. That being said, I must share with you some research evidence which I'm sure is old news to many but recent for myself. I am, insha Allah, slowly fact checking the scientific evidence provided by Dr. Rashad Khalifa. Because, glory to Allah, (17:36 ) tells us to be fact checkers. The definition of the word fact is:

fakt/ noun/ a thing that is indisputably the case.

The operative phrase there is......."indisputably the case".

In two of Dr. Khalifa's documents, ("The Final Testament", Appendix One and "Quran: Visual Representation of the Miracle") I found DISPUTABLE ...Facts.

Notice #1. The first verses revealed, 1 through 5 of Surah 96... Al Alaq, have 20 words, not 19 as Dr Khalifa had counted, according to every quran I could examine as well as in:


Granted, some of the texts were very hard to distinguish where a word begins or ends. But there is a DISPUTE. I found this disputable data in "Quran: Visual Representation of the Miracle" fact #3 on page 11 word #18, maalam. On pages 12 and 13, and 17 you would see ma and lam merged into one word again.

Notice #2. It was pointed out to me that on page 24 sura 73 Fact 11. Look at word #55, Dr. Khalifa wrote "Ma Yagholoona" as ONE word as well.

Notice #3 I also found ma lam merged together in "Quran The Final Testament", Appendix One, Simple Fact #8. This was printed in 2010 and Dr Khalifa wrote this appendix years later than Quran: Visual Representation of the Miracle". I thought maybe it was corrected by 1989, but it wasn't.

So we have disputable facts in our scientific documents.

Maybe, Allah willing, we will find out that merging these words was correct. But I do not have any such evidence now. So the Dispute remains. If there is a dispute, should they be presented as facts? To me this only creates confusion.

My understanding today is that Dr. Khalifa was to deliver the message that the Quran was "Mathematically Composed." Small uncertainties such as the above in no way effect the overall unbelievably improbable nature of the "Ultimate Mathematics of the Quran." I think we will be tested in our Fact Checking. Perhaps what is happening here can be explained in Quran (22:52 and 22:53).

May Allah Guide the Believers. Peace.

Then I reply to Jeff's "Post" as follows 10/17/2017.

Dear Jeff, you have been blessed by Allah, Who showed you correct counting of those words.

Messengers of Allah are all humans, who make many mistakes, yet there are people at this moment of time who believe that Dr. Khalifa was infallible and he never made any mistake.

Just imagine those proud old timers who were around him all those years one example was late Ahmed Deedat. They were not allowed to see those mistakes and they just followed him blindly as they are following him blindly right at this moment, and they are even making hadith and sunna out of Dr. Khalifa's video and audio tapes, plus they are taking his Quran translation as the authorized translation, although he had to change his translation 3 times and he printed them 3 different times, with different understandings.

I think that they did not even care to look at "Quran: visual presentation of the Miracle". I was there with Dr. Khalifa only for few months and Allah showed me how misguided those people were around him and how disrespectful they were toward the messenger of Allah. It seemed like they have never read the Quran for all of those years.

When I started to count those Initials, which none of those people took any effort to count them, I saw for example in that same book "Quran: Visual Presentation of the Miracle" Fact number "41" page (209) on the next page you would see on verse number 21, Dr. Khalifa has counted letter "L" or "Lam" which is the easiest one among all of those Initials as (7). Yet, no matter what Arabic Quran you look at you would find out that there are (8) "Lam" in that verse 21.

Now as I said "Lam" is the easiest one to count but, humans make mistakes. And you would find many more mistakes on counting the letter "Alif".

May Allah showers you with more blessings Sir and thank you for sharing them with us.


Here is another awesome "Hikmah" Thank Allah.

We knew that this fake and manmade name book called "Bible" which its true name is the "Enjeal" was written by the people after "E-saw" son of "Maryam", and they said that "It was revealed to us." That is why they were the ones who gave this fake name to its trune name "Enjeal".

But, now if you check Quranic words you would not find any reference to the "Enjeal" as a "Book" or scripture. Yet, we have many references to the "Toratt" and the "Arabic Quran" as "Books" or scriptures.

In (46:12 & 11:17) we read,

"And before the 'Arabic Quran' , the 'Book' of Moosaw was the leader in guidance, and a mercy."

As you see there is no mention of "Enjeal" at all. Now here is the awesome part in (46:30) we read: Jinns are saying,

"O' our people, we have heard a 'Book' that was revealed after "Moosaw" confirming what came before it".

Therefore, the messages which "E-saw" son of "Maryam" was reciting to his people at the time were those words revealing to him by the "Rooh", the "Angel Jebraiel", or "Rooh Al-Ghdous", and there was not any form of a "Book" which was written by the hand of "E-saw" son of "Maryam" at that time.

This also proves that "Jinns" do not lie in the Arabic Quran.

Also in (72:5) Jinns say, "We thought that men and jinns never utter a lie about Allah." That was because even at that time people and jinns were saying that "E-saw is the son of Allah."

Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah". All we have to do is to ask Allah to 'Purify our Heart' otheraise we could never ever receive any "Hikmah".

Here is a "Post" that I placed on YouTube regarding wildfires in California 10/11/2017.

So far 3500 structures destroyed, 24 people died plus 500 missing and the fire has not been contained at all.

"You Have All The Rights to Deny, and Reject All of These Existing Fake and False Religions, plus those misguided preachers who are there to take your money! But, now we have the Scientifically Proven Scripture based on Mathematics the Exact Science. The Almighty Creator who created you from ejected semen is feeding you and all of His uncountable creatures with His seeds, soil, and water 24/7. He is the Only One Who has been providing you with His protections and security, and He has been giving you many years of respite, but if you do not follow from His survival rules on earth written in those scriptures you are only going to suffer before your eviction. Yet, we have been turning away from Him and instead we respect and honor a piece cloth and a song, instead of honoring our Creator, and we are asking help from insurance companies, FEMA, national guards, firemen, policemen, NRA, homeland security, and others for help, because media has been raping our hearts and souls and turned us to a Godless nation, therefore do not complain. One of His laws is "Anything Good happens to you is from the Almighty Creator, and anything Bad happens to you is from your own short comings." That is how we have been bringing these disasters upon ourselves. Save yourself and your family from the next disaster no one can escape these disasters".

Here is another awesome "Hikmah" on Mathematical Miracle of the Arabic Quran which came to me as I was watching this video again. Sobhan Allah I just placed it on this video:

"Sobhan Allah, this just came to me right now: Look at minute 2:19 of this video you will see the Chapters of the Arabic Quran in the order revelations revealed to Prophet Mohammad. The first chapter has 19 verses. And as you know number 19 is the 8th prime. Now look at the 8th chapter it has 19 verses again. Thank Allah for His mathematical Miracles in the Arabic Quran. It is like 1400 years ago Allah told us that this Quran is going to be divisible by the number "19" and number "19" is the "8th" prime number. That is why Allah stamped the name of this sura as "AL- AALAA" Allah be Glorified. I fell prostrate and cried."

Here is another extremely important "Hikmah" from Allah. Sobhan Allah these "Hikmah" never ends.

Here is another extremely important commandment, which has been rejected by translators.

In (2:174-176) we read: "Surely, those who CONCEAL what Allah has sent down in the book . . ."

That means translators are Hiding the Excellent Literary Composition of the Arabic Quran, its Perfect Poetries, and its hidden knowledge called "Hikmah".

Here is another needed prostration. Thank Allah.

Here is a "Hikmah" from Allah.

When you read verses, (2:40, 47, 122) which they say, "Ya' Bany Isra Eil", "" do you look to your right and left and say to Allah, "Who are You talking about?" Yet, Allah is talking to you.

That means you are one of the follower of the "Bany Isra Eil." That means the Arabic Quran like other scriptures came down to the "Bany Isra Eil", "The children who will be transported by Allah" from the time of Ibrahim to the end of the world.

Please check the other 31 phrases of "Bany Isral Eil" repeated in the Arabic Quran. Thank Allah for His unending "Hikmah".

Here is the latest "Post" on victims of mass shooting in Lad Vegas 10/03/2017

"The ones who died before the age of 41, the age of responsibility, they are all in Heaven and having fun laughing at us, while we are suffering over here. So worry about your own neck. The Almighty Creator made a covenant with us long time ago that "If we DO NOT pray and thank our Creator every day for the roof over our head, for our jobs in order to get His provisions, for our health and protections, and if we do not pay 10% of our earnings to the needy relatives, fatherless children, and homeless people, then we Should NOT expect any protection from our Creator, although He has given us enough respites." And now we have the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics, the exact sceince to prove that. But, media and illiterate preachers have been raping our hearts and souls for just a few $ and they turned us to a Godless nation, and bunch of idol worshipers. That is why we have been bringing disaster after disasters upon ourselves with our own wrong doings."

Here is the latest "Post" on Las Vegas shooting (10/02/2017)

"You Have All The Rights to Deny, and Reject All of These Existing Fake and False Religions! But, now we have the Scientifically Proven Scripture based on Mathematics the Exact Science. One of the Almighty Creator commandment is that "Gambling (easy money) is a Grave Sin, and it is an Abomination of satan" (Quran 2:219). Although, He has given us respite for so many years. Then we bring disasters upon ourselves as the consequence of Rejecting our Creator's Law. Now look here, the shooter license plate starts with (19 D) and also his friend's license plate starts with (114 D). The shooter had (19) guns. The mathematical miracle of the Quran discovered in USA forty some years ago is based on number (19). And (114) is the total chapters in the Quran (114 = 6 x 19). And both (2) of those license plates are divisible by the number (19) that is why we have the verse number (2 19). This is how the Almighty sealed it. Life and death belongs to our Creator. BTW, again no one and no news media used the name of our Creator during this disaster just like those other disasters. This is how we turned into a Godless nation with no protection."

Here is the newest "Hikmah":

(Thank Allah for revealing a HUMONGOUS revelation (9/30/2017). Here we go:)

"Translators all around the world took out the name of our Creator, "Allah", "" from the Quran and replaced His name with their own fake and manmade names. Just like what so called Jews and Christians took out the name of "Allah" from those scriptures. Now think about this, "Do you think stars, mountains, trees, animals, birds, hoopoes, and the ants have different names for our Creator, or they are all calling Him "" as all of those scriptures used to call Him before?"

I must tell you that only people with "Pure Heart" could understand this fact, and they are only a few. Thank Allah we are all should fall prostrate to this new "Hikmah" from Allah".

Here is the newest "Post":

(Tom Price using taxpayers money "using government private jet" resigns 9/30/2017)

"The most Criminal people in our society are The Most HIGHLY EDUCATED ones. Just look at most of our HIGHLY EDUCATED presidents in recent years except this last one. They have been bombing and droning innocent children and women every single day in those poor countries".

(Another "Post" about changing the names of Allah and other names 9/29/2017)

"The reason we are facing with so many disasters and disputes is because we turned in to a nation totally arrogant and unappreciative of our Creator. 300 years ago we changed our Creator's name from "Allah" into all of those scriptures to god, totally meaningless, which is not even in any of those scriptures in their original languages, and even they took out His name from Torrat completely. We made up so many fake names for those people in those scriptures for example, we made up a fake name for Moosaw and we call him Moses, we changed the name "E-saw" to Jesus, totally meaningless, and we changed the name of his scripture from N-jeal to bible a fake name, and on top of that there are many people who are worship that fake name jesus, that is why those who placed in so called "bible belt area" are getting hit by 1900 tornados every single year plus extra disasters like flood, and hurricanes because of that. We made a fake name for Esmaiel and call him Ishmael, meaningless, or we changed Yaaghoub to Jacob, we changed the name Es-howgh to Isaac, we changed Daw-wood to David, we changed Eil-Sabaa to Elizabeth, and ("Eil-Sabaa" means "Allah 7" and as you know number 7 is the most important number in Allah's system) the only name we have not changed yet is the name of Mohammad. That is how we made up 4200 fake and false religions, therefore we have to suffer daily by being arrogant and unappreciative human beings. These are the main roots of all of our problems like global warming, black lives matter, healthcare, homelessness, people dying from different diseases, and cancers, because of polluted foods with chemicals, and aids and so on instead of normal death, or many different daily demonstrations. These problems are all unsolvable, unless we turn our hearts toward our Creator".

(Hugh Hefner's death 9/29/2017)

"Pay Attention Please: Here is the best example how Media has been raping our hearts and souls. This guy was the filth of our society, he abused women by making them nude, and every single action he took was against the Laws of our Creator, yet Media have been praising him all along. That is how Media made us a Godless nation and that is why we have been bringing Disasters upon ourselves almost every day."

(President Trump condemned football players 9/26/2017)

"What a country we are living in! . . . We worship and honor a piece of cloth and a song and some even die for it instead of worshipping and honoring the Almighty Creator Who owns our life and death, and providing us with all kinds of provisions for all of His uncountable creatures. Yet we have so many colleges and universities, but they are all illiterate at heart and soul completely blind. That is why our Godless nation fully deserves daily sufferings from so many disasters."

(60 minutes hurricane Irma in Houston 9/25/2017)

"Ever since 4 thousand years ago the Almighty Creator have been repeating with each and every one of His messengers and in His scriptures commanding, "If you DO NOT thank your Creator every day for the roof over your head, for your job in order to get His provisions, for your health and protections, and if you do not pay 10% of your earnings to the needy relatives, fatherless children, and homeless people, then DO NOT expect any protection from your Creator", although He has given us enough respites. Yet media and illiterate preachers have been raping our hearts and souls and made us a totally Godless nation. Nature was created by our Creator who created us from ejected semen, and He is in full control of His nature and all of His uncountable creatures. But the arrogant human beings do not want to follow from His laws and listen, that is why we have been bringing Disasters upon ourselves as hurricanes, floods, tornados, fires, mudslides, earthquakes, fast foods, processed foods, foods sprayed with chemicals, pollution, drugs, accidents, killing each other, and so on. Therefore, hardly anyone dies of a normal death. The worst is on the way."

(Nashville church shooting 9/24/2017)

"So called Christians bringing disasters upon themselves do to the teachings of those illiterate preachers who are raping the hearts and souls of the people in order to get rich. They are worshipping a man name Jesus which is not even in the original Aramaic scripture. And there are 10s of verse in the Bible, which the Almighty has condemned idol worship, yet they are getting fooled by those preachers because they do not READ. That is why so called Bible Belt area is getting hit by 1900 tornados every single year as the consequence of ignoring the Almighty's law. Life and death belongs to the Almighty Creator. Do not let media rape your heart and soul. Find out why you are here, where you came from and where you are going after here. Only few people in this world know the system of our Creator."

(Here is the answer to the one who asked a question about earthquake in Mexico 9/22/2017)

"He asked, 'what can we do in order we would not get hit by any disaster?' That was the most intelligent question of all. Yet, people have been paralyzed by media through drugs, alcohol, TV, and all kinds of sex and music to the point that they are not able to think anymore, and they do not know who created them from ejected semen, therefore they became Godless nations, and on top of that Illiterate preachers have been raping their hearts and souls with wrong information in order to get rich, that is how those churches have been destroyed. These are the reasons they are constantly bringing disasters upon themselves. Yet one of the rules of the Almighty Creator is "Nothing happens to you if you follow from the laws of your Creator, and you will be protected all the time." It says if you DO NOT thank your Creator every day for the roof over your head, for your job in order to get His provisions, for your health and protections, and if you do not pay 10% of your earnings to the needy relatives, fatherless children, and homeless people, then DO NOT expect any protection from your Creator, although He has given us enough respites. Yet, they ask fema or National Guard for help . . . And now we have the scientifically proven scripture based on mathematics to prove that."

(Hurricane Irma, Maria and 2 earthquakes in Mexico 9/20/2017)

"Here Is the "AMAZING FACTS": In all of these videos on hurricanes Irma, Maria, and 2 earthquakes in Mexico there was not a single person who asked "GOD" our "CREATOR" for help, yet they asked helped from Fema, Governments, Red cross and other people, although the Almighty controls the life and death, provisions, and protections of all of His uncountable creatures, and He can stop their heartbeat in a second. That shows how people brained washed by media to become Godless. That is why they deserve these disasters as punishments from GOD. No one can escape His retributions."

(Hurricane Maria 9/19/2017)

"As the Almighty says, "The allegory of those who take masters beside their Creator is like spider web and her house." that is why those houses are being blown away. Now we have the Scientifically Proven Scripture based on Mathematics the Exact Science. It says if you DO NOT thank your Creator every day for the roof over your head, for your job in order to get His provisions, for your health and protections, and if you do not pay 10% of your earnings to the needy relatives, fatherless children, and homeless people, then DO NOT expect any protection from your Creator, although He has given us enough respites. But Godless nations have been paralyzed by media which they have been raping the hearts and souls of the people, to the point that they are not able to understand the cause of these Disasters."

(Someone asked a question 9/14/2017)

"Few years back we got help with food and water and shelter and we were moved from Florida to Louisiana and Houston, so thank you. Then again we were facing with more disasters and floods when hurricane Harvey and Irma hit us. But, the real help would be to find out that why we are facing these disasters one after the other, therefore we could avoid these disasters. So money and foods are NOT the real answer. How come some of us get killed and get hit with property damages and others didn't? What is the real reason behind these sufferings? How come hurricane Jose goes to the ocean and Harvey and Irma come to our cities?"

(Answer to that question when Intertainment people were gathering money for them 9/14/2017)

"Here is the answer: These 'Entertainment People" have been playing a big role in bringing these disasters upon us, like hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, and so on. These people have been paralyzing us by drugs, alcohol, on their TV, and movies with all kinds of sex and music to the point that our people are not able to think anymore, and they do not know who created them from ejected semen, just read those posts. These are the people who made us a Godless nation. Another reason for these disasters is those illiterate preachers who have been raping our hearts and souls with fake information for just a few $. You Have All The Rights to Deny, and Reject All of These Existing Fake and False Religions! But, now we have the Scientifically Proven Scripture based on Mathematics the Exact Science, which tells you the truth about our Creator, but again this same media have been trying so hard to hide it from our people ever since 40 years ago. It says if you DO NOT thank your Creator every day for the roof over your head, for your jobs in order to get His provisions, for your health, protections, and happiness, and if you do not pay 10% of your earnings to the needy relatives, fatherless children, and homeless people, then DO NOT expect any protection from your Creator, although He has given us enough respites. This is the only message could save you, otherwise you are only going to suffer before our Land Lord Creator evict you from His temporary dwelling."

Hurricane Harvey damages 8/30/2017

"Our president just sold $110 billion $ arms to Saudi Arabia in order to kill innocent people, then the Almighty sent His soldiers, the drivers of the wind to damage us more than $300 billion$. That is how He keeps the balance in this world. Only few people know the system of our Creator."

Joel Osteen lake wood church did not open for Hurricane disaster 8/29/2017

"Joel Osteen is a man behind Harvey Hurricane Disaster. He has been raping people's heart and soul and misleading them by making them worship a fake name 'Jesus', which is not even in the original Aramaic scripture. He does not like our Creator the One Who Created him from ejected semen. That is why he always says, "In the name of Jesus" instead of saying "In the name of the Almighty Creator". He worships Jesus although there are more than 50 verses in the Bible that condemns worshipping a human idol besides the Almighty Creator. He makes people pay their 10% charities to him and his family instead of paying to their own needy families, fatherless children or homeless people that is how he makes more than $70 million each year. That is why the angels of the Almighty Creator, the drivers of the wind, brought down disasters upon that area of our Godless nation, although they had another warning just few years ago. Save your souls do not let these people fool you."


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